Zoller® Laboratories Zantrex® – 3 Fat Burner Review

Zoller® Laboratories Zantrex® – 3 Fat Burner Review

Just How Good Is This Dual Action Fat Burner And Pre Workout Supplement From Zoller® Laboratories?

A popular product on GNC is Zoller® Laboratories Zantrex® – 3 Fat Burner… a dual action supplement that promises to help boost energy levels while workingpGNC1-7805650dt out PLUS delivering rapid fat loss at the same time..

We have taken a good in depth look at this supplement to discover just how effective this product could be… as always we start with the formula..

Ingredients In Zoller® Laboratories Zantrex® – 3 Fat Burner

The makers disappoint us a little bit with their formula.. they have chosen to hide the actual amount of each ingredient in their formula from their customers… preferring to hide them instead behind an undisclosed proprietary blend totalling 964mg

this contains unknown amounts of:

  • Citrus Fruit extract
  • Guarana
  • Coffee Bean Extract
  • Kola
  • Green Tea
  • Kelp
  • Fennel
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

How To Use Zoller® Laboratories Zantrex® – 3 Fat Burner

www_gnc_com_graphics_product_images_pGNC1-7805650_gnclabel_pdf_pdfAs a pre workout booster take 2 capsules an hour before exercise…. for fat loss take 2 capsules in the morning and another 2 with your main meal…. Always take with a glass of water

Users Feedback

On GNC there are only handful of reviews.. some are quite positive with users claiming great increases in energy levels while on the negative side, some users felt quite unwell while taking this supplement… None really mentioned anything about Fat Loss…

Looks like it will work fine on some , but not on others…

Sample review courtesy of GNC


Reported Side Effects

With quite a heavy load of stimulants on board, there have been a few reports of the jitters and problems sleeping….One guy spoke about feeling really unwell and sick while on this supplement.

Where To Buy Zoller® Laboratories Zantrex® – 3 Fat Burner

GNC are a main supplier, they sell a box contains 28 serves for $39.99 ( 14 days supply at max dose)

Any Guarantees

Nothing directly given by the manufacturers , however GNC do offer a 30 day return and refund policy, but make sure you check the terms and conditions.. Other suppliers may vary.

Our Thoughts

We are not generally fans of dual action products…and this is no exception…. it’s undisclosed formula offers nothing but a short lived energy boost due to the high amount of caffeine and other stimulants in each serving.. as an pre workout,energy booster, sure you will no doubt feel the effects and this should help you to work our harder, and for longer than normal… as a fat burner, it offers nothing different to many other products and not knowing exactly how much of each ingredient is in the mix is a big No No in our books.., To be honest you could get the same hit of energy from a really good cup of coffee – ( and save some money along the way)

As a Pre Workout – Not Bad… As a Fat Burner – Look Elsewhere..

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