Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review

Instant Knockout Fat Burner For Men

 Claiming To Provide High Impact Muscle Definition – But Is Instant Knockout Really THAT Good?

instant knockout reviews

Instant Knockout is without any doubt one of the most exciting fat burning products to have been released in recent years… it was specifically formulated for men

But the fact are that any man (or woman for that matter) regardless if he/she is a bodybuilder, fighter, sportsman/women or just a regular couch potato… all he/she needs is the desire to reshape his/her body – to get rid of excess fat and develop a physique to be proud of..

This product is sold worldwide, and as its name suggests it certainly delivers a blow to that unwanted fat.

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The Formula In Instant Knockout

The formula is key to any supplements effectiveness and Instant Knockout does not disappoint on any level.. its obvious that the makers have done their homework when formulating their product.

By combining a well thought out mix of proven stimulant based fat burning ingredients alongside other vitamins and minerals proven to boost health, energy and performance, its little wonder why this product is so effective.

Each serving contains

  • Vitamin B6 5mg
  • Vitamin B12 10mcg
  • Zinc 10mg
  • GTF Chromium 100mcg
  • Green Tea Extract 500mg
  • Green Coffee Extract 100mg
  • Cayenne Powder 100mg
  • Glucomannan 1800mg
  • Caffeine 300mg
  • Black Pepper Extract 10mg

instant knockout ingredients

Looking At The Ingredients In More Depth

Vitamin B6

A key ingredient in most popular energy drinks, and for good reason, it helps the body get more energy from the food that you eat.

Getting more specific B6 helps you to convert glycogen to glucose providing you with more energy without the need to eat increased amounts of carbohydrates. THis allows you to burn more calories – leading to more fat being burnt as fuel.

Vitamin B6 also helps to support other bodily functions, it helps regulate a healthy thyroid gland function, a crucial point become it is the thyroid that releases the hormones that control and raise the body’s metabolism.

Vitamin B6 is commonly invented into people who want to use weight for that purpose. It is also great at reducing the effects of stress, bloating and fatigue, it is also beneficial when taken by women who are going through the menopause.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 joins B6 in many energy drinks and for the same reason. It is also know to help support the production of red blood cells. 

These have the job of carrying oxygen around the body, delivering it and essential nutrients to all the organs and muscles.

Good blood flow is essential to the maintenance of your stamina and energy level


Recognised for its ability to reduce cravings for both carbs and sugar

When our stomach is empty or not full enough, we can feel hungry. But its also after a meal that we can start to experience cravings. 

This happens because we often have a spike in blood sugar levels after a meal.

When this happens, the pancreas responds to the sudden increase by releasing insulin, this in turn brings the blood sugar levels back down.

In some cases, the insulin released actually reduces he blood sugar levels down too low, occasionally to levels lower than they were before we eat. In this instance, we are full up, the body has all the calories that it needs, and we still get those feelings or desires for something sweet.

This is not what we want or need, so chromium’s ability to control insulin is valuable.


One of life’s essential minerals, known to boost energy levels and help support testosterone synthesis. 

This is key reason why so many testosterone boosters use zinc in their formulas. 

But Testosterone doesn’t just boost muscle mass. It helps with strengthening our bones, helps improve moods and memory, It also helps us to burn unwanted fat, making it essential in any good fat burning supplement.

Overall Zinc has many health benefits .

Green Tea

Very high in polyphenols and antioxidants that are good at boosting our health. 

Known to help get rid of harmful toxins (free radicals) found in the environment that attack our body at cellular levels. 

It is also very effective at boosting our natural metabolic, helping to trigger a process called thermogenesis where our body temperature slightly raises, increasing the natural fat burning processes, ultimately enabling us to burn more body fat.

Cayenne Powder

A powerful source of capsaicin, the compound in red chilli peppers that gives them their unmistakable taste and heat. 

Known for its ability to ease pain, and is a natural appetite suppressant. 

Its most powerful effect is (like green tea) that it helps to boost the body’s core temperature, triggering thermogenesis and increasing the amount of fat that we burn for fuel.

ikon testimonials


the key ingredient in Instant Knockout – it is a naturally occurring dietary fibre that is taken from the root of the konjac plant. Its one of the worlds most researched and recognised appetite suppressant ingredients.

When taken in supplement form, the fibre mixes with the stomach fluids and gently swells to provide a feeling of fullness. This feeling causes the stomach to send a message to the brain telling it that its full, and the brain responds by effectively switching of the feelings of hunger.

Green Coffee Extract

Taken from the natural coffee bean before its been roasted, its high in chlorogenic acid which is a natural fat burning ingredient.

Chlorogenic acid is also good at controlling insulin levels just like chromium. 

Finally just like green tea, green coffee beans are also packed with antioxidants  that protect and repair your cells, boosting overall general health

Caffeine Anhydrous

A fast acting powdered form of caffeine. Known for its ability to post energy, this is why so many energy drinks use it as one of their main ingredients. Caffeine is known also for its ability to boost wakefulness, reducing fatigue and improving focus.

Its also an effective appetite suppressant, although this is a lesser known fact. ( Mind you I never drink coffee before a meal these days as it does tend to make me feel full up – perhaps thats why!)

Caffeine is a proven metabolism booster which directly increases the amount of body fat we burn for energy. 

If it has any downside, it is that a lot of people do suffer from an intolerance to caffeine where they can feel jittery, anxious and have problems sleeping. 

This should not be  problem in Instant Knockout as the dose is not that large – as long as you can drink a cup of coffee without any problems, you will be fine with IKO.

Piperine ( Black Pepper – aka Bioperine®)

Piperine is an extract of black pepper. 

It might have some slight fat burning properties of its own, but studies have only really been carried out on animals to date. 

What it can do, and the reason for its inclusion in this and in fact any good supplement is its proven ability to enhance and increase the bioavailability of the other key ingredients – In other words it helps the body absorb and use the ingredients in the mix more effectively.

In a nut shell, it increases the effects of the other key compounds, making it work more efficiently and ultimately improving the fat burning results.

Taking Instant Knockout

The recommended daily dose is 4 capsules…each taken with a glass of water.


  • One First Thing In The Morning
  • One Before Lunch
  • One Mid Afternoon
  • One Before Evening Meal

How Does Instant Knockout Work

Instant Knockout has been designed to help you in four ways:

Speed Up Fat Loss – by increasing the body’s natural temperature by a process known as thermogenesis, the amount of stored fat that is burnt for fuel is increased – this process is essential for fat loss

Reduce The Appetite – The formula contains Glucommanan – a natural dietary fibre that works to give to that satisfying feeling of fullness without overeating… by not feeling as hungry, you eat less and speed the weight loss

Care For Your Body – all the ingredients are 100% natural, with no artificial or synthetic additives.. to quote the manufacturers, if you want to look and feel great you have to respect your natural biology.

Maintain Good Energy Levels – Instant Knockout contains a crucial selection of vitamins and minerals that alongside the natural stimulants of green tea and capsicum, help to keep your energy levels at their peak, allowing you to burn more and more fat.

Professional Sportsmen Love Instant Knockout

diego sanchez instant knockout

Top Ranked MMA Fighter Diego Sanchez and future (no doubt) champion MMA fighter John Dodson are two professional sportsmen that swear by the fat burning effects of Instant Knockout..

They both use Instant Knockout to help them to cut fat, allowing them to get to the correct fighting weight just at the right time for their contests….

Click Here To Read More About Diego Sanchez and John Dodson

Independant Users Feedback

There are now a large number of user reviews in circulation online… we received this review directly from one of our regular readers – Joseph

Heres what he said about IKO:

“This product is simply amazing. The bottle is sexy and the pills are awesome. It’s probably the most amazing product I have ever tried. I have been using IKO for 5 month running now. The amazing thing is that I didn’t feel any side effects from IKO. Usually these types of products do weird stuff. But IKO is just amazing. It helped me burn a hell of a lot of fat. I went from weighing 130 kgs down to 105 kgs . No doubt my eating plan helped quite a lot but IKO did the xtra stuff. It proved great during workouts. You can go on and on without ever stopping. Instant knockout provides you with extra energy and you really notice it. Taking it as IKO suggests, you will certainly feel the great effect of the product. I definitely recommend it for melting fat off and having an extra energy boost all along the day. Thumbs up IKO. I am loving it  🙂

Our Personal Feedback

You can certainly feel this product working – almost from the first capsule… in fact you feel great while taking Instant Knockout..

Energy levels are excellent, which means that you get more from your exercise regime (whether its just a daily walk, or a full blown workout in the gym) – in fact we both stopped taking pre work out supplements – we just didn’t need them anymore..

It takes around 7 days for the results to start showing, but very quickly you can almost see daily changes in your body as the unwanted fat starts to melt away.

instant knockout fat burner review

We used Instant Knockout for an initial 5 week period – taken as directed and used alongside a sensible (but not hectic) workout program.. We both managed to lose a fair bit of weight ( I lost 19lbs) and gain those elusive six packs…

Speaking to other users tell us the same story… everybody that has used Instant Knockout spoke of improved energy levels, better results from their workouts and excellent fat loss ultimately leading to better muscle definition.

Reported Side Effects

There have been no reported side effects from the use of Instant Knockout

Where To Buy Instant Knockout

You can only get Instant Knockout direct from… they do this to ensure quality and to make sure that all buyers can take advantage of the amazing cash back guarantee ( see below)

buy instant knockout

They ship worldwide from shipping centres in both the US and the UK –  Prices Start From $59.00 ( £35) for a months supply.. there are other packages available.

BEST BUY – we suggest the 3+1 package…. buy 3 boxes for $185.00 (£110) and get a FOURTH BOX FREE..

Instant Knockout Guarantee

The makers of Instant Knockout are so sure that their product will help you get the body that you desire that they offer a 90 day cash back guarantee…. all they ask is that you use Instant Knockout for 90 days as directed.. if you fail to achieve the results you desire, simply return the empty boxes for a full refund

Instant Knockout FAQ

Q: What sets Instant Knockout apart from most of its competitors

A: Most fat burners target just one of the main areas of weight loss… usually they concentrate on either fat burning, appetite suppression or carb blocking, some also aim to improve mental state and energy levels too.. Instant Knockout targets ALL these areas

Q:Does It Cause Any Side Effects

A: I Have tried it myself and experienced no issues…I have heard the same from hundreds of other users…that said If you are sensitive to caffeine, you might feel a little bit shaky for a couple of days.. but this usually passes quickly…. if that happens you could reduce the dose to 2 or 3 capsules per day and increase gradually up to full dose

Q: How Long Does It Take To Work, And What Results Should I Expect

A: This is a difficult one as everybody is different.. from my own experiences, I noticed some initial fat loss after about a week and ending up losing 19lbs in just over 4 weeks.. as a guide most people should lose between 3-4 lbs per week which is a realistic and safe target…. naturally this should always be taken alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Q: Will I Lose Muscle Tone Alongside Body Fat

A: No..The formula in Instant Knockout helps to retain muscle tone and strength while at the same time burning unwanted fat

Q: Do the capsules contain gelatin sourced from Pork?

A: No the gelatin used comes from Bovine (cattle) sources..

Q: How Long Can I Take Instant Knockout For

A: There are no real restrictions for using it, but I would recommend using for a maximum of 4 months and then take a 2-3 week break before resuming. this helps your body to reset its caffeine resistance

Q: Can I Use Instant Knockout As A Pre Workout Supplement

A: Yes The Formula In Instant Knockout has been proven to provide a powerful energy boost which helps you to get the ultimate results from your workouts, while at the same time melting unwanted fat away.

Q: Is Instant Knockout Shipped Worldwide

A: Yes, with a very few exceptions ( South Africa being one example), the makers of Instant Knockout will ship to anywhere in the world. they have distribution hubs in the UK, US and Australia so shipping is usually quick and secure.

Q: Do The Makers Offer a Cash Back Guarantee

A: Yes you have up to 90 days to try Instant Knockout and then return the empty boxes for a full refund if unhappy with the results

Q: Is Instant Knockout Suitable For Women Too

A: Absolutely – there are many active women who use Instant Knockout and all have enjoyed great results.. all I suggest is that you start at half dose and gradually build to the maximum dose to assess their tolerance because  it is a very strong, effective fat burner

Q: So You Recommend Instant Knockout

A: 100%.. It’s a really well thought out and put together product.. its obvious that the makers have really done their research and have put together a really well balanced product that clearly works.

Q: Where Can I Buy Instant Knockout From?

A: You can order direct from

Do you have a question that isn’t listed above? Please ask your question below and I will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible….

Our Thoughts On Instant Knockout

“Could Instant Knockout Be The Best Fat Burner Ever??”

instant knockout review

Without any doubt!!… its formula is well conceived, it has just the right amount of natural stimulants to trigger fat burning without causing any of those nasty side effects so often associated with fat burners… the other essential minerals and vitamins all play their part to help you feel energised, healthy and boost your fitness while you lose that fat.

The masterstroke is the 90 day cash back guarantee, we are yet to find any other fat burning product that matches this and highlights both the manufacturers belief in their product and their desire for complete customer satisfaction.

How To Get Your Supply 

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280 thoughts on “Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review”

    • Hi There.. yes the capsules only contain vegetable extracts so they are perfect for vegetarians and vegans… If you do buy, please come back to me and let me know how you get on with it – Best Wishes Paul

  1. Hello!!
    I m from india and my belly is having much my goal is to cut down my body fat and get a lean shape.All over this product iko will helps me in achieving my goal??
    And one more thing for using this product i need to take any particular diet???
    Plzzz sir answer me in my email…
    Waiting for u r reply..
    Thank u!!

    • Hi Yaseen… I can assure you that IKO will help you get rid of your body fat and help you get lean, naturally it works best alongside a sensible diet and some regular exercise too…. You need to eat a good mix of protein (fish, chicken,eggs, lean beef), and good carbohydrates ( vegetables etc)… its crucial to burn more calories than you actually eat each day.. do that, and with IKO helping you, you will lose the weight that you desire – Thanks Paul

    • Hi Amin…. looks like a real hatchet job to me.. I have seen this website before.. tbh I wouldn’t take too much notice of this sort of thing… Obviously no product will work well for everybody, but the 1000’s of positive reviews and feedback out there concerning IKO certainly contradicts’s obvious attempt to blacken its name – who knows what is on their agenda…. Obviously its a personal choice and everybody is different, but I found it worked really well for me….best wishes Paul

  2. Hi Paul,

    I live in india. I’m 23 years old, 5’10” male. Went down from 242 to 220 pounds over last 6 months without exercise just by not eating junk all day.

    Now working with a trainer or cardio exercises with no weight lifting for 1 hour 20 minutes, 3 times a week. Energy and resistance levels have increased in the 3 weeks i have been training.

    Taking one scoop of IsoPure Vanilla flavour at night and consuming around 1200 calories.

    Just wanted to take your advice on what I can supplement my exercise regime with.

    Looking to lose close to 44 pounds and go from 220 to 176 over next 6 months. Should i take a fatburner? if yes, which one?

  3. it a problem if i take three tablets instead of four. One @7, one @12 with a small snack afterwhile. And the last @6 one hour after eating my late lunch.thank u.

    • Hi Paola.. not a problem at all… I know many users who take just 3 daily…. the times you mentioned are perfect…. just do not take the last one any later in the day just in case it keeps you awake when you go to bed.. ( 6pm is fine) Many Thanks Paul

    • Hi Jack… I have contacted IKO directly just to confirm and will get back to you as soon as i hear from them…. I don’t believe there will be any problems, but just to be safe hold on until i get back to you.. Paul

        • Hi Jack… Just heard back from the guys at IKO.. I thought this myself but just wanted to make sure, L-Carnitine will actually compliment the effects of IKO, It Enables to the body to better utilise carbs and fat stores, increasing energy and burning fat faster as a side effect so its perfectly fine to take both together…. If you do buy, let me know how you get on…. Cheers Paul

          • Brilliant! Thx for that, Paul. I’ll definitely keep you updated on my progress. Thx again for your extra efforts and helpful advice.

    • Hi Dave, My apologies for the delay in replying, I haven’t been online much over the holiday… No I am afraid not…. Instant Knockout stopped being shipped to SA because almost every bottle was getting’lost’at customs….

  4. Hi Paul,

    The Direction of use stated as to consume 1 capsule 4 times daily.
    Possible to consume 1 capsule 4 times without taking breakfast and Lunch?
    As i only take dinner.

    • Hi Krishn.. that is perfectly fine, the instructions by the makers are just a guide – I myself only eat twice a day…Please come back and let me now how you get on.. Best wishes Paul

  5. Hi
    I am Michelle from India.
    I have lost around 8 kgs in last 4 months by using a strict diet and working out.
    Can you tell me approximately how much weight I may lose if I use the proper diet and work out on regular basis in one month with IKO?

    • Hi Michelle..You have done really well.. Well done!! Its a hard question to answer, as results vary so much from person to person… I myself lost 19lbs ( about 8 kilos) in 5 weeks when taking IKO alongside a sensible diet and working out… based on my own personal results I would estimate that you could lose up to 5 kilos in one month, BUT as i said before, results will vary….
      Good luck anyway, please let me know how you get on.. Paul

  6. Hi,

    Dos anybody know the amount of taxes/import duties one needs to pay for delivery to India? Any approx amount will be helpful.


    • Hi Arjun… I am not personally aware of any additional costs…. maybe someone else in India who has bought might have a better idea?? I do know that IKO is shipped daily to India with no problems… Thanks Paul

      • Hi Paul, I’ve never taken a fat burner and I’m nervous about the caffeine aspect.
        I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine, One decent cup of coffee makes me very jittery. Does instant knockout make you jittery?

        • Hi Chris… I have to be straight with does not affect me at all… But if coffee makes you jittery, IKO might effect you….I will give you the advice I give to anybody with an intolerance to stimulants – you could try it, by starting with one capsule a day and slowly increase the dose over a few days to find a level that you can tolerate….
          Alternatively you could try a non stimulant fat burner such as Garcinia Cambogia Extra that I also reviewed on this site…You will find it listed in the side bar, or on my recommended fat burners page ( on top menu).. hope this helps…. whatever you do please come back and tell me how you get on.. cheers Paul

  7. Hello,

    I’m 5’6″, 180lbs. After having two babies in the last four years, I’m ready to “get back right” and be healthy and fit. I’ve been able to lose 45lbs just with dietary changes and minimal exercise over the last 8+/- months. I’ve been training for my first 5K in September, and I was hoping this would help me get those last 20-30lbs off. This is my first time trying a fat burner.

    I was wondering if this could be taken with Raspberry Ketone,
    I know IKO is supposed to help with hunger cravings, but the above product has really helped between meals when I’m hungry. Do you think IKO will provide sufficient craving suppression to where I won’t need to use the Raspberry Ketone?

    Thanks for your opinion!!

    • Hi Nikki… I have to be honest, I don’t think you will need anything else… ( although that natural Health Raspberry ketone is a great product) Instant Knockout contains amongst other things something called glucommannan.. one of the most studied and clinically approved appetite suppressants available today.. its a 100% natural dietary fibre that works in the stomach to provide a feeling of fullness – helping to quell appetite and stop hunger pangs for longer.. I am sure that you will lose those final 20 odd lbs that you want to shift without using anything else….
      If you do buy IKO, please keep in touch and let me know how you get on with it.. Thanks Paul

      • Thanks for the speedy response and your input…
        It’s good to know that I shouldn’t need both products…I’ll try IKO by itself as directed for one month and see what happens.

    • Hi Mahen,
      IKO is shipped daily to Singapore, you have no problems ordering directly from the official site..Click the link above and go order some, you will be really pleased with the results!! – Please let me know how you get on with it…. Best Wishes Paul

  8. Hi Paul

    I am Poonam from India . My husband is 31 in age he want to reduce his belly fat can iko help him to do so and manufacturers can deliver it to India and from where I can buy this ( any authentic seller )

    • Hi Poonham.. my apologies for delay, I have been on short vacation… IKO will most certainly help him lose his belly fat … it is shipped daily to India.. you can place your order from this website.. click one of the links in the review above to be taken straight to the official website.. there you can choose the quantity and securely place your order… If you do buy, please come back and tell us how it goes… Thanks and Best Wishes Paul

  9. Sorry for bothering you guys, but i have a question about the weight you lost. you said that you lost 19 pounds with IKO in the 5 initial weeks. how much were you losing without it? cuz if it only aids you by helping you lose 3 more pounds than usual, it might not be worth it. but if you went from losing 5 pounds to 19 pounds, that’s a whole ‘nother story entirely.

    • Hey there…. I was struggling to lose any weight to be honest – I went up and down, without managing to get a real handle on my fat loss….From my own point of view I think that IKO is the best thing since the invention of sliced bread….Everybody is different, their eating habits, their true desire to lose weight, their ability to focus and really work hard in the gym to really cut that fat and tone their muscles…It really helped me – gave me a great energy boost which helped me work out harder and as soon as i saw the weight coming off, I was spurred on to eat more healthier and concentrate on losing my weight and improving my look….. since I wrote that review I have lost a further 6 lbs and look and feel amazing….

    • I also have a question. I have been on IKO and am about 3/4ths done with my first bottle. I have only lost about 5 pounds (working out and eating well). Could this be because I am building a tolerance to it? The first day I took it I definitely felt it working but now that I am a few weeks into it I don’t feel it anymore.

      • Hi Mitchell…. its a fact that everybody reacts differently to supplements.. and therefore the effects and results will vary from person to person.. I must say that I noticed a similar “lull” in results, but it took me 4 weeks before I felt that… personally i just carried on with it and am really happy that I did… Please keep me updated…Paul

  10. Hi there! I’m a very active 35 year old woman, currently in the process of training for a marathon. I’ve been taking this product for two weeks (3 pills a day) and am suffering terrible kidney pain. Any chance the pills and the pain are related? Thanks!

    • Hiya J.W. To be honest I would be very surprised if was linked, I have never heard of anything like this before – IKO is all natural and is not known for any nasty side effects…. The only thing I can suggest is stop taking them and see if the pain stops…But to be honest you should really go see a doctor… My wife had sudden kidney pain come on and it turned out she had a kidney stone….

  11. Hello Jake! : )
    I’m a female, 30 years old, 110lbs.. I train myself 4 day a week. I know I’m small and my goal is not to lose weight but I have this little belly. I just want to get more lean and lose this belly fat..Do you think that if I take 2 pills per day of IKO, that could really help me!!??
    Thank you!!

    • Hiya…Without any doubt… a half dose of IKO will help for sure – I lost my belly (which wasn’t large, but a bit flabby) by combining it with clean eating and exercising – it just gives you that little bit of help – energy boost and increased fat burning… tell me are you targeting the tummy with your exercises?? – that always helps too..

      Let me know how it goes…. Thanks Paul 🙂

      • Good thank you! Yes I’m target the tummy!! Abs at the end of each training..The results start at what time with IKO?

        • Hi There.. It will vary from user to user.. from my own experience i started feeling tighter around the stomach after about 5 days… but it can and will vary.. please let me know how you get on Paul 🙂

  12. Hi Paul,

    I am a female, 33 years old, 23 months post partum. I’m at a super high fat % (my highest ever) now. I used to workout regularly, strength and weight training and cardio / aerobics before that. But now I find that I have absolutely no stamina since I haven’t worked out for more than 2.5 yrs now.
    My question is, I don’t tolerate caffeine well. Even the rare cup of coffee hits me hard and I am awake for atlas 12-14 hours post that with a high sense of alertness. I haven’t had jitters but thats because it is usually a latte and very very rarely an espresso. So would IKO be a good option for me ?
    I’ve begun clean eating. I haven’t begun workouts yet although i do the regular walking and household chores myself. If not IKO is there some other milder stimulant product you’d recommend.
    Thanks a bunch !

    • Hiya.. sorry for my late replay, have been away…. IKO is a fantastic product but it does contain caffeine… the makers do suggest that anybody with an intolerance to caffeine try by taking half a dose for a few days to assess tolerance ( 2 a day instead of 4) however if you really cannot tolerate it, you should ideally avoid… one non-stimulant fat burner that I do know works well is garcinia cambogia extra… I have reviewed it on the site – have a read and check it out…. Good luck, and please let me know how you get on.. Paul 🙂

  13. Paul,

    I’ve recently bought this product? however, I have an issue in taking the tablets at the correct times. Is it a problem if I don’t “respect” exactly the indicated times? For example, I may take one at 4pm and another one at 5 or 5.30 pm. Is that a problem?


    • Hi johnny. sorry for my late reply, have been on vacation… it doesn’t really matter as long as you space out the capsules thru the day.. the suggested times are an example and for a guide only. thanks again Paul

      • Hi,

        Thanks for your answer. I’ve only seen it a few minutes ago 😉

        So it doesn’t really matter if i don’t respect the indicated times. But is it an issue if i take the two last ones quite near each other (with 1-2 hours lapse in between)??

        • Hi Johnny…. it guess it really depends on how you cope with stimulants…. if you can drink strong coffee without any real problems, then you should be fine… just don’t take it too late in the day ( within 3-4 hours of bedtime) as it could potentially keep you awake.. cheers Paul

          • Thanks Paul. do u have an email adress where i could ask you sum would be easier than checking on your website for the answer to come;;; 😉

  14. Hello Paul,

    ive come across yuor website and i find it simply amazing. i’ve seen and read al ot about amazing products but in reality are nothing more than a waste of money.

    i’m a french guy (obviously living in france) and i’m 19 years old.I weigh 275lbs and i’m quite fat!!! i want to do something about it. how can you help me? the IKO stuff seems interesting. Culd you give me some advice about using this product?

    thanks a lot. I look forward to hearing from you.



    • Hi Joseph.. Thanks for your message.. I have done an awful lot of research on fat burners and their various ingredients, and I have to say that I think IKO is one of the best around.. its formula is a well balanced mix of effective stimulants and vital vitamins and minerals that really do help trigger the fat burning process…Tell me, do you exercise at all??? IKO has been shown to be effective even in those who do not exercise at all, but in truth its far more effective when taken alongside a sensible diet and regular exercise ( even if its walking or cycling.. you don’t have to be a bodybuilder)… 4 capsules a day taken as directed should see you lose some good amounts of weight – I lost 19lbs on it quite easily.. If you do order, please come back and let me know how you get on with it.. Best Wishes Paul

      • Thanks Paul for your quick answer. It is very appreciated to know that someone is able to advice you on the product. Thanks so much.

        I don’t do regular exercice to my shame but i’m going to start. What do you suggest as a “sensible diet”?

        I’ve ordered the 90 days pack and i’m going to give it a try.

        Does it help you to have nice muscles or not?

        I saw an other product that seemed interesting “TESTOFUEL”. What should i do about it? can i mix both or not?

        thanks a lot for your help.

        • Hi Joseph… Its good that you are going to start exercising… As for a sensible diet, I just mean not eating too much ‘junk food’ and instead eating a good mix of healthy fruit and vegetables, alongside high protein meats like chicken, turkey, and fish… Red meat is necessary as well but limit to once or twice a week if possible… on average an adult man eats around 2500 calories a day.. to lose weight you have to eat fewer calories than you actually burn.. this puts you into a calorific deficit which in simple terms means that your body will turn to stored bodyfat to burn for energy make up the shortfall in the calories that you eat ( helping you to lose weight – a process that IKO will help you with dramatically)…..Having good muscle tone and increased strength is good for your confidence and of course general health…. In answer to your question.. Testofuel is a natural testosterone booster that helps to increase this most male of all hormones.. this can have some great benefits in that it can help boost muscle size and energy/strength as well as having positive effects on things like sex drive too… All I would say is that at the age of 19, your testosterone levels should (ideally) be at their peak, so while it will offer you benefits, I wouldn’t say its essential at your age..It won’t hurt however, and if you wanted to try it, you can take it alongside IKO… many keen gym goers do…Let me know how it goes..Best wishes – Paul

    • Hi Ash…. to be honest I am not sure… I have emailed the guys at customer services and asked the question for you…I will get back to you as soon as I hear from them..

    • Dear Ash.. I have had confirmation from Instant Knockout customer services.. The gelatin used in the capsules comes from Bovine (Cattle) sources and NOT Pork.. Hope this helps
      Best Wishes Paul

  15. Paul,
    How good did this product actually work? I read so much hype about this product,
    Was about to order a bottle what can be the worst if it doesnt work i get my hard earned cash back right? Wrong!
    I done some investigating, i read terms and condition which reads as follows:

    Taken Instant Knockout for a full 90 days as instructed by the packaging
    Performed regular weight lifting exercises.
    Eaten a consistently healthy and rich calorific diet.
    Then, when sending in your package, you must also include:

    Your name, address and order number
    All used and unused items that were sent to you
    A description of your workout and diet plan.

    So they only give you money back if you have bought 3 bottles and not 1 but also would like the 3 empty bottles back, a copt of your workout and diet and after thats all done they take money for admin fee off the refunded amount.
    I eventually came across a site where people had tried this product and couldnt get cash back i have to say their was not 1 good review on this product, in which they call it hollywood endorsed fat burner

    • Hi Joe…. There are many manufacturers that do not even offer any guarantees at all… but the ones that do provide guarantees have to have some terms and conditions otherwise they will (i guess) they leave themselves open to being ripped off by unscrupulous customers…

      Naturally you need to give a product a fair trial and that is why they suggest that users try it for 90 days before making a fair evaluation… some users will lose weight quickly, while others have a different metabolism that means that they burn fat at a slower rate….Some guys workout daily and others might go just once a week… I found that it worked really quickly for me myself – with increased energy and good fat loss ( 19lbs lost)…. As for your comments about “hollywood endorsed fat burner”.. I have never came across anything related to Instant Knockout and Hollywood, so that does make me think that the site you are talking about its trying to rubbish Instant knockout in its efforts to sell something else….. At the end of the day, there are good and bad products out there… After all my research I found IKO to be really effective and well formulated, but it won’t suit everybody and that is why i recommend a number of products on my top fat burners page….Its all about personal choice and requirements….

      • Yes i understand there has to be some sort of terms and conditions.
        and it would make a change that customers ripped off a company as the billion pound supplement industry has done to customers for years.
        But personally i’m not gonna knock the product without trying so im gonna go ahead and order.
        Just 1 question though, this company also sell a product called testofuel which also claims fat loss and pack on muscle? So what would be the best product to buy from this company

        • Hi Joe… They are actually both great products, so my advice is this…. If fat loss is your main goal than get Instant Knockout… If muscle growth is more important to you then I would go the Testofuel route… TF will help boost fat loss too, but not generally as much as Instant Knockout..what ever you choose, please come back and let me know how you get on… I will publish all comments good and bad… Best Wishes Paul

  16. hi there do you ship here in the philippines??? i do mma training and i’m trying to find a fat burner that is all natural and i think IKO is what i’m looking for…

  17. Hi paul, im 27 year old male and been bodybuilding since march 2015, was always hard for me to gain weight but over this period i ate what i wanted sensibly though.
    I started at 8 stone 5 pounds but i am now 11 stone, even though i gained alot of muscle i also gained bodyfat, at the moment i’m sitting at 14.9% bodyfat! My biggest concern is ive tried fat burners before which gave me awful side effects due to caffeine as im sensitive to it, and the non stimulant burners just dont work.
    Would you recommend i try instant knockout?

    • Hi Joe….. I have to be honest… I have never came across anybody who suffered any major issues from the stimulants in IKO.. but the fact is that there IS stimulants in the mix…. What the makers suggest to anybody with your sort of problems is to start off at half dose ( 2 caps a day) and over a week or so build slowly to the maximum of 4 capsules daily…. some find that they can tolerate 2 but no more, others find that 3 are ok, but 4 is just too much and many are completely fine with the max dose.. It is a bit hit and miss, but I do believe that you will find a level that suits…. If you do go ahead and try it, please come back and let me know how you get on with it… BTW don’t forget that they do offer a 90 day cash back guarantee, so if you do find that it doesn’t suit, you can get your money back…. Best Wishes and good luck – Paul

    • Hey Alex… I think so but have just dropped an email over to the guys at Customer Services to confirm.. I will get straight back to you as soon as I know… Thanks Paul

    • Hi Alex… I can confirm that Instant Knockout is shipped to APO addresses.. just put the full details in the delivery address and it will be sent directly…. Thanks Paul

  18. Hi iv just got my first bottle of iko , I was told I could break the capsule and take the powder, just double checking, im unable to take tablets, can I just add to a shot of water or peanut butter ? Many thanks

    • Hi Lucy… I have to be honest I don’t know anybody that has done it that way, but why not?? all the active ingredients are in the powder anyway, so dropping it into a bit of peanut butter would be a good way to take it…..Please come back and let me know how you get on with it.. Paul

  19. i do a lot of exercises “swimming – crossfit – running” every day through the week and i am thinking to take instant knockout but my question is if i intend to take IKO with practicing my exercises is this need diet regime to follow????

    • Hi Maged.. it sounds like you have a very good exercise regime in place… but for sure IKO will help you cut any unwanted fat as well.. As for a diet… you sound like you probably eat sensibly anyway.. thats all thats needed with that level of exercise… obviously you need to eat a good balance of protein and good carbs to maximise results…. please let me know how you get on… Thanks Paul

    • Hi Antonio.. Regretfully the answer is no… The company found that too many packages went missing at South African customs.. wether they were lost or stolen, we do not know, but Instant Knockout had to make a decision to stop shipping to South Africa..

      Thanks Paul

        • Hi Johan… the makers tell me that they do not ship to SA anymore as too many boxes were being lost or ‘mislaid’ at customs…. Its problem that has caused quite a few makers to think again about shipping to South Africa.. All i can suggest is that if you know someone who lives in another country, that maybe they could order for you and then get it to you somehow…

  20. hi paul,i am just about to order the 3 month supply of iko but at this point i am a bit scared what if i dont loose even an inch and its just waste of money,as i am just a student and it really matters spending that much amount.would you please make me feel confident about this product ;-). i really desire to loose 8-9kgs in 2 months.reply soon

    • Hi Kate…. You do not need to worry about your purchase… Instant Knockout offer a full 90 day cash back guarantee that assures you of full refund should after taking as directed, you fail to see any weight loss over the 3 months…. don’t worry.. that will not happen I can assure you!!! IKO is a fantastic product that really works – I promise!!!

  21. Hi, I’m a Australian swimmer that races at a national level and can be subject ASADA substance testing.
    I was thinking of using Iko to lean up before the racing season and was wondering if anyone knew whether it would be okay to use with testing occurring?

  22. Hi I’m from Bahrain Male 24 and I’m weighing around 200 pounds should shred atleast 20 to 30 pounds in next 3 months. I ordered 3 months IKO (185$) and I’ll be getting it in another 15 days. How long I should workout and what all the diet I shud follow. Is there any side effect of IKO ?

    • Hi There…. IKO will definitely help you achieve your target… I would suggest working out at least 3 times a week, and as for diet…. eat sensibly, with a decent mix of protein, and good carbohydrates… keep an eye on the daily calorie count ( the secret to weight loss is to eat fewer calories that you actually burn) aim for around 1500 – 1800 a day – on days you workout out you will probably need a bit more but don’t over do it

  23. Hello, iam John from India iam 33 weight 106kg height 5’10”,I exercise twice a day, iam going to take IKO , because i have buldgy fat tummy, Do IKO help me to reduce 15-20 kg in a it safe for liver and kidneys?

    • Hi John… I can confirm that IKO is 100% safe and will not affect your liver or kidneys… 15-20Kg is a lot to lose in one month, but with IKO and regular exercise you will definitely lose a lot of weight quite quickly.. Please come back and tell me how you get on and how much weight you lose.. Thanks Paul

  24. Is 10 km running and around 20 mins of cadio work out with 1 hour play volly ball is enough for me talking this fat burner IKO

    • Hi Ashish.. that sounds perfect.. IKO will work perfectly with this sort of training regime… if you do buy IKO, please come back and let me know how you get on..Thanks Paul

    • Hi Deepak.. apologies for the delay in replying, I have been on vacation… Absolutely… IKO alongside a good diet and regular workouts should deliver a substantial amount of weight loss… that said 25kg is a lot to safely lose in just 8 weeks.. ( about 56lbs ).. but it is do-able…. i would say that a more realistic target would be to aim for 2 kg a week.. ( just under 5 lbs) per week which means that in 8 weeks you could lose just around 40lbs…. if you lose weight too quickly, its often put back on….. slowly and surely is the best way to keep it off… Hope it helps.. if you do buy IKO, please let me know and keep me updated on your progress… Thanks Paul

  25. Hi Paul!

    I am female, 5’4 and 173 pounds. Do you think that this product will have the same fat burning results if I take only 2 pills instead of 4? Also will this supplement make me shakey? I took Cellucor HD last year and it made me very shakey…

    • Hi Shannon…I am not surprised Cellucor made you shake.. aside from caffeine it also contains 2 ( some experts believe) risky stimulants in Yohimbe and Rauwolfia….they have been linked to some unpleasant side effects… Although the makers of IKO do say that for most people, 4 capsules daily should cause no ill effects.. they do suggest that if you have had issues with stimulants before that you start at 2 daily ( half dose) and if you are ok, increase gradually to full dose if you can tolerate it ok….My wife is similar to you, she is 5’2 and now weighs 122lbs.. she too found that 4 pills was too much for her, but she managed to drop 18lbs quite quickly by taking just 2 capsules a day and walking daily and going to pilates 1 or 2 times weekly.. hope this helps… Please come back and let me know how you get on if you do use Instant Knockout

  26. Hi… Could you please tel me if gelatin & magnesium is just used on the capsule as I cannot consume the 2 above ingredients .
    Many thanks

  27. Hi guys, I do intermittent fasting from 11pn till 7pm the following day. Would instant knockout work for me? If so what times would you recommend that I take the pills?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Scott… Intermittent fasting is an effective way to lose weight.. I used the 5:2 method myself to great effect ( keep below 600 calories for 2 days a week and eat normally (but sensibly) for the rest of the week) Instant Knockout will be a great addition, it will increase the fat burning effects dramatically and also help to suppress your appetite reducing the hunger pangs which is what can make intermittent fasting so difficult for some.. I would take the pills as directed by the makers.. – Let me know how you get on – cheers Paul

    • Hi Gary, there should be no problem.. just keep an eye on your caffeine intake… most people will be fine with it, but some could get a bit shaky or jittery – you know like you can get after a few expresso’s….Thanks Paul

  28. Dear Paul,

    I am wondering if I buy this product (IKO) is going to gym necessary, of course I will go but incase of same time I did not go to gym it will have any side effect.

    Thanks and best regards,


    • Hi John Going to the gym will enhance the results and effects of IKO, but you will see some good results even if you don’t workout regularly…Its a great appetite suppressant as well as as an effective fat burner regardless of how active ( or not) you are.. Best Wishes Paul

    • Hi Mitchell.. apologies for the delay in replying, I have been on vacation…. my personal experience with this that it made no difference to me… I didn’t feel any extra effects at all… I would recommend that you don’t drink coffee straight before or after taking a capsule, but for most people, it shouldn’t make any difference…there could be some users that feel the effects more, I think you just need to try it… if you do feel jittery, then perhaps it best to cut down on the coffee for a while, or drink weaker blends….Thanks for contacting me.. hope it all works well for you.. Paul

  29. Hi – I dont tolorate high doses of caffeine well. Is the 350 mg of caffeine the total in each pill or the combined 4 pills? I want to give it a try but wanted to confirm the exact caffeine content too. Besides the listed amount, do any of the other ingredients give you a boost? Thanks!!

    • Hi Christine… a daily serving of IKO is 4 capsules which contain the combined total of 350mg caffeine….what the makers do suggest is that if you have an intolerance to caffeine, that you start with a half dose per day ( 2 caps) and build slowly over a few days just to see how you tolerate the caffeine…my wife did the same and found that 3 per day was her maximum…

    • Hiya.. absolutely, we know of many women that take IKO and have seen great results…. depending on your size and build, the makers do suggest starting at half dose ( 2 per day) and build up to full dose over 4-5 days just to assess your tolerance…
      If you do buy, please come back and let me know how you get on.. Thanks Paul

  30. Dear Paul,

    I have purchased instant knockout but not used it and after 3 month I have start with it.

    I have question as you have made a lot of researcher in this product (Thanks for that), I used it for 3 to 4 days then, I start feeling that my left and right chest is burning I don’t know is this OK?

    Please note: my weight it 109 KG

    Please help…

    • Hi Omar.. i haven’t heard of anybody else experiencing this problem before.. this burning you talk about..does it feel like a burning or ache in the chest muscles ( such as you get when you exercise muscle really hard.. or an uncomfortable feeling across the chest as a whole??.. I would suggest that you stop taking it and see if the feelings stop….if they do.. you could try again, but reducing the dose down to 3 ( or even 2) per day and see if thats any better….if it comes back again with the reduced dose then you might be one of the rare people that this sort of product doesn’t agree with… Obviously if it gets worse you must stop taking any supplements and check things with your doctor…

      • Thanks Paul

        I have stop it for 2 days and I will start using it by tomorrow to see if there is any different.

        I will let you know if there is any changes or it still the same.

        Thanks again for your replay and advise….

  31. heyy paul
    my name is bharath .i am 19 5 foot 8 100kgs.
    if iam taking 3 tablets per day.will i be able to reduce 10kg within one month.
    plz help me with this

    • Hey Bharath.. there is no doubt that IKO will help you lose weight… I think 10KG loss in one month is totally possible but you will have to eat sensibly and exercise too …. Why do you only want to to take 3 instead of the 4 capsules as recommended??

  32. Hi Paul,
    I am a 49 yrs old and I have just purchased IKO. I have been hitting the gym but my diet and workout have been inconsistent but I am looking to get back on track. I wondering if I can be shredded at my age. Right now I am 6′ 1 230. My ideal weight would be 205 – 210.

    • Hi David… I am 55 and i managed to lose 19lbs and get a six pack again with IKO…. there is no reason why you can’t do the same if you work hard in the gym and eat clean too… 25-30 lbs loss is a viable target.. just don’t rush it.. you are more likely to put the weight back on again if you lose it too quickly…

  33. hey paul, i was thinking of getting instant knockout to help me lose weight i need help as ive been hitting the gym hard the past 6 momths and have lost 13 KG so far and have a lot more to go :/ im 19, 6foot3, 125 kg (was 139) and i think the perfect body im looking for would be at 100. how much weight loss can i expect with doing 45 minutes cardio(treadmil, bike, eleptical), weight training and core exercises(leg raises, crunches, knee raises), and 30 minutes in steam/sauna bath with the recomended dose? any good estimate with any reviews you have read personally or something would help

    • Hiya Tak… thanks for your question…. its hard to put an exact figure on just how much weight you could lose with IKO and how quickly it will happen as we are all different… Myself, I lost 19lbs in just a few weeks when taking IKO alongside a good exercise regime and a sensible diet.. your planned exercise routine looks really well thought out and you seem to know the way forward…..if you do buy IKO- please come back and let us all know how you get on, Thanks Paul

  34. How can I buy instant knockout? I stay in kolkata,india.
    How much will one bottle of instant knockout cost in Indian rupees?
    I am instant knockout can I change my fay body into muscular body?
    What are the payment options? Are there any cash on delivery options?
    Decided to buy this product .pleas provide me those answers I will be highly obliged

    • Hi Raj… yes the manufacturers will ship to India…. just click the link in the review (above) to go to the official website, you can then place your order directly with them… Instant Knockout will definitely help you reduce your fat and build muscle, but you will need to eat sensibly and exercise as well to get the best results…

    • Hi Sorry Raj, I forgot to mention the price… It is priced in US$ on the website ($69) at todays conversion rate that works out at 4506.29 Indian Rupees – Thanks Paul

    • Hi James.. Of course you can but the effects will not be anywhere as good… Instant Knockout has been developed so that 4 capsules taken at regular intervals will ensure a steady flow of its effective fat burning nutrients into your body through the entire day.. taking just one pill per day will give you a quick burst of effectiveness which will stop after couple of hours…this will severely limit the effects..

    • Hi Dylan – Thanks for your question… Thats an amazing workout and IKO will help take the results to another level!! 14lbs shouldn’t be a problem if you combine Instant Knockout and the workout, please come back and tell us how you got on..

    • Hi There.. there is no golden rule, the makers recommend a way to take the capsules, but if that way works for you, then go for it…some might find it too much taking two at a time, others should be fine… if you find that you get jittery, then go back to one 4 times a day – let us now how it goes

  35. Hey, Paul! I hope you’re doing great! I’m a 31 yr old woman, hour glass type of figure (measurements: 33-24-37), 5’4″ (164 cms) and 120 pounds (54 kgs), I’m trying to loose around 20 pounds, and get a lean/slim/cut look, I don’t want to bulk up, just have a toned body. Im normally Non-active and don’t eat very healthy, but I’ve been trying to change that. I’m one week in on eating healthier and doing the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program, and hopefully I’ll find the willpower to stick through the whole 90 days (I tend to get lazy pretty easily). I’ve been reading a lot about fat burners to help me achieve my goal, and apparently the top 2 options are Phen375 and Instant Knockout; having my history, current changes (that’ll hopefully stick) and goals in mind, which of these two would you recommend? Thanx so much!!

    • Hi Martina… thanks for you message… as i am sure you know, losing weight is about willpower as much as anything… making sure that you eat the right foods, and exercising, even if its a daily walk – it all helps…I have to say however ( in my opinion) that 20lbs seems to be a lot of weight to lose for someone of your size….I would aim for half that first, as you don’t want to get too thin!!!and its easier to keep the weight off if you don’t over do it…..the actual process of losing weight is actually quite simple ( in theory) in that if you burn more calories that you eat each day, you will lose weight.. that doesn’t mean that you have to live on lettuce leaves, just a good mix of protein and some carbs ( which are essential so don’t cut them all out)… an average calorie intake for a woman is around the 2000 mark.. if you can drop that down to round 1500 calories per day you should see some effects quite quickly…the program you are following is usually really effective, so try and stick with it if you can.. with regard to the two fat burners you asked me about… Phen375 used to be really good, it was brought in as a direct replacement for Phentermine which is now banned from being sold over the counter due to its amphetamine type effects.. you can still get it from some doctors on prescription but only if you are medically obese ( which you are NOT) it has been re-formulated in recent years to comply with changing regulations and to be honest now, i don’t believe its anywhere near as good or effective as it was……On the other hand, I have no doubt that Instant knockout will help you reach your target weight, especially if you stick with your plans.. it will give you a welcome energy boost too, something that we can often find reduces when we aren’t eating quite as much and exercising more…….Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on!! thanks again and good luck!! Paul

      • I know it sounds like a lot of weight, but I used to be 102 pounds around 3 years ago… Fat has found its way to my upper back & chest, into my inner thigs (they’re flabby and bulky) and my hips (i have saddlebags now!) And my thighs touch, which they never did before, so hopefully this will help get rid of all that. Oh! And by I don’t eat very healthy I mean I used to eat burgers, desserts, junk food, fried and greasy food, and overall very “bad” food (but really good coz it’s yummy!), I’m now trying to eat more balanced and exercise a little (I’m normally a couch potato). I’ll keep you posted on the results 🙂 thanx!!!

        • Thanks Martina… I am sure that if you can try and adjust your diet somewhat ( if you have the odd burger its not going to kill you – we all have what i call cheat days) just try and eat as healthy as possible most of the time – you will see the benefits….just as a point of interest, what sort of exercises etc are you doing?? you will find that insert knockout will help boost your energy levels which will make exercising that bit easier, and of course it will help boost the natural fat burning processes too..

          • As I told you, I’m doing the Jullian Michaels Body Revolution program, which mainly consists of HIIT training 4 days a week, doing around 3 circuits of different types of squats, lounges, some movements with dumbells and some others with a resistance cable. Each of them last about 30 minutes and you have 2 cardio days a week (also for about 30 min, and it’s also HIIT type of cardio), and 1 rest day. You do workout 1 on Monday and Thursday, workout 2 on Tuesday and Friday, for 2 weeks, then advance to 3 and 4 for the next 2 weeks, and so on until you go through the 12 levels of workouts and 3 levels of cardio (you stick with the same cardio for a month), for a total of 90 days. Sounds like a good way to go?

          • Hi Martina – Sounds perfect!!! You should see some amazing results if you can stick with that!!… please keep me updated with your progress.. and if you do decided to try Instant Knockout alongside your program, please let me know how you find it..

  36. Hey just wanted to know if you ship to south africa and how long does shipping takes. Also I would to know if there are additional shipping costs. Thanks

    • Hi There.. I think that I have covered this question before,but regretfully the makers of Instant Knockout have stopped shipping to South Africa… too many packages were going ‘missing’ at customs leading to customers losing their money….

  37. hi paul, i am 21 years old female , ive been working out regularly but i have a lot of stubborn fat on my thighs nd calves, will this product help get rid of it. I want to order 1 month supply, will it help, what will be the average weight i can loose in 1 month? And is it compulsory to keep using this product even after i reach my desired goal, is it possible that i might gain the same fat by not using it afterwards?

    • Hi Kate.. you certainly don’t need me to tell you that fat on the thighs etc is one of the hardest areas to lose… but that said, i have no doubt that working out in conjunction with taking instant knockout will definitely help.. it increases your metabolism, giving you more energy so you can get more from you workouts and increases the natural fat burning processes in the body..with regard to how much weight you can lose its hard to tell you a definite amount as everybody is different.. from my own point of view, I managed to lose 19lb in four weeks….Once you get to your desired weight, you don’t have to keep taking IKO, as your results should remain unless you let your exercise regime or your diet slip… I personally still take a half dose (2 per day) for maintenance…so i don’t have to worry as much about my diet etc….Tell me what sort of exercises do you do? is it all aerobic or do you do a bit of resistance training with weights too?

        • Thats great, I only asked as so many people (and it has to be said – women in particular) just do cardio work, thinking that lifting weights will make them end up looking like a female version of Arnie, when of course nothing could be further from the truth…

  38. Hi,

    I am 45 years old from Mumbai, India. I have been weight training for the last one and half years and have reduced my weight from 190 pound to 167 pounds by weight training, cardio and a balanced diet. But am stuck at this weight for quite some time now and the fat is around the belly which is not budging. I supplement with whey protein and creatine and workout five to six days a week. I have never used a fat burner before and am contemplating using one to get rid of the last few pounds around my belly. Various reviews are drawing me towards ordering IKO. My question is should I start with the recommended dosage of 4 tabs a day or start with half the dose as I have never used a fat burner before. I am not a tea or coffee drinker, but never had any problems whenver I had coffee. Also the reviews mention that IKO is absolutely safe without any side effects and can be taken without cycling. So can I safely order the 3 + 1 pack or should I start by ordering only 1 box?

    • Hi… as you do not experience any problems when you drink coffee, there is no reason why you cannot start at the recommended dose of 4 capsules daily.. this suits most people ( I was fine with it)…. For continuity and best value for money i do recommend the 3+1 package, but you can always start with a months supply and reorder each month (allowing time for shipping).. It will cost you more in the long run, but that option is up to you…… Please let me know if you order and also keep us updated of your progress.. Thanks Paul

      • Thanks Paul for your prompt reply. I will place an order today. Will update you on the progress once I start using it.

        • Hi Paul,

          I have placed the order for IKO and should be receiving it in the next few days. Just had a query regarding the timing of taking each tab. On the website they have shown that it should be taken every three hours. Wanted to know if that is ok?? I mean a gap of just three hours between two doses is ok??

          Secondly can it be taken on empty stomach or should it be taken with a meal only? Can it be taken post workout along with creatine and protein ?


          • Hi Jehangir, the recommended way to take IKO was developed by the manufacturers to give you a steady release of nutrients through the most active part of the day… they feel that taking just before meals provides better results, and not taking too late in the day helps to stop the possibility of any problems sleeping…( there are stimulants in the formula that trigger the fat burning process, but take them too late in the day, and they could ( in some people) stop you getting to sleep.. Ultimately, how you take them is up to you, we all have different lifestyles and if you find that their way does not suit, then adapt it to suit your daily schedule..

            You can use IKO alongside both protein and creatine…. Looking forward to hearing how you are getting on… Thanks Paul

      • Hi Paul,

        I have completed one week on IKO (full dose of 4 tabs per day) and my workout and diet are absolutely on. Just wanted to share my first week experience. I did not feel anything, I repeat anything unusual like jitters or anything, but at the same time I did not feel any energy rush as well. Though my perspiration has increased a bit, nothing much. As far as workouts are concerned maybe the energy has gone up, meaning I can complete my intense training without being completely fagged but then I don’t know if that is because of IKO.

        I know one week is a short period but I just want to know how much time does it normally take to show some visible difference. I can see a very slight improvement in definition on the upper body but maybe that is because of the workout and diet which I was already on before starting IKO last week. The reason I am asking is because I am not sure should I order my next stock or wait to complete the month and see the effects before ordering, as delivery takes about 10-12 days.


        • Hi Jehangir, Thanks for your message, i personally think that 7 days is rather a short time to evaluate this or in fact anything, but I can see already that you seem to be seeing the combined benefits of your Workouts, Diet and IKO..I have no doubt that the energy increase and improved defintion is down to the supplement and its great that you are now starting to see some benefits from your efforts…

          With regard to reordering…I would give it another week and then if you are still seeing gains and improvements then i think its probably wise to reorder, at least that will give you enough time to allow for shipping so you don’t run out….Please let us know how you are going after another 7 days… Thanks and best wishes Paul

          • Hi Paul,

            I ordered the 3+1 pack which has arrived today. I shall post an update after a month. I have been taking the full dose of 4 caps a day from the first day onwards. It has been two weeks since then and I have not had any of the side effects at all. I have just one query, is it safe to take the full dose of 4 caps continuously for a period of 3 or 4 months ? Or will that cause a side effect ? Or make my body used to IKO and hence not make any progress. Though I hope to achieve my goal by the end of three months after reading all the success stories of IKO.

          • Hi Jehangir… I am not aware of any restrictions as to how long you can take IKO….I know of a fair number of users who have used the supplement for 4 plus months without any issues… – Please come back and let us know how you get on with it… Eat clean and Work Hard in the gym too and the results will come!!

  39. Hello thr
    I normally travel between dubai( U A E) and uganda. Do you ship to both countries coz I wud like to order

    • Hi There.. I know for sure that they ship to UAE… not sure about Uganda…. There have been a number of problems with packages “disappearing” at customs in a number of african countries… probably best to have shipped to UAE address

  40. im from india
    ht 6 feet
    wt 210 lbs
    if I use proper deit and daily work out how much wt can be reduced?
    if I use daily four pills any side effects occur to me?

  41. if shipping is available to india
    any extra cost to be spend for shipping
    if to be spended how much to be pay
    and finally
    it has any side effects

    • Hi Krishna… thanks for your questions.. The makers of Instant Knockout ship to India on a daily basis.. the 3 (+1 box free) package will be sent with FREE shipping.. the 1 and 2 box packages will be subject to a small international shipping cost, but this is calculated at checkout (before you finally send your order) and it will depend on the destination country as well as the actual area within that country…

      With regard to your other questions, Instant Knockout does not cause any adverse side effects whatsoever.. and with regard to the amount of weight that can be lost while using it, there is no set amount, it totally depends on the individual, their diet, workout regimes and of course their general health and fitness.. AS a rough guide i can tell you that I managed to lose 19lbs in 4 weeks when i started using IKO, and I worked out on average 3 times a week… if you do buy, please come back and let us know how you got on with it…. Thanks Paul

  42. good review just have a couple of questions, how long should this product be taken for eg. 1 month, 2 months, etc. and lastly due to the large amount of caffeine, is it likely that the body will become dependant on caffeine to perform at its best level after taking this product, this is one reason why i don’t take pre workouts often.

    • Hi Anthony – a great question…. most users can take IKO for as long as they need without having any of the issues that you are asking about…but for some it can be different.. if you can drink strong(ish) coffee without any issues, then you should be fine taking it for as long as you need.. the makers certainly don’t advise that the product be cycled at all.. if you are concerned, or maybe have a slight intolerance to stimulants I would recommend that you take for a maximum of 8 weeks and then have at least 2 weeks break before resuming.. I myself stopped taking pre workouts supplements when i started using IKO, i found that it gave me the energy boost i needed without spending my hard earned cash on pre workouts i didn’t need any more..
      I know of several users who after they hit their weight loss targets, kept on taking IKO at half dose to help maintain their results.

      • thanks for the feedback. i do not expose myself to caffeine much at all, if i were to use this product it’d only be for 3-4 month period at the very most which would be in preparation for a competition. is there any reason they advise the product to not be cycled? once again thankyou

        • No Problem… they tell me that because their formula is so well put together, with all the various ingredients working well together with no conflictions what so ever, there is no issue in using IKO for 3,4 months,or even more if required.. My own personal opinion on this matter is that quite a few manufacturers actually tell you to cycle their products to make their supplement seem more powerful than they really are..from my in depth research into many of these popular fat burners, some of these products have worthless, or weak ineffective mixes in their formula, that fail to live up to their marketing hype….

          have you read my article on the professional MMA fighters who use IKO to prepare for the weight ins before their fights??… there is a link in the review above ( or you can find it in the side bar menu)… it shows just how effective IKO is when used by professional athletes to get ready for competitions…

  43. i am 35, 175cms and 218lbs. i workout 6 times/week. i have started gym 10 days back. serious stamina issue as well stiff body. i have quiet a fat on my belly area. i am looking to loose weight as well as burn fat. i am not at all a coffee or tea lover so i wud like to know how i shud start with Instant knockout. Also i am about to start with BSN syntha 6 isolate from tomm. is it advisable to intake both simutaneously. also how wud u review bsn syntha 6 isolate choclate if at all you are ok with writing about it. thanks

    • Hi Aksh…..I wouldn’t worry about stamina and stiffness.. these will improve the more you workout ( as your body gets used to it).. with regard to taking Instant Knockout (IKO).. you say you don’t drink tea or coffee? is that because you simply don’t like them or you get a bit jittery especially after drinking coffee ( a few people do) if its simply that you don’t like them, then i would follow the manufacturers guidelines and take 4 capsules a day evenly spaced as instructed….( before breakfast, before lunch, mid afternoon and then before evening meal)… If you on the other hand do find that the caffeine in coffee gives you that ‘shaky’ feeling then i would suggest starting at half dose and build up over a few days just to see how you tolerate the supplement…. It is one of, if not the best formulated fat burner out there, and it will most certainly help you to burn that unwanted fat and boost muscle tone…. With regard to the BSN syntha 6 isolate, this can be used alongside IKO, its an excellent slow release source of protein and amino acids that will help you get the best from your workouts…

      • Thanks a ton paul. this was helpful. i will order IKO shortly. do they deliver in india, in case you are aware of it. also, which one would be better with IKO – BSN syntha 6 Isolate or Muscle Tech Nitro performance series …. (i am looking at gaining muscle and burning fat and not gaining weight at all)

        • Hi Aksh.. yes they do deliver to India.. just click the link above to take you to the official site and choose your package… with regard to the two protein supplements you asked me about.. they are both really good…. but for me personally I like (and would choose) the good mix of amino acids along with the protein in the BSN product,, where as the Muscle tech product is just pure whey protein….its a personal choice but thats my opinion.. Please come back and let us all know how you are getting on.. Thanks Paul

          • hey paul….thanks for your suggestions earlier….i already ordered IKO (currently 1 box to first check the results)…lets see when does it reach….i have a small query….i have started protein (bsn syntha 6 isolate) from yesterday and once IKO gets delivered, i am planning to start with 3 pills a day for the first few weeks….now, should i also take any preworkout supplement (i have shortlisted JYM, BSN hyper fx and bullnox). please suggest should i take this as well along with IKO and proteins….if yes which of the 3 or i will appreciate if you can suggest one apart from these that you feel is good…. or is IKO sufficient …..i face a lot shortage of energy during workout…thanks again

          • Hi Aksh… great news about IKO, please let me know how you get on with it…. with regard to pre-workouts…I personally found that IKO was enough for me, it really boosted my energy levels through the day ( but i took the full dose of 4 pills)… but if you really struggle for energy, then its worth trying one….the others that you mention are all reasonable products.. but for me, the best one out there is Nitrocut….it is well balanced and cleverly formulated…. if you want, you can read more about it by clicking this link i created for you – Thanks and good luck with your workouts..:) Paul

          • hey paul…i just checked Nitrocut website and the url you sent me. The problem is that they dont deliver to india. How do i order it. Or can you suggest me any other equally good preworkout…..thanks

          • Hi Aksh.. sorry i didn’t realise that about Nitrocut… thats a shame.. OK well there is another one that is actually highly regarded… its just one capsule 30 mins before workout and its called Capsiplex Sport…. go back to that link i gave you in my last reply and then click Capsiplex Sport from the side bar and have a look at that – I am 100% sure that they do ship to India…

  44. Hi
    I’m in South Africa, is there any store that I could go and purchase Instant knockout from?
    I’m really keen to give it ago as Ive tried two fat burners already and haven’t worked the best.

    • Hi Ayrton Regretfully The makers have stopped shipping to South Africa as many shipments “disappeared” at customs… sorry

    • hi There.. a great question…. there is nothing in IKO that will cause you any issues during your period… that said, many women do find that working out at this time gets little harder, some bloat considerably, others feel lethargic.. the secret is to just let your body guide you, and don’t overdo things…..

  45. HI. I just wanted to know if this product would be suitable for me. Most reviews and info I have found says its for athletes, workout fanatics, or people trying to “lose those last few extra pounds.” Well, I’m trying to lose quite a bit of fat. Alright, I’m trying to lose a LOT of fat. I am 5’3 at 166 pounds. I am losing fat and practice intermittent fasting (16 hours) daily. I also consume food at a calorie deficit. However, I’m not losing as fast as I would like (about 1 pound a week). Due to time, I exercise 3X a week with heavy strength training and HIIT. Do you think this supplement will be effective in my situation?

    • Hi Shar… absolutely…. it sounds like you are doing everything right… what Instant Knockout will do is give you that extra help you need to burn that unwanted fat at a greater rate that you are doing currently.. forget the fact that it is aimed primarily at athletes… its a really well thought out, cleverly formulated supplement that really works… please let us know how you get on with it….thanks Paul

    • Hi Carlos… the general feeling is that it is ok to take Creatine alongside a fat burner like Instant Knockout, but you must make sure that you drink plenty of water to make sure that you keep properly hydrated…very occasionally some users have experienced muscle cramps when taking both creatine and a fat burner together… by drinking plenty, you should be able to avoid any problems..

  46. Hi…. My name is Smith and I am 19 years old. I am just wondering what is the average weight loss per week using instant knockout along with a strict diet, jogging and cardio everyday.

    • Hi be honest there is no pre-set amount of weight that you could guarantee to lose by using IKO alongside everything else you mentioned – everybody is different.. From my own experience, I managed to lose 19lbs in 4 weeks…so hope that gives you a useful guide – Thanks Paul

  47. Hi. I am 18 years old do you think i can lose 25 lbs using IKO for a month? Also can i get ripped after using it? I will follow a strict diet and hit the gym everyday…

    • Hi Joe…. Instant knockout is an amazing supplement who is used and trusted by professional fighters when getting ready for the weigh in as well as other sportsmen (and women) – you can read their stories on the IKO website ( click the link in my review above to go to the official site)…. I have to be honest… 25lbs weight loss in 4 weeks is a tough ask… it is possible but its gonna take some hard work in the gym alongside the supplement, AND some sensible eating…. please let me know how you get on… I will be really interested in hearing your results..

      • Thanks paul for your repley, i will order mine today and i will let you know!!! But will i get ripped after using it ??

        • Hi Joe.. Instant Knockout will certainly help you get ripped, but it works best alongside some hard work in the gym!!…I am sure you will do it….. you sound really committed

  48. Hi Paul I’m seventeen years old do you think it is safe for me to take IKO? I really want to lose weight fast and Would I have any side effect? If I was to take on pill a day to start of with what would be the best time in the day to take it?

    • Hi Hannah I wouldn’t normally recommend any type of diet pill for someone under 18, but you do seem to be sensible and i think that if you want to try IKO its good idea to start off with a reduced dose, just to see how you get on with it… I would start with ( as you say) maybe one tablet in the morning before breakfast and then maybe another mid afternoon… if you don’t experience any ill effects ( which you shouldn’t) you could then gradually increase to the full dose as long as you can tolerate it…. just take it slowly.. obviously at a smaller dose, its effects will be less noticeable, but nevertheless it should help you…Tell me are you looking to lose a lot of weight?? and also, do you exercise regularly, or at all??

      • Hi Paul, thanks for your reply and I used to go gym four times a week but I’m going to start again next week and I just want to lose around 10-15 pounds!

        • Hi Hannah… Instant Knockout is the perfect tool for the job….try and aim to lose it gradually – say 3-4lbs a week… please come back and let us all know how you get on

  49. Hi. We just ordered a supply of IKO. I am a 41 year old female who leads a pretty active lifestyle. I am 5’7 and I usually weigh between 160-170lbs. My goal is to weigh between 145-150lbs.I am a Fitness instructor and Police Officer,so I need tons of energy. Since turning 40, I find it hard to lose the extra 15 or 20 pounds to reach my goal. I build muscle pretty easy and don’t have a lot of fat except….around my hip and thigh area. Can this product help with that? My husband and I are both trying reduce the fat in those problem areas. He is 47yrs old, 6’2 and 235-240lbs. and his problem area is around his stomach. Thanks for your feedback.

    • Hi Dee-Dee, as you know the hardest area (for many) to lose fat from is the thighs and hips…IKO is certainly going to help you work through and burn that unwanted fat… its great at helping you get the best from your workouts.. personally I found that I didn’t need any pre workout energy booster before working out when i started using it, as the mix of ingredients really help give me a massive energy boost… your husband will def benefit from IKO – his issue is exactly what I had to deal with.. I am just over 50 now and really struggled to get rid of my belly when i started going back to the gym after about a few years off… it worked for me for sure….I lost 19 lbs and managed to get back a flat stomach that I honestly doubted that I would ever see again…. Please come back in a month or so and let me know how you are both getting on with it….

  50. This page seems to be the most legit page for this product that I’ve came across. Even the actual IKO website, where you can order the product doesn’t contain as much content and feedback about the product. All though most of these comments are just questions about the product, it’s still more content then the single “review” given on the website, which leads me to believe: either this product is a complete scam or the marketing department of IKO is lacking on updating very important information on the site that would lead to higher sales. I also would like to hear your opinion on what the website highya had to say about the product. Thanks

    • Hi There, All I would say is that they (Highya) are not as informed as they lead you to believe.. they mention that Instant Knockout has no proof that MMA fighters use their product… this is incorrect…. two of the best MMA fighters in the business – Diego Sanchez and John Dodson have both used and recommended Instant Knockout.. you can see our article and a video featuring John Dodson on this very website….

      • Then I’m confused as to why the actual IKO website does not state these two MMA fighters as their endorsement. Have you personally tried this product?

        • Hi There.. Yes i have been using Instant Knockout for some time.. I used it at first to help me lose 19 lbs of unwanted body fat and now I use it regularly to help me keep toned, energised and maintain my slim stomach that i never thought i would ever get again… with regard to Instant Knockout and their MMA testimonials, I have been told that they are preparing some written interviews with the fighters and a video or two which will be showing on their website in the next week or so…

          • Just an addition to this thread.. The Interviews and videos with the MMA Stars are now on the IKO website

    • Hi There… thanks for your question… as long as you are ok with stimulants there is nothing in either supplement that should cause any major issues.. my only comment would be that they both contain decent amounts of caffeine, taking them too close together could cause you to feel a bit jittery and possibly give you a headache… try and leave at least an hour (preferably 2) between taking one after the other….I used to take Nitrocut as a pre workout, but when i started IKO i stopped the pre workout as i personally found that IKO gave me the energy boost i needed without any other help…..Everyone is different though, so as long as you don’t take both close together you should be fine…

  51. Hello. I am 5’10”, 225, and 15 years old. I have just started working out and have a goal of losing 25 pounds in twelve weeks. Two questions:is it safe for me to take, and will it cause any positives on a drug test? Im planning on working, and hope that nothing in this is going to be flagged as an amphetamine.

    • Hi There.. your target of 25lbs weight loss in 12 weeks is a very realistic target ( just over 2lbs a week)..any weight lost gradually is more likely to stay off …. As for Instant Knockout, it is an excellent product, that has over a 99% user satisfaction rating.. it will not trigger any positives on drug tests, it contains no amphetamine type ingredients and is generally considered to be safe and very effective for all to take… I have to be honest however, I wouldn’t normally recommend someone of your age (under 18) to take any form of fat burning pill… could easily lose 2lbs a week by simply eating clean and exercising regularly

    • Hi There.. The makers tell us that Instant Knockout is perfectly safe for women to take, what they do suggest however is that women start with 1-2 tablets a day and gradually build up to the full dose – just to assess tolerance.. The recommended dose of 4 pills a day is to maintain a steady flow of the effective ingredients into the body over a 24hr period… just 1 tablet a day will provide some reduced benefits but the effects will not be maintained throughout the day…

  52. I’m david, 5’10” and around 310lbs last checked. I’m not looking for a miracle weight loss pill. But while taking this what would be the best things to stack with it? Im completely new to this and don’t even know how often I should work out, what are good things to eat. I am never home so I don’t buy groceries often. Would protein shakes and stuff like that help? I work almost daily morning to night so I don’t have full meals all day. Any advice is good advice for me.

    • Hi David.. you seem to have a really busy life and that you are not cooking for yourself at home too much… eating convenience foods is one of the reasons for many peoples weight gain.. even so called ‘diet meals’ are packed with sugar and to be honest, most experts think that they are really bad for you… basically you need to try and eat better foods ( a good mix of vegetables, fruit, plus lean cuts of meat or fish ( salmon, chicken, turkey, and a little bit of very lean beef steak) and do some physical exercise regularly.. it is recommended that 30 minutes exercise (that can even be a brisk walk or swimming) 5 times a week is a good pace to start.. If you are going to the gym and working out, I would try and go at least 3 times a week ( spend an hour if possible – 30 minutes on aerobic exercises such as treadmill, rowing machine and cross trainer – just at your one pace and the other 30 minutes pushing a bit of weight)..
      Taking protein shakes etc will certainly help maintain energy levels while working out, and I would suggest taking a supplement like Instant Knockout as it does have a dual action affect in that it helps to reduce appetite – stopping those between meal cravings, and it has been proven to be highly effective at boosting energy and helping you body to burn more unwanted body fat while you exercise..

    • Hi There.. The makers do suggest that you take on waking… preferably leaving a gap before you eat breakfast,.. I personally take it about 10 minutes before breakfast and I haven’t noticed any problems..I think that its just more effective if you take it on an empty stomach thats all….

        • I would recommend taking as directed.. you probably had trouble sleeping because you took it too late in the day.. IKO recommend taking last one before evening meal which is ( for most people) around 4-5 hours before you to to bed… the latest you should take it is 3 hours before bed, but i wouldn’t personally take it that late…

  53. After reading all positive reviews about Instant Knockout i ordered 3+1 pack. I’m 5’10 weigh 185 pounds. I do regular cardio and weight lifting but my fat level does not want to leave me. I do eat less carbs 4-5 meals/day diet it seems i’m having slow metabolism. Hopefully IKO will help me loose that belly fat by increasing my metabolism. I will for sure report how i feel and the progress after few days/weeks when i start. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  54. I just ordered the 3+1 package deal as I have a lot of weight to lose. I’m 35 female 5’7 and 190lbs. I workout regularly but I have a thyroid condition and my goodness this fat loves me. I’ve recently started using Kettle bells and I love it, I feel so strong now I’m up to 12kg. Also doing HIIT workouts. I’m sweating and eating right gaining muscle but not losing fat fast enough. I can’t use a lot of the supplements out there because of my condition. Since IKO is all natural I feel hopeful that in 3-4 months I’ll be a sexy 160lb semi-ripped MILF

    • Hi Theresa… IKO should work wonders for you…..we have heard from a large number of females who have had some fantastic results with it.. please come back in 3 months and share your results with us all…

  55. Hello, great reviews. My question is; I currently drink a pre-workout before hitting the gym. If I was to purchase this product would I have to stop taking my pre workout since the preworput also contains a high amount of caffeine.

    • Hi There.. we have been asked this before, speaking from our own experience with this supplement, we didn’t need to take any pre-workouts after we started on Instant Knockout.. it will have a profound effect on your energy levels, so the answer is (in our opinion) you will not need a pre workout as well… Please let us know how you get on with it

  56. Hello everyone. I have been using instant knockout for a week and i can feel a great difference in my body. But I have some doubt about the usage of the last pill. I usually come back from gym at 8:30 pm in the night, after that i take the last pill and an hour after i have my dinner. I will sleep at 11 pm. In the product they mentioned that to take the last pill 4 hours before sleeping. But is it alright to take it 2 or 2:30 before sleep? one more thing is that sometimes when i am in a rush in the morning i skip breakfast which is a very rare case or at least i eat two bananas as breakfast. would there be any side effect if i didn’t have proper breakfast ?

    • Hi Bala, there is no problem with you taking the pills as you describe.. the 4 hour timescale before going to bed is merely a guideline to make sure that nobody has any problems sleeping.. this can sometimes be an issue with some users, especially if they have a slight intolerance to stimulants like caffeine….if you sleep ok, there is no problem…. The makers tell us that you should not experience any side effects if you skip or eat a small breakfast

    • Hi Azeem… There is no reason why you can’t take instant knockout at your age…. without knowing anything about your build or weight, what i would suggest is that you start of at half dose for a couple of days to check your tolerance before building up to the full dose

  57. I am looking into this product. I tried Performix SST for 3 days and I though my heart was going to explode out of my chest. Couple of questions. I am 30yrs old, 6ft 251 lbs and have a big belly. Will this help me shed that quickly along with diet and exercise? Also is this product safe to use with others such as Cellucor P6 Black?


    • Hi David.. my apologies for the delay in responding, i wanted to double check that you can take instant Knockout alongside P6 Black….it should be fine.. all we do recommend is that you don’t take IKO (or any other fat burner) with other supplements that contain caffeine. As for performix SST.. one of the reported risks or side effects with it is the possibility of increased and irregular heart rate which can be caused by one of the ingredients called Yohimbe… this is actually on the FDA’s list of dangerous ingredients and is banned in some countries… with regard to helping you… if you do some exercise, this will definitely help, it will increase the amount of fat you burn and at the same time control and reduce your hunger so you will actually eat a bit less… all in all its a great all round product..

  58. Hi. My name is john I am interested in this product I have been off fat burners for a while and lost 20lbs from 245lb naturally but I’m struggling to get to my ultimate goal…my dr told me to stay away from pre workout formulas due to my kidney/liver tested slightly high the last time… In the past..I took lipo 6 black before and got super ripped but after about 2 years off it I gained the weight back …ultimately feeling hungry all the time after stopping the supplement…do you have any advice for me?

    • Hi John, this is where many other fat burners don’t provide all the help guys need… Instant knockout also contains one of the only clinically proven appetite suppressant ingredients in glucommannan…. this will help reduce and control your hunger while the fat is being burnt away..

  59. Just ordered mine really excited to get stuck into this I’ve used a couple of other products with not much result this certainly looks from the reviews to be the better option

  60. Hey Guys I just ordered a bottle and am really needing help I am active duty army so I do pt 5 days a week and do my own on the weekends as well im 71 inches 220 pounds which apparently is over weight in the army even though I beast at pt I just cant control my appetite I guess im form the south so I eat like a depraved horse any and all tips and recommendations will be great even any kind of deals and specials would be appreciated even to other of yalls products read some amazing reviews so far hope to be impressed

  61. Hi there, I’m very interested in this product. A little bit about myself first though.. I’m a teenager, and I would consider myself a good athlete. I’m 6ft, 185 lbs. I play hockey, so I am in good shape. I weight train usually 3 days a week during season, which still has a month or so left. I also eat quite healthy; very balanced diet. However, despite being in good shape and being a healthy eater, I have some body fat that I would love to get rid of and show off the strength I have. By no means do I have a big stomach or extreme amounts of fat, it just isn’t very toned. Would this product be good to zap away that bit of fat? If you could recommend some other products, especially without stimulants, that’d be great too?

    • Hey Mitch… absolutely…. Instant Knockout is specially developed for active guys of all ages… it will most certainly help you lose that little bit of body fat and help you tone up…. if you are worried about taking a product with natural stimulants…you could take a half dose at first just see how you feel on it and then build up to full dose gradually (most people have no adverse reactions at all – I didn’t either, i compare it to the little hit you get after drinking a strong cup of coffee – no more) alternatively check out Garcina Cambogia Extra – my review is on the website.. while it won’t deliver the sheer punch of instant knockout, its certainly one of the best non-stimulant fat loss supplements out there – let me know what you decide and how you get on….

      • Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll definitely look into both more. In the meantime, what is your opinion on Inciner-8?

        • Hi Mitch

          Its funny you mention Inciner-8, as we are just coming to the end of a 4 week review..

          I will be publishing the full report shortly, but to be honest, it hasn’t actually rocked our world.. yes – it does contain contain some proven ingredients – Capsicum, Green Tea and Caffeine are all well known and proven fat burning ingredients… what troubles us really is the inclusion of two potentially risky ingredients.. DHEA is actually banned by the world doping association and has been possibly linked to seizures, hairloss and enlarged prostate..

          L-Carnitine Tartrate is the biggest ingredient ( by quantity) in the mix, this is mainly used to help boost blood count, especially in people with kidney problems.. it is also effective at treating angina, thyroid problems and male infertility.. it has also been linked with side effects such as heartburn, diarrhoea and vomiting… it is also thought to give your urine, breath and sweat a fishy odor..

          My Thoughts are that personally – I wouldn’t touch it…

  62. Hi, I’m considering buying InstantKnockout. Have you personally used the supplement or are your reviews from other people? I was wondering what kind of results you would expect for someone who is used to working out and has never really used supplements but could use some help getting rid of a little belly fat. Thanks

    • Hi Andrew… I have been a great fan of Instant knockout ever since it helped me lose 16lbs in 5 weeks and really toned up my stomach muscles…. if you work out you should (like me) find that Instant Knockout gives you increased energy in the gym, it gets the metabolism going which speeds the fat burning processes and as it also contains a proven appetite suppressant you will find like you are less likely to want to eat as much – especially between meals..overall I can totally recommend it….good luck, and if you do buy – please come back and let us know how you get on with it….

    • Hey Barudi… With regard to foods to eat…the first thing to be aware of is your calorie intake… if you are serious about losing body fat you need to burn more calories than you are eating. the average daily intake for a guy is 2500 calories.. I would try and keep around the 1600-1800 calorie mark..( even less if you can manage it) make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and eat plenty of high protein foods – chicken, turkey, a bit of lean red meat too and well as a good mix of vegetables… you don’t have to avoid carbs altogether, just don’t overdo them and try to eat wholemeal bread, rice and pasta…

  63. I am leaning towards Instant Knockout right now but had a question related to taking on an empty stomach, I work out first thing in the morning and normally eat some scrambled eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast for work out fuel. I just can’t work not on an empty stomach. Is this OK? Does it reduce the effect of the fat burner?

    • Hi Skid.. to be honest it doesn’t really matter… I do the same… i can’t workout without eating something beforehand.. i get dizzy if i haven’t eaten…all i would do is take it first and then eat breakfast straight after….which is in fact whats written on the box if you check out my picture of the label…Please let us know if you buy and also how you get on..

        • Hi Umesh… Instant knockout ships to India daily. simply click one of the links above to be take to the official website, and you can place your order directly and securely… If you do buy, please come back and let me know how you get on.. Regards Paul

  64. Hi my name is sean and I am a big guy I have always struggled with my weight I’m 5’10 about 350 lbs. I don’t get to work out as much as I would like to because of my work schedule. Just doing some research to find out what is a better fat burner for me.

    • Hi Sean.. if you can tolerate Caffeine, i would suggest Instant Knockout.. it contains good levels of natural stimulants that boost metabolism and increase the natural fat burning processes… as it contains a good natural appetite suppressant as well, it will help you to reduce calorie intake at the same time….another good product is Winistrol but you do need to work out while taking it to get the best out of it..taking everything into acct, I would recommend Instant Knockout out of the two..

        • Hi Sean.. Please let us know how you get on with that… to be honest we reviewed it recently and were rather concerned about some of the ingredients in it…so we will be very interested to hear how you get on..

  65. Hello Everyone. my name is paul and i have been on this fat burner supliment for about 5 days now. it has definatly gave me more energy to burn and reduced my hunger by a lot. the amount i used to pack for lunch now feeds me all day. but after couple of hours of my past pill i start to get hundry really bad. around 9 at night 3 hr after my last pill iam so hungry its hurts my stomach. what is your suggestion.?

    • Hi Paul…I suffered a similar thing and i used to drink a small glass of protein shake… Other than that all i can suggest is eat some fruit or something healthy – maybe a cereal bar….. avoid snacks like crisps though.

  66. I’m a 35 year old female, weigh 145lbs. I started instant knockout yesterday, I started straight off on 4 capsules as I’m a coffee freak so took the full dose and reduced coffee instead. I will report back in a month or so and report any improvements. I started training yesterday too so should get improvements pretty quick

  67. Hi Guys… I’m 25 YO male, 170cms tall and a body weight of 200 lbs. I have been hitting gym from the past one month (4times/week) focusing much on cardio work-out. I have already lost 5 lbs without using any fat burners. As I’m new to this, I’d like to know if I should start with something lite like RSP Nutrition Quadra lean or directly start using a serious product such as Instant Knockout/Lipo-6 Ultra concentrate. I don’t know if I’m sensitive to stimulants, though I never have any jitters with any number of cups of coffee. Kindly suggest. Thank You.

    • Hi Charan, thanks for your question… If you can tolerate coffee, you should be absolutely fine with instant knockout or Lipo-6…. for our money, Instant Knockout is the best of the bunch, it just has a more balanced formula, and user reviews are really encouraging… from our own experience too it works really well..Using a stimulant free supplement like Quadraleann or Garcinia extra will no doubt help, but you will not get the effects that you could get with a stimulant based product….

      • Thanks for your time Paul. My question was to know if I, a beginner, can directly start using a serious product such as this or start with something lite and proceed to use this in the future? Please suggest.

        • Hi Charan.. There is no reason why you as a beginner shouldn’t start off with a professional product like Instant Knockout.. What i would suggest in your case is to maybe start off at half dose (2 capsules) and slowly work up to the full 4 capsules a day… take 2 capsules daily for a week, then increase to 3 for say 2 weeks and then build up to the full dose… That way you can assess your tolerance and build the effects (and results) gradually…

    • Hi There… In our opinion Instant Knockout beats Quadralean hands down…. Quadralean does contain some decent ingredients, especially garcinia cambogia, just not in sufficient quantities for it to have any real effects…. the user reviews are really mixed too.. it could offer you some benefits especially if you cannot tolerate stimulants like caffeine, but overall, if you want to cut fat and really see some results, you need something with punch – like Instant Knockout…

  68. Can instant knockout be used for weight loss to along with a strict gym routine and controlled diet.I am 5″7 and weigh 216 pounds ,29 Years and Female.Is it advisable to have Instant knockout and for hoe long can we use it continuously?

    • Hi, Thanks for your question… Instant Knockout is an amazing and highly effective product and is 100% suitable for all… the manufacturers do advise however that due to the high level of fat burning ingredients in the formula, that females start off by taking 2 capsules a day to assess tolerance before gradually stepping up to the full dose.. as for timescale, you can take instant knockout for as long as its required.. there have been no reported side effects

    • Although Instant Knockout is designed and targeted at Men who workout, the manufacturers tell us that they regularly sell to active women too – there is nothing in the formula that is harmful to either sex.. they do suggest however that the dose be possibly reduced to two or three capsules a day at first to assess tolerance and build up to the full dose gradually

  69. Just thought I would report back – 6 weeks after my first comment… Instant Knockout Rocks!! Since I have been taking it, I have lost 12lbs of belly fat.. I feel energised and can now see the makings of a 6 pack – FINALLY 🙂 I recommend Instant Knockout To Any Guy who is struggling to lose that belly fat ….

  70. Just placed an order for Instant Knockout.. Hopefully it is as good as you tell us… I will come back and report my results after a month..

    • Hi Jake.. thanks for your post,please do come back and let us know how you get on with Instant Knockout.. we think its great and hopefully you will too…. Looking forward to hearing your feedback…

      • Hi Paul, I am from India and looking to buy IKO for my wife she is 40years old , will this IKO is work for her she is not that much of regular in gym.

        Awaiting your reply before buying the product.

        • Hi Vishal,

          IKO would be perfect for your wife… It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t go to the gym… It will help her anyway….The results might not be as good as they would be if she went to gym or exercised regularly, but it will help her lose weight… My wife doesn’t go to the gym much, but she takes it anyway and has managed to lose 14lbs in 6 weeks….Please let me know how she gets on if you do buy it for her… Thanks Paul

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