Capsiplex Sport Review

Capsiplex Sport Review

Just How Good Is This Dual Action Fat Burner And Energy Booster?

[Updated 2020] When you think about fat burners the name Capsiplex is often the first name anybody thinks about..they were the first ever company to harness the power 2015-11-25 13.58.26of capsicum (red chilli pepper) for its powerful fat burning properties…. many copycat products have followed suit, but the original Capsiplex still remains at the top of most best selling lists for its impressive ability to maximise the amount of calories burnt and its effective fat loss.

The manufacturers have now re-worked the formula to make it even better.. primarily aimed at men and women who work out, their latest offering – Capsiplex Sport offers the same thermogenic, fat burning benefits of the original product, but it also helps to boost blood flow and energy levels to help make it an effective pre workout energy booster too.

Using Capsiplex Sport will help you become more efficient in your workouts, helping you to burn more calories and ultimately burn more fat..

The Formula In Capsiplex Sport

Each Serving Includes

  • Caffeine Anhydrous 274mg
  • Brown Rice Flower 138mg
  • Capsicum Annum 80.34mg
  • L-Arginine 50mg
  • Niacin 16mg
  • Piperine 5mg
  • Magnesium Stearate 5mg

capsi2Directions For Use

Take one capsule daily…  on days you work out take the capsule 30 minutes before going to the gym to maximise the energy boosting effects of the product

Users Feedback

Reports from users are growing quickly and most if not all report a massive boost in energy and the ability to workout for longer without fatigue.. the resulting fat loss has made most users very happy indeed..

One female user that we know personally, told us that it enabled her to run on the treadmill for an additional 40 minutes without feeling tired, helping her to burn an additional 250 calories….

Any Side Effects

There are no direct side effects linked to Capsiplex Sport, but bear in mind that there is a decent amount of caffeine in the mix… those of you who have an intolerance to stimulants could find that they get a bit shakey after taking the product… its quite short lived but nevertheless  if you do not expect it, it could be worrying…. bottom line, if you can tolerate coffee, you shouldn’t experience any adverse effects from taking Capsiplex Sport

Why Take Capsiplex Sport

  • Just One Pill Daily
  • Boosts Energy
  • Can Help Burn 278 More Calories Per Day ( equiv of 45 minutes cycling)
  • Holds The Informed Sports Approved Certificate
  • Used By Professional Sports People

Where Can I Buy Capsiplex Sport

You Can buy Capsiplex Sport From the official manufacturers website –  a months supply will cost you $59.99 (£39.99)

There are some attractive offers and discounts for ordering 2 or more months supply at once

Our Thoughts

The Original Capsiplex diet pill was and remains a fantastic product.. New Capsiplex Sport has picked up the mantle and is continuing to provide excellent results to its ever growing band of dedicated users….

One To Try – 100% Recommended

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5 thoughts on “Capsiplex Sport Review”

    • Hi Thomas. to be honest I wouldn’t, the two combined deliver a lot of caffeine…probably too much for many people… If I was going to take one it would be IKO but I wouldn’t recommend taking both together… Paul

  1. Would have been a great product if the capsule (bovine gelatin) was certified Kosher or Halal but the manufacturers have confirmed its neither.

    • Hi Dan.. I will make some enquiries to the manufacturers about this matter and get back to confirm if the capsules are Kosher/Halal or not.. Paul

      • Hi Dan, My apologies for the delayed reply… I have heard from the makers and can confirm that the capsules are not Halal or Kosher….Paul


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