Instant Knockout FAQ

Instant Knockout FAQ

We get asked a lot of different questions about our top rated fat burner Instant Knockout….

Here are some of the most common questions and their answers.2014-11-02 13.14.14

Q: What sets Instant Knockout apart from most of its competitors

A: Most fat burners target just one of the main areas of weight loss… usually they concentrate on either fat burning, appetite suppression or carb blocking, some also aim to improve mental state and energy levels too.. Instant Knockout targets ALL these areas

Q:Does It Cause Any Side Effects

A: I Have tried it myself and experienced no issues…I have heard the same from hundreds of other users…that said If you are sensitive to caffeine, you might feel a little bit shaky for a couple of days.. but this usually passes quickly…. if that happens you could reduce the dose to 2 or 3 capsules per day and increase gradually up to full dose

Q: How Long Does It Take To Work, And What Results Should I Expect

A: This is a difficult one as everybody is different.. from my own experiences, I noticed some initial fat loss after about a week and ending up losing 19lbs in just over 4 weeks.. as a guide most people should lose between 3-4 lbs per week which is a realistic and safe target…. naturally this should always be taken alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Q: Will I Lose Muscle Tone Alongside Body Fat

A: No..The formula in Instant Knockout helps to retain muscle tone and strength while at the same time burning unwanted fat

Q: Do the capsules contain gelatin sourced from Pork?

A: No the gelatin used comes from Bovine (cattle) sources..

Q: How Long Can I Take Instant Knockout For

A: There are no real restrictions for using it, but I would recommend using for a maximum of 4 months and then take a 2-3 week break before resuming. this helps your body to reset its caffeine resistance

Q: Can I Use Instant Knockout As A Pre Workout Supplement

A: Yes The Formula In Instant Knockout has been proven to provide a powerful energy boost which helps you to get the ultimate results from your workouts, while at the same time melting unwanted fat away.

2014-11-02 13.15.58Q: Is Instant Knockout Shipped Worldwide

A: Yes, with a very few exceptions ( South Africa being one example), the makers of Instant Knockout will ship to anywhere in the world. they have distribution hubs in the UK, US and Australia so shipping is usually quick and secure.

Q: Do The Makers Offer a Cash Back Guarantee

A: Yes you have up to 90 days to try Instant Knockout and then return the empty boxes for a full refund if unhappy with the results

Q: Is Instant Knockout Suitable For Women Too

A: Absolutely – there are many active women who use Instant Knockout and all have enjoyed great results.. all I suggest is that you start at half dose and gradually build to the maximum dose to assess their tolerance because  it is a very strong, effective fat burner

Q: So You Recommend Instant Knockout

A: 100%.. It’s a really well thought out and put together product.. its obvious that the makers have really done their research and have put together a really well balanced product that clearly works.

Q: Where Can I Buy Instant Knockout From?

A: You can order direct from

Do you have a question that isn’t listed above? Please ask your question below and I will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible….

12 thoughts on “Instant Knockout FAQ”

    • HI There… my apologies for the delay in replying, I have been unwell.. have to be honest, I am pretty sure that the gelatine in the capsules are NOT Halal… you could email customer services at instant knockout to make sure… mention this website so they know who gave you the email address.. If you need any more help let me know.. Best wishes Paul

    • Hi Ryan – apologies for the delay, I have been on vacation…. yes thats no problem, just allow at least an hour between taking IKO and the pre workout so you don’t over do the stimulants.. personally i found that IKO was enough on its own it gave me an energy boost without a pre workout!!, but everybody reacts differently… let me know how you get on with it.. Cheers Paul

  1. Hi paul I did in fact ordered instant knockout and did acclimate to the 4 per day I have just received my second bottle I walk 3 miles a day and am keeping a careful diet feel somewhat thinner but nothing dramatic is this to be expected after the first bottle thanks lynda

    • Hi Lynda… thanks for your message…I am glad that you are starting to see some results – I am pretty confident that you should see even more results in the 2nd month…. The effects and time it takes can and will vary from user to user….tell me.. how long did it take you to build up to the recommended dose of 4 per day? Thanks Paul

    • Hi Lynda… IKO actually recommend that anybody with an intolerance to stimulants start with 1 or 2 capsules a day and then (if they wish) build up slowly to the max dose… the results should ultimately be the same… If you do buy and try, please come back and let me know how you get on….. Best wishes Paul

    • Hi Todd. You could… but personally i wouldn’t.. you would get a massive hit of stimulants all at once that might not suit you…. the reason why they stagger the dose is to give a steady flow of nutrients throughout the day – this prolongs energy levels and means that you burn fat thought the day

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