Beast 2 Shredded Fat Burner Review

Beast 2 Shredded

Beast 2 Shredded Fat Burner – Just How Shredded Can You Get?

image_25334_original_X_450_whiteA professional-strength formula, Beast 2 Shredded fat burner works on five distinct levels. By supporting the thyroid, speeding up metabolism, modulating body temperature, helping diuretic functions and reducing appetite, Beast 2 Shredded is ( it is claimed) the ultimate tool for visible weight loss.

The supplement keeps you going, enabling users to do more without refuelling, while boosting metabolism, defeating fatigue and overcoming weight gain.

The Formula in Beast 2 Shredded 

Beast 2 Shredded contains caffeine and green tea extracts to boost energy and maintain momentum throughout the day. The formula also includes vanadium citrate – this mimics the effects of insulin and wards of carb cravings to help you stick to your diet. Dandelion and horsetail extracts prevent water retention and stop bloating by acting as natural diuretics.

Finally, thermodiamine helps the burning of fat by regulating the body’s temperature. Other ingredients include phyllemblin, white willow bark extra, octopamine, HCL and narigin extract.

Beast_2_Shredded1_at_Bodybuilding_com__Lowest_Prices_for_2_ShreddedTaking Beast 2 Shredded

Consume two capsules twice a day for the first three days. After this, take two to three pills twice daily, adjusting the dose to what feels right for you. Always take with meals and drink a minimum of 64 oz of water a day to replace any lost fluids.

User Feedback

Beast 2 Shredded fat burner is the subject of largely favourable reviews,( there are of course the odd poor one) with many users saying the supplement has helped them to shed large amounts of body fat.

Numerous people are also fans of the product as they say it helps keep them extra-focused and more enthusiastic about working out.

Others maintain that the product is very effective at giving users long-lasting bouts of energy. Overall, Beast 2 Shredded fat burner is very popular among both male and female users.

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Any Reported Side Effects

There do not seem to be any reported side effects linked to taking Beast 2 Shredded fat burner.

Where to Buy Beast 2 Shredded

Beast 2 Shredded can be purchased from a range of reputable online stockists, including,, and The supplement costs approximately $30.00 – $49.00 for 45 servings.

Any Guarantees Provided

There are no cash back guarantees provided

Our Thoughts

Overall, users feedback is generally excellent and at first glance Beast 2 Shredded certainly looks a good choice…..

We do have concerns over at least one ingredient namely Octopamine this is a stimulant compound – a metabolite of synephedrine – It has been banned this year (2014) by the WADA. ( World Anti Doping Assosiation ) – see WADA Page Here

It has received little or no clinical studies on Humans and its fat burning claims are therefore unproven and untested

Alternative Fat Burners

There are a host of fat burning supplements on the market, and the choice can be bewildering. Do your research and be sure that you’re choosing the right solution for your needs.

To help you make an informed choice, we have reviewed many of the popular fat burners and from our research have compiled our list of the products that we feel offer the best results, use the best ingredients and cause little or minimal side effects.

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Could it be its safe, natural, clinically approved formula? Its impressive results? or its amazing 90 day cash back guarantee?


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2 thoughts on “Beast 2 Shredded Fat Burner Review”

  1. I’m new to this product from beast 2 shredded energy and fat burner pills I don’t know if it’s a side affect but does a new person get diarrhea the first time taking it kinda feeling sick but I don’t know if it’s just because I’m new to it any helpful answers please

    • Hi Michael… I have not heard of any reports of users suffering from diarrhea after taking Beast 2 Shredded, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t the cause…we are all different and things affect us in different ways…. it could just be a coincidence, but I would stop taking it for say three days, make sure all symptoms are cleared up and then re-start.. if it happens again, I would stop taking it and maybe try another supplement in its place – please let me know how you get on… if it does prove to be the cause, I would like to know so I can advise users in my review…..Thanks Paul


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