Neovicta Viper Thermogenic Fat Burner Review

Neovicta Viper Thermogenic Fat Burner Review

Banish Dieting Misery Forever

There’s no denying it – dieting can be a miserable affair. Stringently counting calories, ruling out carbs and bad fats, not being able to have a sneaky treat, cutting down in the beers… all of this, day in, day out, can be a slog. And that’s before you even factor in upping your physical activity levels.

It’s little wonder, then, that the vast majority of diets fail. Tired of making such big sacrifices and waiting ages to see noticeable results, even the most committed person can be tempted to sack things off. But a fat burning supplement can be the difference between diet heaven and diet hell – or great results or no results.

Let’s take a look at Neocovta Viper. This fat burner sees the proven thermogenics, energy boosters and appetite suppressing abilities of caffeine, glucomannan, L-tyrosine, green tea, raspberry ketones,  yohimbe, L-carnitine, and kola nut brought together to create a supplement that packs (the makers claim) a serious punch.

But with stacks of options at the market it can be difficult to separate the real deals from the phonies – let’s take a closer look.

Viper’s Formula

There’s good and bad news here – the good news is the manufacturer discloses the three active blends at play here, so you know what you’re looking at. The issue is that while we know the quantities of each blend, we’re in the dark about the quantities of the individual ingredients included. This could mean there’s a tiny bit or each, or loads – we’ll never know.

  • Energy and focus blend (450mg) – caffeine, phenylethylamine, HCI, glucomamman, fursultiamine, L-tyrosine
  • Thermogenesis blend (40mg) – green tea extract, raspberry ketones, yohimbe bark
  • Lipogenic blend (7mg)  – kola nut, L-carnitine

Directions For Use

The recommended serving is one capsule a day, so you don’t have to bust out too much effort here. We’ll presume these are taken with food, but this isn’t directly mentioned by the manufacturer.

User Feedback

User reviews are very thin on the ground here, unfortunately. Of the ones we can find, reports of energy lifts, appetite suppression and weight loss are common themes. Just one review says this product doesn’t do anything and if a waste of money.

We’ll keep this page updated as more reviews emerge.

Reported Side Effects

On the plus side, so little reviews mean there are also no reports of side effects as of yet – we’ll keep our eyes open and let you guys know if any pop up…

Where To Buy Viper

The main stockist does appear to be Amazon. Head over there and you can grab 30 servings for just $19.99. There are also discounts available if you order two tubs (10%), three tubs (15%) or four tubs (20%).

We also found this supplement available to purchase at

Cashback Guarantee?

According to both listings Viper is fully backed by a no-questions-asked money back guarantee if you’re not completely happy. There’s no further detail around how this is administered and what kind of terms and conditions are attached, so we’d recommend getting in touch with the manufacturer if you want to find out more.

Our Thoughts

We are not fans of companies that prefer to hide the full details of their formulas behind undisclosed proprietary blends.. to us, by not telling us all how  much of each ingredient is in the mix means that they usually have something to hide … in many cases the fact that there is only small, trace amounts of each key component in every serving… this naturally renders the supplement weak and largely ineffective…

We reserve our biggest reservation however for the inclusion of Yohimbe in the mix… banned in numerous countries across the world for its adverse and potentially dangerous side effects, it is still currently legal for sale in the US ( despite it being listed in the FDA’s dangerous ingredient document)..

Quite frankly we would give any product containing Yohimbe a very wide berth indeed..

Instead, we would suggest that you checkout our top rated Fat Burners Page… the products listed are known for their safe and effective results, they all use FULLY DISCLOSED ingredient profiles and all offer full cash back guarantees that assure you of a refund should you be unhappy with the results.

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