BPI Sports B4 Fat Burner Review

BPI Sports B4 Fat Burner Review

Just How Good Is This Once A Day Fat Burner

Reputable supplement manufacturer BPI Sports make a natural fat burning supplement that also offers two other benefits… It promises to boost energy and elevate moods and focus.. called BPI Sports B4 they claim that it contains the most cutting edge ingredients designed to help you burn fat while providing81ig-D0nJsL._SL1500_ enhanced training performance.

The Formula In B4 Fat Burner

The formula is largely made up as an undisclosed proprietary blend totalling 680mg..

It contains 30mg of Niacin plus unknown quantities of

  • Caffeine
  • Red Wine Concentrate
  • Dendrobium Nobile
  • Yohimbe
  • Sword Bean
  • Psoralea
  • Japanese Sophora

Directions For Use

Take 1 capsule 20-30 minutes before training.. on non-training days take 1 capsule in the morning.

81Dl6LN09uL._SL1500_Users Feedback

Overall the feedback is not that great.. there are some users that found it works really well, but in the main most users didn’t enjoy many benefits at all… some reported some quite unpleasant side effects and/or reactions after taking..

Reported Side Effects

There have been quite a few reports of adverse reactions.. these include Nausea, headaches, the shakes or jitters , racing heart beat and stomach ache..

sample reviews courtesy of amazon


Where To Buy

The usual suspects all stock B4 fat burner… bodybuilding .com and amazon do seem to be the main suppliers….price wise, expect to pay in the region of $59.99 for a 30 day supply

Any Cash Back Guarantee?

There are no guarantees provided

Our Thoughts

B4 is packed to the rafters with stimulants… now while it might work for some, most users do find that it causes nasty side effects…. We do have genuine concerns with the formula.. the inclusion of Yohimbe worries us… its known to cause some really nasty side effects – in rare cases these have proved fatal… its on the FDA’s dangerous ingredient list and ideally we really suggest that you avoid this at any cost..

More About Yohimbe

One To Avoid!!

Suggested Alternatives

Why not check out our recommended fat burners list?? All products detailed offer fully disclosed formulas along with safe and proven results..

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