Muscletech Platinum Garcinia Plus Review

Muscletech Platinum Garcinia Plus Review

Garcinia: the key to weight loss?

image_skuMT2380070_largeImage_X_450_whiteDo you include garcinia as part of your workout routine? This Asian superfruit is thought to super-charge weight loss thanks to its high amounts of hydroxycitric acid. This helps regulate both appetite and weight in two ways:

  1. By blocking citrate lyase, a fat-producing enzyme
  2. By increasing the brain’s levels of serotonin to help reduce cravings and appetite.

Muscletech Platinum Garcinia Plus contains 1,560mg of garcinia cambogia per serve – three times more than most common brands. Combined with caffeine sourced from green coffee extract, this supplement claims to stimulant efficient fat loss in conjunction with diet and exercise. But is this superfruit super enough?

The Platinum Garcinia Plus Formula

This supplement centers on two main ingredients: garcinia cambogia extract (1.56g) and green coffee extract (200mg).

It also contains 185mg of calcum and 5mg of sodium per serve.


Directions for Use

Take two capsules twice a day 30 to 60, minutes before meals.

User Feedback

There are lots of reviews available here, and some of them are from happy users.

Some users have experienced noticeable, impressive weight loss when using this product, as well as serious improvements in energy levels. This supplement has also helped people, including professional bodybuilders, gain lean muscle mass and prepare effectively for competitions. What’s more, as well as helping users get shredded, Platinum Garcinia Plus also helps them to stay shredded.

Many are happy that this product doesn’t cause the jitters or the other side effects linked with similar supplements, and results seem to be fast, too.

There are quite a few users, however, say that while the product sees initial results, these wear off after a couple of weeks, and others have complained that the pills are large and difficult to swallow.

Recent sample reviews from


Reported Side Effects

There are no serious side effects here…

Where to buy Platinum Garcinia Plus

You’re pretty much spoilt for choice here. You can grab Platinum Garcia Plus from,,, and for starters. You can expect to pay around $15 for 150 capsules.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Like many similar products, this one doesn’t seem to offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results… still at $15 its almost a throwaway product really…

Our Thoughts

There is no doubting the ability of garcinia cambogia to help fat loss… TV’s Dr Oz was one of the key advocates of this natural ingredient, and for many people, especially those who do not have a lot of fat to lose, it does offer a very natural and somewhat gentle alternative to some of the more potent fat burning abilities…

We are not sure about the inclusion of caffeine in the mix… most good Garcinia supplements are stimulant free and give anyone with an intolerance to stimulants a viable and different choice.

If pushed we have to say that while this one will probably deliver some good garcinia-cambogia-extra-bottleresults as long as you can cope with the caffeine, we do think that another product is better…

Garcina Cambogia Extra is a fantastic, stimulant free mix of potent Garcinia Cambogia combined with the added fat burning abilities of Raspberry Ketones… user reports are all first class and it comes with a full cash back guarantee….

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