Now T-Lean Extreme Review

Now T-Lean Extreme Review

Can You Get Lean And Ripped With Now T-Lean?

Is green tea really the secret to shredding fat?

This supplement seems to thinks so ­– it relies on the standardised green tea tl1n_bottle_1extract GreenSelect® Phytosome, which is clinically proven to help the body maintain a healthy metabolic rate to drive weight loss.

Now T-Lean Extreme Now also cotains ForsLean, which support the production of muscle tissue and assists the breakdown of adipose tissue for use in energy production.  The final piece of the puzzle? Caffeine, which as you know increases energy levels, endurance, alertness and muscle coordination.

So just how effective in Now T-Lean Extreme at getting the body into optimal fat-burning condition?

Now T-Lean Extreme’s formula

The manufacturer’s website fully discloses everything that’s included here. There are some well known natural extracts here ­- here’s what you’re looking at:

  • Green tea extract (300mg)
  • ForsLean (250mg)
  • Natural caffeine (150mg)
  • Cayenne pepper (20mg)
  • Ginger root (20mg)
  • Cinnamon bark (20mg)

SF.US.42303036334c47474336.1Directions For Use

Take two capsules each day.

User Feedback

The consensus here seems to be that this product isn’t the most powerful, but represents good value for money.

Many users say they can feel some differences in body temperature when using this supplement, and in terms of results have seen better muscle definition, a flatter stomach and more charged workouts. Some people also mention that they experience a suppressed appetite as a result of using Now T-Lean, helping them achieve their weight loss.

It’s not great reviews across the board, though – some people claim to have experienced no results as all after using this product.

sample reviews courtesy of amazon



Reported Side Effects

A handful of people mention experiencing side effects including dizziness and an upset stomach.

Where To Buy Now T-Lean Extreme,,,,, and a stack of other reputable retailers carry this product.

Prices vary, but at, a bottle with 60 capsules will set you back $14.99.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

We can’t see any indication of a manufacturer-backed satisfaction guarantee here, sorry!

Our Thoughts

T-Lean extreme does contain some natural stimulants that should help boost metabolism and therefore trigger some fat burning…

Its not the strongest product that we have ever reviewed, but it should deliver some mild results for many users.. That said If you are on serious cutting cycle or have a lot of weight to lose, you could well find it a bit underpowered and therefore ineffective…

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