Man Scorch Fat Burner Review

MAN Scorch Fat Burner Review

Will The Heat From Scorch Really Melt Away The Fat?

We Find Out….

A fat burner that we recently came across is called Scorch, made by MAN it promises to be a clinically dosed fat loss solution that will help its users to lose 61v4oPg6kKL._SL1000_lots of unwanted fat, while at the same time boosting energy as well as suppressing appetite..

We decided to take a closer look……

The Formula In Scorch

The formula is great place to start, it gives you an almost instant idea of any supplements potential…

Each Serving contains the following:

  • Green Tea Extract 250mg (delivering 150mg of EGCG)
  • Oolong Tea 250mg ( delivering 25mg of EGCG)
  • Caffeine 200mg
  • PEA ( Phenylethylamine 150mg)
  • Raspberry Ketones 125mg
  • Isobutryl Thiamine Disulfide 150mg
  • Evodiamine 50mg
  • Ginger Root 50mg
  • Synephrine 20mg
  • Bioperine 5mg

MAN_Scorch_at_Bodybuilding_com__Lowest_Prices_for_ScorchDirections For Using Scorch

Take 3 capsules twice daily, the first dose should be on waking, the second early afternoon..


Those with an intolerance to stimulants should start at half dose to assess tolerance, before building up to full dose.

Use for 8 weeks and then take at least a two week break before resuming.


Users Feedback

Reviews are pretty mixed.. there are some excellent reviews from a number of users claiming to have lost a great deal of fat/weight and who have experienced good energy levels… on the flip side there is an almost equal number of users who have failed to see any results whatsoever…

There have been some reports of adverse side effects such as headaches, constipation, excess sweating.

Its one of those products that will suit ( and work for) some while others will be left out of pocket and disappointed..

sample reviews from amazon


Where To Buy

Scorch is available from Amazon and where it currently costs between $28.54 and the recommended selling price of $59.99 for 56 servings.. (28 days supply at full dose)

You can also order from the official MAN website… (but to be honest we found this really difficult to navigate round, so its hard to find what you are looking for…).

Any Guarantees

WE were unable to find any information on guarantees or return policy from the official website… and Amazon do not give any real cash back guarantees..

Our Thoughts

On paper Scorch certainly looks the part.. it has a decent mix of decent thermogenic fat burning compounds in Green Tea, Raspberry Ketones, and of course Caffeine….

We were rather concerned to see Synephrine in the mix… taken from the bitter orange plant ( Citrus Aurantium)… although its a reasonably common ingredient in todays fat burners that was introduced to replace the now banned Ephedra, it has actually been linked to some nasty side effects that include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Increased Heart Rate ( tachycardia)
  • Sun Sensitivity
  • Cluster Headaches and Migraine

These are apparently made worse when taken alongside caffeine (another ingredient in Scorch)*

In fact it is currently banned by the national collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and there is in fact no clinical evidence to suggest that Syneprine is any safer than Ephedra

*Source WEbMD – 

Another ingredient in the mix – phenylethylamine has (we discovered) an action that is similar to amphetamines..


Despite the positive reviews, we value the health of our visitors and for this reason alone, with the very real potential for adverse side effects due to the potentially dangerous ingredients, strongly suggest that you avoid Scorch and look for a product that uses, a safer formula…….

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