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BSN Hyper Shed Fat Burner Review

Just How Effective Is BSN Hyper Shred Fat Burner?

BSN Hyper Shred is a state-of-the-art supplement that helps users unlockBSN_hyper_shred_sportmealshopenergy, manage weight and get the most from a workout. Its clean formula promotes metabolic support and training focus, enabling users to improve physical performance, reach their goals and burn fat. The supplement focuses on four main areas: weight management, metabolism, energy and focus and physical performance.

The Formula in BSN Hyper Shred

The product contains large amounts of caffeine – 180mg per capsule – and a number of undisclosed blends and compounds, the full list of which can be found here:


Taking BSN Hyper Shred

To start with, take one capsule on before your first meal each day – make sure it’s on an empty stomach.

If suitable, after a further 4-6 hours take a second capsule to check your tolerance.

Don’t ever consume more than three capsules daily or two capsules at the same time.

User Feedback 

BSN Hyper Shred receives largely mixed feedback from users. Whilst some people claim that the product offers a great pre-work out boost and helps them focus better, others maintain that the product has little to no effect on their physical performance at all.

When it comes to burning fat and losing weight, whilst many users maintain that this supplement is a great tool when combined with diet and exercise, others state that they see little no or noticeable difference when using the product, there are also reports of adverse reactions…

sample reviews courtesy of


Any reported Side Effects

Despite the manufacturer claiming that BSN Hyper Shred has a clean formula that doesn’t induce negative side effects, numerous users have expressed otherwise.

Many people taking the supplement feel jittery, nauseous and irritable when they begin taking it, and a number of users have also experienced allergic reactions such as hives.. stomach and chest pain.

Where To Buy BSN Hyper Shred

BSN Hyper Shred is widely available online at a range of certified stockists, including and It costs between $36 and $59 for 90 capsules.

Any Guarantees Provided

None provided

Our Thoughts

There is no doubt that BSN Hyper Shred will work for some users… it is stacked high in stimulants which will no doubt generate some fat burning for some users.. what it will however do is probably cause some side effects… the use of Bitter Orange Extract does concern us somewhat… commonly used as a replacement for the now banned Ephedra, it contains Synephedrine that has almost identical effects to Ephedra…

Bitter Orange has no official clinical testing behind it that confirms either its safety or its fat burning ability and it has been linked to some unpleasant side effects that include fainting, heart attacks and strokes..

More About Bitter Orange Extract

We suggest that until such times that more stringent testing has been carried out, that you look for a product that dose not contain bitter orange extract…. Why not check out or top rated fat burners list? these products have been chosen from our intensive research and all have been reviewed, evaluated and rated for both their effectiveness,safety and value for money

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