Iron Addicts Will Power Thermogenic Fat Burner

Iron Addicts Will Power Thermogenic Fat Burner

Just How ‘Bad Ass’ Is This Fat Burner?

Our search through popular fat burners for men continues with a good in depth look at Will Power… a Thermogenic fat burner made by Iron Addicts….

Claiming to be ‘a Bad Ass Fat Burner’ its formula is high in stimulants, which should help to increase the bodies core temperature, in turn raising the metabolism (called thermogenesis), which helps to increase the speed that the body burns energy, with it turning to stored fat reserves to provide extra fuel which then leads to fat loss and a reduction in weight.. it’s a scientifically proven process that does work…

The Formula In Will Power 

The formula is the key to a products success, and the makers of Will Power have put together quite a list of various stimulants that should help promote thermogenesis…

Each serving contains the following:

  • Green Tea Extract 500mg
  • Choline Bitartrate 500mg
  • Caffeine 250mg
  • 2-Aminosoheptane 100mg
  • Eria Jarensis Extract 100mg
  • Theacrine 50mg
  • Raulwolscine (Vomitoria Extract) 2mg

Taking Will Power

The daily serving is 2 capsules.. there is no clear instructions on how to take or when on the products Amazon listing

Users Feedback

The Amazon listing has 14 user reviews, and to be honest, each and every one is 4 or 5 stars…. virtually every user reports only good things with increased energy levels and some reports of good weight loss….

NB.. We would like to point out that Amazon does have a reputation for using professional reviewers who are often given products for free or at reduced prices in return for a positive review.. we are not saying that this is the case with Will Power, but it certainly a fact that needs to be considered when taking into account such feedback

Reported Side Effects

Shakes, Jitters, Problems sleeping and one guy mentioned his eyes were jumping around for an hour or so after taking…. The issues here are virtually all caused by the extremely high level of stimulants in the mix… If you have any intolerance to caffeine and similar compounds, then this product will not be for you……. Do not take with 6 hours of going to bed as this will affect your sleep, thats a fact

Where To Buy Will Power

Amazon are a main supplier, a bottle containing 60 capsules ( a months supply) will cost you $38.00…. This product is not shipped to all countries, so check before you order..

Cash Back Guarantee?

There does not appear to be any guarantees offered by the manufacturer

Our Thoughts

This product is literally top heavy with stimulants, that will without a doubt provide a powerful, (if not short lived) energy boost…the only issue with this is that any increases in energy are usually short lived and can often result in a ‘crash’ that leave users feeling lethargic..Obviously this level of stimulants will not suit everybody..

Our largest concern is the use of Raulwolscine in the mix… a direct relative of Yohimbe which is banned in many countries worldwide, it is still legal in the US but is included on the FDA’s dangerous ingredient list due to its links to some very nasty side effects…

Quite frankly we would never EVER recommend that you use anything contains Yohimbe or its derivatives  – it’s not worth the risk..

Not For Us – We Suggest That You Look Elsewhere

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