MMA Stars Use Instant Knockout

MMA Stars Use Instant Knockout

The manufacturers of the top selling fat burner Instant Knockout are pleased to have helped two top rated Mixed Martial Art (MMA) Fighters lose weight in readiness for their fights…. both diego-sanchez-ufc-166have been firm fans of the fat burner ever since its launch last year..

The two fighters – American born John Dodson and Diego Sanchez are stars in the popular fighting discipline of Mixed Martial Arts..

Possibly the best known – Diego Sanchez has an impressive record behind him….

  • 7 times UFC winner of the fight of the night
  • 2 times UFC winner of the fight of the year
  • The Ultimate Fighter Tournament Winner ( the first in UFC History)
  • King Of The Cage
  • Fight Of The Year ( World MMA Awards)
  • Fighter Of The Year New Mexico Boxing 2005, 2006, 2010
  • Baize Award Fight Of The Year 2009 and 2013 (Inside MMA)

sanchez1-550He has fought in several weights – Lightweight, Welterweight and Middleweight and has a current record of 25-7 (MMA )and 14-7 (UFC)

After surgery earlier this year to repair a damaged collarbone Diego is ready to return to the cage, and if possible he is aiming for the featherweight division where he can see some amazing fights ahead for him.

To do this he needs to get down to 145lbs and after dropping from his post surgery weight of 190lbs to 170 lbs in just one month while using Instant Knockout, he can clearly see that this entry into a new lighter division is clearly possible.

Diego told us  “The weight started coming off so fast while taking Instant Knockout, and one month in, I was already down to 170 pounds,” he said. “I was basically as lean as I am going into a fight at 155. So I’m like, ‘Alright, I’m not even in the gym, and I’m able to get this lean right now – 145 is realistic now.’

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His target is to be the first UFC fighter to fight in and WIN in 4 divisions.. only one other fighter has fought in 4 different weight divisions – that was Kenny Florian, but he failed to win at the 185lb class.

At the age of 33 Diego thinks that he has another 4 fighting years in him, and his prime target is to win the UFC Champion at Featherweight..

“I’ll fight any of those guys at 145,” Sanchez said. “I want to make a run for the belt. That’s my dream, to be the UFC champion, and I’m not going to give up on my dream, despite what the haters or the naysayers may say..

Watch Diego Talk About His Experiences With Instant Knockout:

We Wish Him Luck….

John Dodson

dodson-550The other fighter to use Instant Knockout is John Dodson.. another firm favourite in the MMA fighting circles… one of the sports up and coming stars he came from a wrestling background to the MMA circuit and hasn’t looked back since.

Fighting in two weight divisions (Fly and Bantamweight), his current accolades include

  • Fight Of The Night (once)
  • Knockout Of The Night ( twice)
  • Bantamweight Tournament Winner – The Ultimate Fighter 2014
  • Knockout Of The Season – The Ultimate Fighter 2014

His current fight record reads as 22 fights, with 16 wins

John won his recent flyweight fight on May 23rd at UFC 187 in Las Vegas against Zach Makovsky by a unanimous decision

Watch John Talking About Instant Knockout And How It Helped Him Lose Weight

He swears by Instant Knockout to help him stay lean and in shape throughout the year.. telling us that it makes it easier for him to hit the right weight at just the right time for his fights..

You Don’t Have To Be A Fighter To Benefit – Discover How Instant Knockout Can Help You Lose That Unwanted Weight

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  1. I go to gym about 5am everyday and drink pre workout…can I take this as a replacement to the pre workout drink? Will it give me energy in 30 min after taking it?

    • Hi Jeff…. for sure.. I stopped taking Nitrocut as soon as I started on IKO.. it gives a really good energy boost without that unpleasant jittery feeling that you can get from so many pre workouts.. give it a try.. I am sure you will be happy with its effects… please come back and tell me how you get on if you do buy.. Thanks Paul


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