Capsaicin ( Capsicum) As A Fat Burner

Capsaicin ( Capsicum) As A Fat Burner

The Fat Burning Properties Of Capsaicin 

Capsaicin is the molecule in peppers and chillis that burns your mouth, it reacts with adrenalin receptors to increase heat quickly and leave you reaching for a glass of milk or water….

It has demonstrated effective fat burning properties, it can also help fightcapsaicin-and-weight-loss inflammation and can ( it is claimed) help to prevent certain cancers

Capsaicin is one of many alkaloids associated with chilli products of the Solanaceae ( capsicum) family.. discovered in the 1500’s, it was first extracted in 1846 and first synthesised in 1930.

It gets its name both from the greek term Kapto ( meaning bite – referring to its taste) or Caspa ( latin term for ‘box’ which refers to its internal plant structure)

Also known as

  • Chilli Extract
  • Hot Pepper Extract
  • Trans-8-methyl-N-Vanilyl-6-Nonenamide
  • Capsaicinoids


In everyday cooking as a spice and source of heat, it also has uses that include Fat Burning, Muscle Building and as a Performance Enhancer.

Aside from cooking, its most popular use is in fat burning supplements.. it is known to stimulate the metabolic rate which increases energy and then body’s natural ability to burn fat.

weight-lossIt does this by acting on the TRPV1 receptors in the adrenal glands to help release adrenaline.. the increased adrenaline acts on the Adrenergic receptors in the fat cells.

It can also increase the body temperature by therogenesis… this is caused by neurone expressing the VR1 receptors, increasing the body temperature by beta adrenergic stimulation.

Effective Doses

In untrained men, it has been shown that taking 150mg of capsaicin 30 minutes before exercise helps to increase fat oxidation

Read Study Results here –

Problems With Taking Capsaicin

Occasionally it can cause mild irritation in the stomach… if you are sensitive to Capsaicin, its worth taking enteric coated tablets as these tend to break up further into the digestive system where they are less likely to cause any problems..

There has been one reported death through Capsaicin supplementation, the person involved was an 8 month old infant who was given Capsaicin powder that had been infused into a drink…

Read The Source Article 

Capsaicin should not be given to the young under any circumstances


Capsaicin or any form of red pepper extract is an excellent and generally safe ingredient with excellent fat burning qualities.. it may not suit all users, but if you can tolerate it,(as most people can) is an excellent choice, especially when taken in supplement forms alongside caffeine.

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