5 Natural Thermogenics To Help Aid Fat Loss

5 Natural Thermogenics To Help Aid Fat Loss

If you’ve been looking to drop the fat and get toned up, chances are you’ve come across fat burning supplements that claim to accelerate thermogenesis. But what does that mean?

In short, thermogenesis describes the body’s process of heating up. Not only does this process use up calories to heat the body, as the metabolism speeds up thermogenesis helps the body burn more calories too, promoting weight loss.

But you don’t have to resort to lab-made supplements if you’re looking to up your body’s thermogenic state and drive some serious fat loss – in fact, there are probably all kinds of foodstuffs in your kitchen as we speak that can help turn your body into a fat burning machine… even as you chew!

Ready to fire up your metabolism? Here’s our top five natural thermogenics:

Green tea

According to an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, drinking four or more cups of green tea each day saw subjects lose more than six pounds in the space of eight weeks. This is thought to be down to EGCG, a compound found in the drink that temporarily speeds up the metabolism.

Lean meats

Just like protein is the cornerstone of muscle building, it also has a powerful thermogenic effect. In fact, the body burns around 30% of the calories found in lean protein as it’s digested – a chicken breast with 300 calories, for example, uses 90 calories to break down. Sounds like good maths to us!


We’ve got some even more impressive maths for this one – the body burns twice as many calories when breaking down fibre-rich wholefoods like oatmeal and brown rice than it does processed foods. It’s time to feel the heat!


Plenty of us are iron deficient, which is good news for lentil lovers as just one cup of lentils contains 35% of our RDA for iron. What you might not know is that any nutrient deficiency can slow down the metabolism as your body’s not getting the nourishment it needs – so if you’re looking to shed the pounds make sure you’re diets incorporating all the essentials!

Low-fat dairy products

As well as being rich in vitamin D and calcium, low fat milk and cheese can help you build and keep lean muscle mass, which is essential to ensuring your metabolism is firing on all cylinders as – and capable of converting excess fat into energy.

And here’s a few bonus ones – hot peppers, egg whites, game meat and most fish are also powerful thermogenics… time to start work on that shopping list!

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