Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped Review

Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped Review

Can Ultra Ripped Really Help You Shed That Unwanted Fat?

ultra ripped review

Ultimate Nutrition are the manufacturers responsible for Ultra Ripped.

A naturally based fat burner that promises to accelerate fat burning as well as provide a useful energy boost to help you with your workouts..

The makers also claim that its formula also helps to stimulate beta-3 receptors which they tell us can help boost the rate that the fat is released from the bodies fat reserves..

The Formula In Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped

The makers have been relatively open with their formulation. They disclose most of the ingredients and their quantities.

Each serving contains:

  • Chromium 100mcg
  • Garcinia Cambogia 1200mg
  • Bitter Orange 133mg
  • Caffeine 27mg


plus a proprietary blend totalling 277mg which is made up of undisclosed amounts of:

  • Guarana
  • Green Tea Extract
  • White Willow


Directions For Use

The daily dose is 2 capsules twice a day. Take 2 with 8oz of water one hour before breakfast and again before lunch.

On training days you can take an additional serving half hour before working out. This will help to provide an energy boost that could potentially boost results.


ultra ripped ingredient labelUsers Feedback

Reviews are decidedly average at best. There is no doubt that its stimulant content does indeed give an energy boost to most users. Although many do state that they have tried stronger, more effective products….

The product does seem to be pretty effective at reducing hunger pangs. This is no doubt down to the Garcinia Cambogia in the mix. And the price point is quite attractive to many buyers..

There have been however some concerns about the use of Bitter Orange ( aka citrus aurantium, or synephrine) in the mix. This was brought in to replace the now banned Ephedra. The issue is that it lacks any real solid clinical testing and many experts believe that it could actually cause the same side effects that got Ephedra banned in the first place..

Reported Side Effects

There have been a few reports of insomnia, excessive sweating and loose stools after taking this product.

Where To Buy Ultra Ripped

Available direct from the official website plus many popular online suppliers.

A bottle containing 180 capsules will cost in the region of $39.95

Cash Back Guarantee?

There are no guarantees offered with this product

Our Thoughts on Ultra Ripped

Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped is a well priced – and affordable product. Money aside this does not (in our opinion) really make up for the inclusion of bitter orange in the mix.

As we said above, this ingredient is a common replacement for Ephedra which was banned for its links to certain side effects that included racing or irregular heart rate, high blood pressure and in a few exceptional circumstances, stroke, heart attack and even death.

Bitter Orange remains under-studied at this point and some experts do believe that it could possess the same properties, and cause similar side effects to Ephedra.

We strongly suggest that you avoid any supplement containing Bitter Orange until such time that more human studies have been undertaken..

More About Bitter Orange

It goes to show that not all products suit everybody. Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped is a classic example. it’s not a bad product at all, yes the concerns over one ingredient do raise a few concerns. But overall it could help most of you lose some weight, especially due to its appetite suppressing properties…

We just believe that there are better products out there….

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  1. Im afraid this product can develop constipation because of some elements that can interact in your body. It makes the poo become so sticky??? It’s pain in your ass though. NOT advisable for those with constipation problem…by george, i wasted my money again.

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