Best Fat Loss Steroids

Best Steroids For Losing Weight In Both Men and Women

If you are seriously into bodybuilding, you know that cutting cycles are just as important as times when you are trying to put on muscle bulk. Now many guys (and girls) turn to fat loss steroids when bulking-  

“But did you know that there are some steroids that are better at cutting body fat than others?”

We have researched the subject in great depth and now want to tell you about the best steroids that you could use to cut that fat and get that ‘ripped’ look.

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Top 3 Steroids For Weight Loss

When you research fat loss steroids that help you lose weight, drop body fat and get ripped, there are 3 that instantly come to mind.

  • Clenbuterol
  • Winstrol
  • Anavar

Here is the low down on each of these steroids, telling you just why they are at the top of the tree.



Now before you kick off and start saying that Clen isn’t a steroid per se, we know… However it is one of the most potent drugs around for burning fat and losing weight. To not to include it in this list would be stupid of us, so for this purpose, we are treating it as a steroid.

“When it comes to weight loss, Clenbuterol has some extremely powerful effects”

These are the reasons why so many athletes, professional sportspeople and bodybuilders swear by it for its ability to help you drop page amounts of fat fast”

Clenbuterol is a powerful stimulant and highly potent at boosting the metabolism by theormogenesis.

(This is when the bodies temperature is slightly increased which in turn helps you to burn more calories, at the same time speeding up the natural fat burning processes)

It is also called a beta-2 agonist, which to anybody who doesn’t understand science and biology means that it helps to break down fat cells so they can be burnt as fuel.

By increasing the rate of calories being burnt and with the extra fuel being made available thanks to Clens effects, your body uses energy at an advanced rate, burning fat much faster.

Another lesser known fact about Clenbuterol is that it has an appetite suppressing effect. This is another crucial benefit of taking Clen. 

By eating less, and burning more calories, the fat loss will be fast and decisive.

The final benefit of Clenbuterol is how it provides a useful energy boost, helping to energise your body, allowing you to train harder for longer, maximising the amount of fat being burnt.

What Sort Of Results Should I Expect From Taking Clenbuterol

Clen will provide you with some awesome fat loss results. You will lower your body fat percentage without any problem, As Long As You Eat Sensibly Too.

“Bottom line – Clenbuterol is a prime contender for being best fat loss steroid, it will help get you ripped and shredded without any doubt.”

Now The Problem – Clenbuterol joins the ranks of other anabolics in that it is not legally available to buy. You might be able to get it on prescription if you are clinically obese – But it does have some worrying side effects.

However – you do have a lifeline:

Legal Clenbuterol – Crazybulk Clenbutrol

clenbutrol fat burning

Supplement manufacturers Crazybulk have developed a legal (and safe) version of Clenbuterol that provides you with the ‘Clen effect’ without any risks. 

Called Clenbutrol It Is:

  • 100% Natural and Safe Fat Loss Steroid Alternative
  • Does Not Need a Prescription
  • Provides Extreme fat Loss Without Losing Hard Earned Muscle Mass
  • Boosts Energy
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Currently You Can Buy 2 and Get 1 Free

It is only available to buy online direct from the official manufacturers website – currently it costs $61.99 for a one month supply.

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winstrol fat burner steroid

AKA Stanozol, Winstrol is one of the top anabolic fat loss steroids used to burn fat and boost muscle mass. 

Winstrol is brilliant at burning fat, it does however, also have a muscle building effect too. This could put it above Clen in the popularity stakes.

Winstrol helps to increase nitrogen retention in the muscles as well as boosting protein synthesis. 

This helps to maintain and increase muscle gains, but it also helps to maintain the muscles that you have already worked so hard to get while you burn fat.

“The bottom line here is that the more muscles you have, the greater fat you will burn.”

Winstrol has other effects too, it is good at reducing water retention, it is also good at helping to increase the amount of free testosterone that you have running through your veins. 

This helps to boost strength, another precursor to losing fat and weight loss.

Winstrol can also help improve vascularity, and really harden you up.

Like many of the other anabolic fat loss steroids out there, Winstrol cannot be bought legally without prescription, it also has some nasty side effects. 

Fortunately our friends at Crazybulk have come to the rescue once again. 

Their all natural steroid alternative Winsol delivers Winstrol type results without any of the risks linked to Stanozol and other steroids.

winsol steroid alternative

The #1 Winstrol alternative on the marketplace today, Winsol is:

  • 100% Natural Legal And Safe
  • Does Not Need Injecting
  • Known For Its Ability To Boost Physiques and
  • Delivering Hard, Lean Muscle Mass.
  • Used For Cutting Body Fat Quickly
  • Available Worldwide
  • Offers Available Including Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

You can Buy Direct From The Official Crazybulk Website – Prices start at $61.99 for a months supply

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anavar steroid fat burner

AKA Oxandrolone, it is thought to be the best of all steroids for weight loss. It is also one of the more gentle which has made it attractive to women too.

It has a very high anabolic rating which means that it gets the body working overtime, it helps to boost fat loss while at the same time it helps to protect and preserve existing muscle mass and tone. 

It’s not as effective at building muscle bulk, which is one of the reasons why women choose it over other types.

Anavar is also known for its ability to reduce the release of the stress hormone cortisol, this is known for its ability to kill testosterone production and help trigger increased fat growth. 

Finally it is known as a dry steroid which means that it helps to reduce water retention, something you do not want if you are trying to get ripped and ‘cut’ to perfection.

“Anavar is Thought To be One Of The Best Fat Loss Steroids”

Studies have shown that Oxandrolone helps to burn more visceral and subcutaneous belly fat than other methods. 

It also helps boost red blood cells that allows the blood to carry increased oxygen and nutrients around the body, feeding and nurturing the muscles, and helping to increase strength and energy.

This can really help when you are pushing the final few lifts in an intensive exercise routine. Lets not forget that its those last few reps that can really push up the burning of calories.

Now you cannot get hold of Anavar very easily, in many cases, if it’s not prescribed, obtain it is difficult without breaking the law. 

It does also have along list of side effects which kind of negate its benefits.

Anvarol – Legal And Safe Alternative To Anavar

anvarol fat burning steroid

Fortunately Crazybulk have developed a safe, Legal and completely natural alternative to Anavar, called Anvarol it delivers fat loss steroid type results without the risks.

Anvarol is:

  • Completely Safe and Legal
  • 100% Natural
  • Free From Needles Or Injections
  • Known For Its Ability To Burn Fat Fast And Protect Muscle Mass
  • It Also Hardens And Drys Muscles, Boosting Definition.

Available worldwide direct from Crazybulk, a months supply will cost $54.99

Don’t Forget You can Save Money and Get A FREE bottle when you buy 2 (buy 2 get 3)

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Using Steroids For Weight Loss

fat loss steroids

One of the biggest factors surrounding Steroids used in bodybuilding is their huge reputation for causing some quite nasty side effects

Now The fat loss steroids mentioned above are far from the worst out there, but they can still cause some unpleasant reactions and side effects

You need to know the facts, so here are the known weight loss steroid side effects:

  • Hair Loss
  • Acne
  • Excessive Or Unusual Growth Of Body Hair
  • Joint Pain ( Caused By Winstrol)
  • Hepatotoxic ( Can Cause Harm To The Liver)
  • increase BAD Cholesterol
  • Reduces GOOD Cholesterol
  • Can Reduce Or Stop Altogether The Bodies Natural Testosterone Production

You might recall that we mentioned the fact that Clenbuterol was not a steroid, that is a fact, but it still has a whole list of unwanted side effects that include:

  • Disturbed sleep
  • Increased/excessive Sweating
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • The Shakes/Tremors
  • Nausea
  • Racing Heart Rate
  • Increased Blood Pressure

Best Fat Loss Steroids For Women

fat loss steroids for women

Its very hard for women to use steroids to either build muscles or cut fat.. Most steroids have been developed around male sex hormones, which when used in a female body can have some quite unpleasant effects

In addition to the main side effects, steroids in women can cause masculine type effects to appear:

  • Deepening Of the Voice
  • Reduction Of Breast Size
  • Increased Growth Of Facial and Body Hair
  • Enlarged Clitoris That Can In Some Cases Resemble a Small Penis
  • Disrupted Menstrual Cycles.

Now Clenbuterol is not technically a steroid which does negate these particular side effects. 

You could be forgive to think that because it doesn’t not share the masculine type side effects caused by other fat loss steroids that it would be the best choice for Women.  

It Isn’t… Whatever sex you are, As we saw above, Clenbuterol has its own risks to consider.

The fact is that one of the best Fat Loss Steroids for women is actually Anavar. Its side effects are considered to be the most mild of all steroids – In fact it’s been dubbed the “Female Friendly Steroid”

That doesn’t take away the very real health risks carried by steroids, but if you a women who really wants to try fat loss steroids, the least risky one would be Anavar.

Mind You, Why take any chances with your health and in particular your life, with Crazybulk’s Anvarol being such a great and effective alternative?

It’s certainly the best option – Click here To Discover More About Anvarol

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