Niacin – How It Can Help To Lose Weight And Build Larger Muscles

Niacin – How It Can Help To Lose Weight And Build Larger Muscles

Niacin is a member of the B vitamin group..known as Vitamin B3 it is found in some foodstuffs but many people take it in supplement form because of its proven ability to help boost fat burning by increasing the bodies natural revolution-health-wellness-niacin-structuremetabolism..

In bodybuilding circles, it also has a very large fan base due to its ability to dilate blood vessels, ( a process known as vasodilation) to allow improved oxygenated blood flow to pass through the body, nourishing the muscles, helping to improve energy levels, performance and ultimately muscle building results…. The increased flow of oxygen rich blood can also help improve the function of the brain, boosting general cognitive function, focus and memory

Niacin also has another trick up its sleeve… it has a direct link to the natural production of Human Growth Hormone ( HGH)

Niacin And HGH

HGH is a naturally occurring hormone produced largely by the pituitary gland.. it has many functions including cell renewal, it boosts the immune system, improve healing and recovery, it can also help by maintaining bone density, reducing excess body fat, increasing muscle growth, libido, and improving both moods and sleep quality… It’s a very important hormone, but regretfully is one that (as we get older) depletes as we get older…..

Many people have tried to boost HGH by having injections of synthetic HGH, these can be extremely costly and potentially dangerous to health…. Its also an issue that has in some cases lead to some athletes being banned from completion…

niacinExperts generally agree that the best way to boost your HGH is by naturally encouraging the pituitary glands to make more of this essential hormone… Although quite a few foods stuffs contain niacin, it’s generally considered that supplementation is the best way forward.

Studies On Niacin

Niacins affect on HGH was discovered literally by accident.. at the time the study team were looking at the reported cholesterol lowering benefits of niacin rather than anything else… A number of people aged between 34 and 47 were given daily dose of 500mg Niacin…. after the test period, their blood was tested and it was discovered that the levels of HGH had increased noticeably..

Other studies have recorded similar results, with HGH levels being increased by between 400 and 600%


It might not yet be totally clear why Niacin has such a positive effect on many aspects of our health, but clinical trials have demonstrated that taking it on daily basis, can help you lose weight, build larger, stronger muscles, perform better in bed and think more clearly.

Quite frankly its something that everybody should consider.

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