Cobra Labs The Ripper Fat Burner Review

The Ripper Fat Burner

The Ripper Fat Burner – The Latest Product From Cobra Labs, But Does It Really Work That Fast?

Claiming to be one of the most powerful and fastest acting fat burners on the planet.

The Ripper by Cobra Labs certainly makes some wild claims, but does it really (to quote the manufacturers) ‘hit like a bull and strike like a bolt of lightening’ ?? we find out…

the ripper fat burner

The Formula In The Ripper

we always take a good look at the formula when reviewing any product..

Each Serving of The Ripper is made up of 2 undisclosed proprietary blends:

‘Extreme Muscle Fuel’ blend totalling 3055mg which is made up of undisclosed amounts of:

Beta-Alanine, Green Coffee Extract, Taurine, Guarana, Raspberry Ketones and Caffeine

And another blend called the Ripper Shred Matrix totalling 106mg

that contains unknown amounts of

Acetyl L Carnitine, Green Coffee, Green Tea, Cinnamon Bark and Olive Leaf Extract

It also contains:

  • Vitamin C 45mg
  • Vitamin B12 25mcg
  • Panthothenic CID 4MG
  • Chromium 100mcg

the ripper ingredient label

We really do not like proprietary blends, the makers have to by law disclose the names of the ingredients in their products, but they are allowed to hide, or keep the actual amounts of each ingredient to themselves.

  • Why do this?
  • Do they have something to to hide?


More often than not its because there are only minimal amounts of the key components in the product. Enough to be able to say that they are included, but in many cases not enough to actually have any positive effect.

How To Take The Ripper

Take one scoop and mix with 6-8 oz of cold water 30 minutes before working out…. after 2 days, if you can tolerate it, you can then start to take a second scoop (with water) 5-6 hours after the first.

Users Feedback On The Ripper

Reviews are somewhat limited, those that we have seen are generally positive… there are a few reports of the shakes and/or the jitters, but this is without doubt down to the high level of stimulants in the formula….

Overall – so far with limited reviews its reasonably positive

Reported Side Effects

Some users do experience the shakes or jitters and restlessness after using The Ripper.. if you are intolerant to caffeine, you should ideally avoid at all costs

Where To Buy The Ripper Fat Burner

It seems to be available mainly from availability will vary from country to country, but seems to be available to most shipping destinations.

Expect to pay in the region of $28 – 39 (USD) for a tub containing 30 servings

Any Cash Back Guarantees

None Provided

Our Thoughts On The Ripper

There is no doubting The Rippers Power.. its very high in natural stimulants, and should (if you can tolerate it) provide some decent results… you should avoid taking within 5-6 hours of bedtime as it will without doubt cause restlessness and problems sleeping.

Its a shame that the makers choose to hide the actual amounts of each key ingredients from us…. it would be easier to evaluate if we knew the whole story.

This One Is Better Though

Overall it could provide some good results (if you can tolerate it) but for our money we do prefer a product like Instant knockout.instantknockout1_nppdigital_com

Sure it contains good levels of stimulants and some of the other ingredients found in The Ripper… where it differs is that we know exactly how much of everything is in the mix and also the fact that buyers get a 90 day cash back guarantee

if it doesn’t work for you after using for 90 days you can get your money back in full – with no questions…

You wont get that with The Ripper…

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