Unleashed 60CT Thermogenic Fat Burner Review

Unleashed 60CT Thermogenic Fat Burner Review

Popular On Amazon, But Does This Natural Fat Burner Really Deliver Safe Weight Loss?

Unleashed 60CT Thermogenic Fat Burner is a natural fat burning supplement made and distributed by ZBX Solutions of Massachusetts.

Promising to deliver effective fat burning as well as appetite control, this product makes huge claims about its effectiveness as well as the long list of glowing reviews largely on Amazon.

But Does It Really Deliver?? We had a good hard look at this product….

The Formula In Unleashed 60CT Thermogenic Fat Burner

The Ingredient profile in Unleashed 60CT Thermogenic Fat Burner is made up of 3 largely undisclosed proprietary blends… we know the ingredients that make these up, but the makers ( for some reason) prefer to hide the individual amounts of each compound in the mix..

This is what is in the formula:

Energy and Focus Blend 450mg

  • Caffeine
  • Glucommanan
  • Fursultiamine
  • Phenylethylamine
  • L-Tyrosine

Thermogenesis Blend 40mg

  • Green Tea
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Yohimbe

Lipogenic Blend 7mg

  • Synpephrine
  • Kola Nut
  • L-Carnitine

Directions For Taking Unleashed 60CT Thermogenic Fat Burner

Take one capsule in the morning – the makers warn against taking after 4pm and certainly take no more than 2 capsules in any 24 hr period

The makers also suggest having a 2 week break after taking for 8 weeks

Users Feedback

On Amazon there is a large number of positive reviews…. but what we have uncovered is that a large percentage of these have been written by people who have been given the product in return for a positive feedback – so you have to question the validity of these reviews….

When you delve deeper and read more independent reviews from verified purchasers the story is much different with users complaining of poor results and unpleasant side effects

sample reviews from amazon.com

Reported Side Effects

There have been reports of the shakes, jitters, headaches and problems sleeping – no doubt due to the large quantity of stimulants in the mix

Where To Buy Unleashed 60CT Thermogenic Fat Burner

Amazon.com appears to be the main re-seller… a bottle contain 60 capsules is currently priced at $28.97 plus shipping

Any Cash Back Guarantee?

The makers talk about a satisfaction guarantee, but its impossible to find out any more details… the links on amazon take you to blank pages

Our Thoughts

Another stimulant heavy product that in truth probably does very little else than potentially giving you a short lived energy boost ( which can often be followed by a sudden crash)…. It does have a proven appetite suppressant in glucommanan and also a tried and tested fat burner in Raspberry ketones….. the trouble is that the makers prefer (for reasons unknown) to withhold the information about how much of each of these key ingredients is actually in the product….judging by the total amounts of each blend, there is obviously not a lot of anything in the mix..

Anybody with even a hint of an intolerance to stimulants ( caffeine etc) should not take this..

Our final ( and most serious) point is the inclusion of Yohimbe in the formula… being blunt, this is a risky and potentially dangerous ingredient ( the FDA include it on their dangerous ingredient list)… It is banned in many countries outside the US, and it has been linked to some quite serious side effects that could potentially culminate in death for an unfortunate person…

Now as we said above the dosage of Yohimbe in this product is probably quite low, but WE WOULD NEVER EVER RECOMMEND A FAT BURNER THAT CONTAINS THIS INGREDIENT….

Look Elsewhere – Thats Our Recommendation..

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