Chromium As A Weight Loss Ingredient

The Benefits Of Taking Chromium For Weight Loss

Chromium is an essential mineral, it works in the body to regulate insulin imagessensitivity and glucose metabolism.. commonly found in many health supplements, it can also offer mild benefits to diabetics.

Chromium is commonly found in

  • Bovine Colostrum
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Yeast

Chromium Recommended Doses

Chromium should always be taken alongside a carbohydrate containing meal due to its interaction with glucose metabolism.. a sensible dose typically comprises 1000mcg of chromium picolinate split into at least 2 doses through the day.

A minimum of 0.2mg of chromium is essential each day to ensure against deficiency.

An estimated maximum safe dose has been suggested to be in the region of 10mg/kg of body weight

file_8_46Uses For Chromium

Chromium has demonstrated some positive health uses and can provide assistance in the controlling of:

AppetiteHas appetite suppressing effects

Blood Glucose levels – mild reduction

Depression – Has shown depression reducing effects, especially in persons suffering with Bipolar

Fructosamine – Studies show a mild reduction

Immunity – One study has demonstrated a mild increase in immunity with chromium supplementation

Lactate Production

Libido – An added product of its anti depressive tendencies – test subjects also recorded improved libido

Binge Eating Has shown an ability to stop food cravings

insulin Secretion – Mixed evidence but initial studies have shown indication of increased Insulin response.

It has also some well documented uses in bodybuilding where it can (it is said) help boost performance and energy –

More About Chromium – 

The Inclusion Of Chromium in Weight loss Supplements

On its own Chromium does not have any proven fat burning properties..

What is does have however is an ability to regulate food cravings and reduce the users appetite, and it is for this reason that a daily dose of 100 mcg is considered beneficial to anybody looking to reduce body fat..

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