NiacinMax Review

NiacinMax Review

NiacinMax, The Most Effective Way To Take Niacin, Helping You To Burn Fat, And Build Muscle

Niacinmax is the latest product to hit the shelves in the fight to burn unwanted fat, while at the same time help users build muscle mass, boost energy levels and increase overall performance

Unlike most supplements, NiacinMax is not supplied as a pill or a powder that you have to mix and drink…

Instead, it is supplied in one of the most effective ways of delivering nutrients –

An Oral spray that uses transdermal delivery to pass the effective nutrients directly from the mouth into the blood stream.

This helps to avoid the digestive systems (where up to 75% of all effectiveness can be destroyed), getting them to work quickly and effectively.

How Can NiacinMax Help Me

Niacinmax works by delivering a potent dose of Niacin (VitaminB3) directly into the blood stream….

This causes the blood vessels to dilate ( known as vasodilation) allowing a greater supply of oxygen rich blood to flow around the body nourishing the muscles, organs and brain…

This helps to boost energy levels, increases performance ( and results from your workouts), as well as boosting natural brain function helping you to focus and concentrate for longer…

Another benefit of taking Niacinmax is its ability to help naturally boost the production of HGH.

This crucial hormone is often lacking as we get older, and its effects are far reaching.

It can help maintain good lean muscle, reducing unwanted or stored body fat.

It can also encourage muscle growth alongside a very welcome side effects of increasing libido and sexual response..

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The Formula In NiacinMax

Each dose (3 sprays) of NiacinMax contains 15mg of pure niacin (VitaminB3)..

Because of the effectiveness of oral sprays, the doses are smaller than those found in pills, this is due to the fact that so much (up to 75%) of a pills effectiveness is lost during its transit though the digestive system.

Using NiacinMax

Simply spray 3 times under your tongue first thing in the morning..

Try to wait at least 10 minutes before eating breakfast.. The best results are achieved when taken 3-4 hours before working out..

Those who workout daily, or at least 5 times a week can repeat about 3-4 hours before bedtime

Users Feedback

As a new product, independent reviews are still quite hard to find, but having read the reportimg-600percent-clock1s of the tests and trials during its development, we can confirm that overall results are largely positive, with test subjects reporting noticeable differences in both energy levels, fat loss and muscle growth.

As more independent reviews surface, we will post details here

Reported Side Effects

There have been no adverse reactions reported to date

Niacin Flush

One potential affect of taking niacin supplementation is the Niacin Flush….

This is a perfectly normal and we must stress safe effect that can cause some users to experience mild redness ( flushing) and tingling across the neck, arms, chest and shoulders around 10 minutes after taking the supplement..

This is due to the increased flow in oxygenated blood flowing around the body ( some users actually enjoy the sensation)….

It’s actually a sign that the product is working, and will in most cases disappear in around 10 minutes or less.. as the body get used to the supplement, the effects will usually reduce until they are non existent..

Where To Buy NiacinMax

The only place to buy genuine niacinmax spray is from the official website (

A bottle of the spray containng 45 applications will cost $39.99 (£29.99).. with FREE worldwide shipping

The makers do offer some good discounts for larger orders.. we recommend that you buy 2 boxes for $79.98 and you will get a 3rd box FREE

Fully Guaranteed Results67day-guarantee

If you buy Niacinmax and after using as directed, fail to see the results you desire, you can return the product within 67 days for a full refund

Our Thoughts

NiacinMax is a well researched, easy to take supplement that numerous clinical trials prove works…

If you want to boost energy levels, burn more fat and build better, stronger muscles, the natural effect of NiacinMax is one that you have to experience…

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