Impressive Celebrity Body Transformations

Impressive Celebrity Body Transformations

From Couch Potato To Fitness Fanatic: Impressive Celebrity Body Transformations

Looking for some real weight loss inspiration? It’s time to get off the sofa and put down the chips! Here’s our top five celebrity body transformation stories – if you’re looking to shed the pounds, take note!

Alec Baldwin

When told he was on the cusp of developing diabetes, 55 year-old Alec Baldwin decided to shed the pounds by cutting out sugar. Despite claiming on Twitter that this was hugely challenging, combined with spinning, pilates and aerobic workouts, he’s managed to truly transform his physique by losing 30lbs in just four months.

 Jennifer Hudson

Good old Weight Watchers was the secret to singing star Jennifer Hudson’s impressive body transformation. After giving birth to her son seven years ago, the celebrity joined the diet program to shed some baby weight, learning a host of helpful lifestyle changes and sticking to a diet plan focusing on lean meats, vegetables and fish – looks like it’s been doing the trick!

Jonah Hill

Funnyman Jonah Hill is one of Hollywood’s most striking examples of real body transformation. The 33 year-old actor apparently talked to Brad Pitt about losing weight, and after consulting a nutritionist for guidance on diet started the journey towards a slim physique by swapping calorie-laden takeout for sushi, salad and veggies, combined with regular gym sessions.

Kirstie Alley

Well-known as a serial yo-yo dieter, it looks like Kirstie Alley’s latest weight loss attempt has finally seen her hit the jackpot. By acknowledging a number of bad habits – especially around consuming excessive amounts of candy and soda – the actress has hit in the gym, and in combination with the Jenny Craig diet plan, has shed 50 pounds already.


John Goodman

Over the last few years John Goodman has shed a staggering 100lbs after cutting down on calorie consumption, waving goodbye to alcohol and sugar and embarking on a six-days-a-week gym regime. The actor works with personal trainer Mackie Shilstone to ensure he takes between 10,000 and 12,000 steps per day and breaks a sweat on both the bike and treadmill.


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