Muscletronic Fat Burner Review

Muscletronic Fat Burner Review

Can This Multi Purpose Product Really Boost Fat Burning, Muscle Growth And Focus?

Muscletronic is a new generation multi purpose product that the makers claim  will help anyone who works out regularly to help burn unwanted fat, build muscle and help them to remain focused while in the gym… In simple terms itHome2_-_Muscletronic helps your body to work as efficiently as possible, helping you to get the very best from your workouts…

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it…. we thought so too, but we were lucky enough to obtain an advance sample of the supplement and give it a months trial before it was let loose on the buying public…

Whats In The Mix

The makers of Muscletronic have put together a fully disclosed formula that delivers the following per serving:

  • Alpha GPC 75mg
  • Vitamin B 17.94mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg
  • Forskolin (Coleus Forskohli) 250mg
  • Rhodiola Rosea 150mg
  • Caffeine 150mg
  • L-Theanine 150mg
  • Citrus Aurantium 100mg
  • Piperine 6.66mg

Directions For Use

Home1_-_MuscletronicDays 1-5  Take 2 capsules after waking up

On days you workout take 2 capsules approx 30 minutes before starting your exercise program.

Day 5 onwards.. increase the dose to 4 daily.. ( 2 in the morning on waking and another 2 with lunch)

On days you workout you should take first 2 capsules on waking…and 2nd set some 30 minutes before working out

Our Feedback

After trying this for a month, we can confirm that you definitely feel an energy ‘hit’ just like drinking a couple cups of strong coffee… this gave us a short lived but noticeable energy boost in the gym…. from a focus point of view, we cannot report any noticeable differences, but we did manage to lose some extra body fat….

There are very few user reviews out there at the moment, being a new product, it takes time for results and users comments to filter through.. as any independent reviews become available, we will publish them here

You can Buy Muscletronic direct from Bauer Nutrition’s Multi Product Store – Click Here

Any Side Effects

Again none reported as of yet, however this product is quite high in stimulants so will not suit everybody.. Anybody with an intolerance to caffeine and the like could feel rather shakey after taking it, and it will without any doubt affect your sleep if you take it too late in the day.

Where To BuyHome_-_Muscletronic

Available to buy direct from the manufacturers preferred suppliers at Bauer Nutritiona months supply will cost you £39.95 ($59.99) and there are some larger packages available at discounted prices, some with free bottles.

Best Buy would have to be the 4 bottle package… buy 4 bottles and get another 2 FREE.. this will cost you £159.95 ($237.00) a fantastic saving..

Cash Back Guarantee

The makers do offer a 60 day cash back guarantee that applies to both opened and unopened bottles

Our Thoughts

We are not great fans of products that claim to do 2 or more things, quite usually they are weakly formulated and actually deliver very little by way of results…

In our opinion, after trying Muscletronic for a month, its quite a good energy booster and will for sure help you get that little bit more from your workouts… As a direct result of working harder in the gym you will no doubt cut some fat and probably gain muscle along the way.

As far as we are concerned, it fails to give any boost to focus and concentration… yes it contains a reasonable nootropic ingredient in Alpha GPC, but in opinion it doesn’t contain enough in the mix and to be honest there are better focus boosting ingredients out there ..

We are also worried about the inclusion of Citrus Aurantium in the formula… bought in nowadays as a direct replacement for the now banned Ephedra which was linked to some really nasty side effects, the facts are that Citrus Auramtium ( AKA Bitter Orange) has very limited clinical testing behind it and experts are still unsure about its long term effects and in fact some believe that it could well cause the same side effects that got Ephedra banned in the first place…

More About Citrus Aurantium

Tries Hard But Not Quite Good Enough – We Truly Believe That You Will Get Better Results Elsewhere.

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