Hourglass Fat Burner Review

Hourglass Fat Burner Review 

The Hype Free Women’s Fat Burner

Hourglass fat burner is the latest product to be developed and released by respected supplement manufacturer Propura Ltd.

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Led by the same scientific team that bought us the top selling male fat burner Instant Knockout, Hourglass is Specially developed with the female body in mind.

It can help you lose all the weight you need to help you regain your self confidence and help you smile every time you look in the mirror.

It doesn’t matter if you have lots of fat to lose, or simply want to just to trim and tone your body.

Hourglass fat burner is a weight loss with a difference.

You get no hype, no false or misleading claims, just a safe, gentle yet effective fat burner and appetite suppressant that will help you lose weight gently and consistently.

Hourglass fat burner contains a sensible balance of gentle stimulants, essential vitamins and a clinically approved dietary fibre known for its unique appetite suppressing ability

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Whats In Hourglass Fat Burner

The manufacturers ofHourglass fat burner (as always) are completely open about their formula, they clearly list both the ingredients and the amounts of each per dose on the official website

Each Serving Includes:

Vitamin B6 4mg – Helps the body to burn extra calories by converting glycogen into glucose – an efficient source of energy for the body. Can also help to speed the metabolism – essential for burning fat

Vitamin B12 10mcg – Plays a crucial role in the metabolism of fatty acids, and producing energy out of dietary fat. Also helps to boost blood flow, and guard against fatigue, depression and poor memory

Vitamin D3 1000iu – One of the most crucial of all vitamins with many health benefits. Studies have proved that the higher your level of Vitamin D, the more weight that you can lose.

Low levels can actually increase the amount of fat your body stores, and cause whole host of other health problems, so its crucial to maximise your intake of this essential hormone.

Hourglass fat burner

Glucomannan 1500mg – Intensely studied, clinically proven dietary fibre that helps to give you a feeling of fullness after each meal, by slowing the emptying of your stomach, you will feel fuller for longer and be less likely to reach for the cookie jar, or other snacks.

Capsimax 100mg – A concentrated capsicum extract taken from hot red peppers. It works by increasing the bodies metabolism, increasing the natural fat burning processes without the taste, heat or discomfort that comes with eating chilli peppers.

Green Tea Extract 500mg – The health benefits of green tea are far reaching, known to help boost fat burning in 3 separate ways (1) Its a powerful antioxidant that removes toxins and helps your metabolism to run at an increased rate, by doing this, you increase the amount of fat that is burnt for energy (2) The Catechin polyphenols in Green tea are known for their ability to help the muscle cells and liver burn more fatty acids, boosting energy levels and burning more fat. (3) Reduces the amounts of harmful triglyceride in the body, too much can cause the body to store it as more fat.

Guarana 100mg – A natural stimulant similar to caffeine, known for its metabolism enhancing effects and the fact that it is also an diuretic, which means that you do not retain as much fluid, this alone can help reduce excess weight, without the extra fat loss caused by the increase metabolism.

Chromium 125mcg – Known for its ability to help control blood sugar levels and helping insulin transport glucose, amino and fatty acids into the cells. This helps to reduce cravings alongside increased fat loss.

Bioperine 5mg – Unique extract of black pepper, known for its ability to help increase the absorption, bioavailbalilty and effectiveness of the key ingredients in the formula.

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How To Take Hourglass Fat Burner

Take 1 Hourglass fat burner capsule, 3 times a day with meals

User Feedback

As a ‘new to the marketplace’ product there isn’t much by way of independent feedback out there just yet. As it materialises we will post details here…

We did however, manage to speak to some of the women involved in the development and testing of the product. They couldn’t have spoken more highly of Hourglass and its fat burning effects..

Reduced body fat, great appetite suppression and improved bodyshape along with an amazing energy boost leading to enhanced performance and better results from the gym were a large feature of the comments received..

Looks like this one is going to be good!!

Any Reported Side Effects

There are no side effects to report from any users of Hourglass fat burner

Where to Buy Hourglass Fat Burner

The official website is the only place to buy Hourglass… A bottle containing a months supply will cost you just $50.00 (£30.00) with free shipping to most destinations.

The makers ship worldwide. There are some great offers for larger quantities.

Our suggestion for Best Buy is the ‘Perfect Deal’ –  Buy 3 boxes and get a 4th box absolutely FREE. this will cost you $150.00 (£90.00)

Cash Back Guarantee?

The makers of Hourglass offer a 60 day cash back guarantee on all orders. – Used it as directed and unhappy with the results? simply return any empty packaging along with an unused product for a full refund.

Our Thoughts

Coming from such a reputable manufacturer we feel for sure that Hourglass is going to be extremely popular… It is without any doubt a cleverly formulated and scientifically developed formula that works within the female body to shape, tone and burn that unwanted body fat.

HourGlass sets the benchmark for other female friendly fat burners – if YOU are a women, with lost of weight to lose, or even if you are struggling to shift that final bit of bodyfat, you will, without any doubt, benefit from taking this amazing fat burner.

You Can Order Your Supply Directly From Hourglass Official Website

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