Effects Of Yohimbine 

Yohimbine As A Fat Burner

Popular Ingredient But Linked To Health Risks – Is It Safe?

Yohimbine (aka Yohimbe) is a fat burning compound that is primarily used to burn fat when fasting, it has also shown itself to have aphrodisiac properties yohimbe-plantand can help aid problems with erectile dysfunction.

A stimulant by nature, it helps to increase adrenaline in the body and it also regulates a process in fat cells that usually restricts fat burning.

Also known as Yohimbe Bark, Yohimbe and Corynanthe Yohimbe, Yohimbine is a naturally occurring alkaloid found in the Pausinystalia Yohimbe Tree and can also be found in similar plants of the Rauwolfia family.

Safe Doses

Its always recommended to take Yohimbe when fasting as its effects are often negated when eating food.. a safe dose that can help boost fat burning without usually affecting the heart rate is 0.2mg per kg of body weight.

examples of safe doses:

14mg daily for a 150lb person

18mg daily for a 200lb person

22mg daily for a 250lb person

Any higher doses will most likely effect the cardiovascular system as the body is not generally used to such a powerful stimulatory agent such as yohimbine…if taking it alongside other stimulants such as caffeine – extreme care must be taken and the dose be gradually increased until you find the maximum amount that you/your body can cope with.


Yohimbine has shown that it can Increase:

  • Erections
  • Cortisol Production
  • Heart Rate
  • Anxiety
  • Blood Pressure
  • Alcohol Cravings
  • Diuresis ( the need to urinate)

It can also help reduce

  • Blood Flow To The Brain
  • Hypertension
  • Fat Mass
  • Phobia

Yohimbe-BarkYohimbe As A Fat Burner

At the correct dose, Yohimbe can certainly aid fat loss, but it is only truly effective when taken during fasting, its effects are reduced dramatically if you eat while taking this supplement

Health Concerns

Yohimbine is on the FDA list of dangerous ingredients, the difference between a safe and dangerous dose is very small and in some countries, the use of Yohimbe in supplement form has been banned ( Australia for example)

It has been shown (in larger doses – over 40mg) to cause headaches, dizzyness, panic attacks, hallucinations, and at doses approaching 100mg – irregular heart rates, cardiac arrest, renal failure and possible death

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Despite its proven fat burning properties, the risks associated with Yohimbine (Yohimbe) do cause major concerns and for this reason, we strongly suggest that you do not take any product that contains more than 15mg per daily serving…. Do NOT use any product that does NOT DISCLOSE its dosage of Yohimbe.

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