Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula Review – Is It Worth Using?

Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula Review

Promising Fast Results, But Does Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula Really Work?

The guys behind Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula make one simple statement about this pre-workout supplement/fat burner  – Get Ripped! Get In Shape

Bold statements indeed… but whats the truth behind this supplement… does it Bottleactually deliver on its claims?? Lets Find Out

Whats In The Formula?

The formula is the key to a products success… the right ingredients in the right amounts will usually provide great results..get it wrong, or simply don’t put enough of anything in the mix, and the only result you get is frustration and upset over the wasted money.

The formula in Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula is classed as 100% natural proprietary blend.. It contains unknown amounts of:

  • Nitric Oxide
  • L-Arginine
  • Glutamine

It may contain other ingredients too – the manufacturers do not disclose..

Directions For Use

There are no directions provided… you will need to get your first bottle before you will know how many and how often you take each day.

Users Feedback

There are no independent users reviews anywhere.. even on the official website

Reported Side Effects

With no reviews, we simply do not know if Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula causes any side effects.

Where To Buy Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula

To Buy Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula, you need to sign up for a free trial… simply put you sign up and pay a small shipping charge and you get a months supply free…If you are happy with the results, sit tight and they will then ship you a new bottle each and every month, charging your credit card $74.95 each time…

You need to cancel and return the bottle within the 14 day trial if you are unhappy with the results.

Any Guarantees Offered

The makers claim that they give a 60 day money back guarantee and they do go the extra mile to assure you that cancelling your auto ship program is easy and straightforward**.

Our Thoughts

First Off, we are not fans of these auto ship programs.. **they are notoriously hard to cancel, and the internet is full of reports of people being charged each and every month for something that they simply didn’t order and didn’t want… many have had to close down bank accts and credit cards to stop the payments being taken…. We are not saying that this is the case with Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula.. just that its a general problem…..

With the lack of independent reviews available, we have to turn to the formula to asses just how good (if at all) this product will be..

Glutamine – helps to boost stamina and performance

L-Arginine – Known to increase nitric oxide levels which boosts blood flow to the muscles.. helping them to perform better and grow

Nitric Oxide – essential to the bodybuilder… as above, increased levels of NO really do help to boost the muscles ability to work and to grow.. also very good for improving erections too

Each of these ingredients can be really effective when taken in the right quantities… this is the main issue with Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula.. when you do not know exactly how much of everything you are taking, you simply have NO IDEA if the supplement contains enough to make it effective.

Added to this fact, there are no fat burning ingredients in the mix, so how it helps on that front escapes us..

Hard To Recommend – Unknown Formula – Save your Money!

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