Top Secret Ab Igniter Black Review

Top Secret Ab Igniter Black Review

Ignite your muscle building ability

Ready to be impressed? This fat burner claims to be ‘elite strength’, fusing powerful natural botanicals, fat fighting compounds and energy-boosting ingredients to usher in a new dawn of fat burning.

It Promises To Help You:81vqX0KF+7L._SY679_

  • Unleash performance
  • Hit unprecedented strength
  • Get seriously shredded
  • Lose weight

Let’s see if Top Secret Ab Igniter Black delivers…

Top Secret Ab Igniter Black’s Formula

The formula is hidden behind three largely undisclosed blends:

  • Energy blend (800mg) – Containing caffeine and guarana
  • Mood and focus booster (412.5mg) – Containing ginger, huperzine A
  • Fat blasting duo (106mg) – Containing Nelumbo Nucifera and Yohimbe
  • CapsiAtra (43.5mg)
  • Bioperine black pepper fruit extract (3mg)

719X-CnEhcL._SX522_Directions for Use

Take two capsules 10 minutes prior to eating. If you’re sensitive to stimulants, take just one at first to assess  your tolerance.

User feedback

There’s lots of user feedback here from people who have tried Top Secret Ab Igniter Black – and a fair bit of it is positive.

Just some of the main highlights we see mentioned repeatedly are huge improvements in energy level and focus, as well as the ability to help users break through frustrating plateaus.  People mention losing fat and getting more shredded when using Top Secret Ab Igniter Black, too.

It’s not 100% positive though, and a handful of people say they are underwhelmed by the results they’ve experienced.

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Reported side effects

Some people mention feeling jittery as a result of using this supplement – one guy even claims that he ended up having his heart shocked back into normal rhythm after taking this product ( although we do have to say that we have no documented proof that This fat burner was at fault).

Where to buy Top Secret Ab Igniter Black

We’d recommend picking up Top Secret Ab Igniter Black is available at a stack of reputable retailers including or It costs around $30.00 for 60 capsules.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Unfortunately we can’t see any mention of a money-back guarantee here.

Our Thoughts

We are not fans of manufacturers who hide their formulas behind proprietary blends,, quite simply you have no idea how much of any ingredient is in the mix and therefore, if there is actually enough of anything for it to have any positive effects..

We are really concerned about the inclusion of Yohimbe.… banned in many countries outside the US, it currently resides on the FDA’s Dangerous ingredient list for its recognised side effects that include irregular heart rates, increased blood pressure and possible links to increased risks of stroke and heart attacks

Quite Frankly We Do Not Recommend Anything That Contains Yohimbe

We suggest that you take a quick look at our recommended fat burners list.. the products featured all offer fully disclosed formulas, over 98% user satisafction ratings as well as a lengthy cash back guarantee that assures you of a refund should you be unhappy with the results..

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