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    • Hi Josina… I have to be honest I am not personally familiar with Levothyroxine…. however, I have done some research, and it appears that the only thing you need to be aware of is possible interactions with vitamins and natural minerals, in particular anything related to calcium…. that said, you are doing the right thing by waiting 4 hours, which is the recommended period of time, after that timescale, it appears to be safe…One thing… Are on any other medication? as Lethothyroxine does have some interactions with a number of other drugs….hope this helps – Paul

  1. Jym 6 week shred plan calls for additional caffeine and yohimbe with shred supplement. Can you take hydroxycut black onyx for the extra caffeine and yohimbe are would that be too much?

    • To be honest Mike.. I wouldn’t go anywhere near Yohimbe…. its far to risky for me… Do you know about the health risks linked to it?? and the fact that its on the FDA dangerous ingredient list – there is an information page on yohimbe on this site that you should have a look at.. you will find it in the side bar…..Just a suggestion – if you want to increase your caffeine intake. why not have look at Instant Knockout as a good alternative.. its a bloody good fat burner and whats more it doesn’t have any risky ingredients.. cheers Paul

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