How Do Appetite Suppressants Work

How Do Appetite Suppressants Work?

Appetite Suppressants – Are They Really Effective

Most weight loss supplements generally work in one of 2 ways… they are either a Fat Burner or an Appetite Suppressant.

But which one is better? will one type suit you better that the other one?… In this 543527-3323-27article we look at Appetite Suppressants

On of the most common form of diet or weight loss supplement, appetite suppressants come in various forms that can include – Patches, Oral Sprays, Pills, and Drinks…

They all work with one aim – to reduce the feelings of hunger, meaning that you eat less and because your calorie intake is reduced, you will generally lose weight.

There are two main ways in which appetite suppressants work… one way is at Hormonal level:

Most of us find that at sometime during the day, we crave a ‘sugar fix’ this can be because of an increase in cortisol – the stress hormone…. this can be released during periods of stress or anxiety and our body demands the ‘hit’ of a sugar rush, that we get by eating something sugary or highly calorific… now this often (without doubt), helps reduce our feelings of anxiety and improves our mood no end, but the rush of the extra sugar intake soon reduces and we can often be tempted to repeat the process over and over again, with the end result of unwanted body fat being stored in our body – often in the abdominal region

motivation-to-lose-weightCertain appetite suppressants work at hormonal level to actually reduce this problem… they work to increase the natural production of Seratonin or Dopamine… these are referred to as ‘Feel Good Hormones’ and they are largely responsible for our moods, quality of sleep and most importantly for anybody trying to cut unwanted body fat – our feelings of saiety (fullness)..

By feeling fuller for longer, we are less likely to eat between meals and over-eat too.

Increased levels of Dopamine and/or Seratonin have been clinically linked to reduced appetites as well as improved moods, focus and sleep quality.

Compounds such as 5-HTP and Garcinia Cambogia have been proven to boost Seratonin levels and help reduce food cravings.

The second way that an appetite suppressant will work is by physically making your stomach feel fuller for longer.. a popular ingredient found in some of the better supplements is a dietary fibre called Glucommanan… taken from the root of the konjac plant, this fibre can hold over 10 times its weight in water, and when taken in supplement form, will slightly expand in your stomach to provide a pleasant feeling of fullness – similar to the feeling that you get after eating a good meal…. by feeling full, you are less likely to eat as much and certainly not eat snacks between meals.

Other popular appetite suppressant ingredients include Hoodia Gordinii ( an extract from a cactus that is banned in the UK/EU but still available in the US and other parts of the world),  a seaweed called ficus and Green Tea Extract which in addition to its positive appetite suppressing effect has a long list of other proven health giving properties.

You can also get fat reducing supplements that combine the best of both types – fat burning and appetite suppressing….these are probably the most effective especially when trying to cut fat from your abdomen

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