Citrus Aurantium – Bitter Orange

Can Bitter Orange Help Reduce Fat

Bitter Orange is a tree native to various parts of Europe, African , Tropical Asia and nowadays even parts of America..

Also known as:

Citrus Aurantium, Seville Orange, Sour Orange, Zhi shi, p-synephedrine, Petrigrain (oil from the leaves) and Neroli Citrus aurantium(oil from the flowers)

Popular Uses

It has many popular uses, with its oil being used in foods, cosmetics and aromatherapy products.. it has also found a place in traditional medicines with Chinese and people from the Amazon region using it to help treat indigestion, constipation and nausea., when applied to the skin, it is also believed to have a positive effect on ringworm and athletes foot.

Taking Bitter Orange

No Clinically approved dose has ever been determined, it has been suggested that a sensible dose be in the region of 10-20mg taken 3 times a day

In spite of its popularity in natural supplements, there is a distinct lack of clinical evidence to support any health benefits claimed through taking bitter orange supplementation.

It can be found in many weight loss supplements because the extract of the peel contains synephedrine

This is similar in composition and effect to the now banned chemical Ephedra..

The FDA banned Ephedra because it raises blood pressure and was linked to an increased risk of stroke and heart attacks…

More About Ephedra

It is believed that bitter orange could cause the same effects and currently there is no clinical evidence that suggests that Bitter Orange is any safer that ephedra.

Reported Side Effects cause by Bitter Orange

Bitter orange is a natural stimulant and does in many cases cause an increase in heart rate, this has led to cases of fainting, increased blood pressure, heart problems and reported stroke in otherwise healthy people after taking bitter orange, both on its own and in supplements that also contain caffeine.

It has also reported affects of making light skinned people more sensitive to sunlight, with an increased risk of sunburn.

Bitter Orange As A Fat Burner

Just one controlled clinical study has been carried out that examined the potential for fat burning using bitter orange supplementation.. involving 20 patients over a 6 week period, there were no significant affects recorded over the test period –

read study results here –


With little testing and so far, no hard evidence that it has any fat burning potential, coupled alongside the reported side effects, we have no reason to recommend taking bitter orange to help you lose weight.. so far – it has failed to prove any positive effects and its use could affect your health…

Anybody with high blood pressure, a family history of heart problems and women in particular who are pregnant should avoid supplements that contain Bitter Orange.

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