Octopamine – Does It Really Help Burn Fat

What is Octopamine

Octopamine is a metabolite of Synephrine… a stimulant compound that is believed to generate mild fat burning effects.

First discovered in 1940 in the salivary glands of Octopus, it is said to be the octopamine-structure1animal/insect worlds version of adrenaline.. It is also a trace amine found in the human brain where it interacts with the signalling the bodies production of catecholemines.. it is very similar to both synephrine and tyramine and is largely responsible for the body’s natural production of synephrine.

Banned this year by the World Doping Authority (WDA) because of its stimulatory effects, its effects as a health supplement are largely unproven, with virtually no clinical testing having been carried out on human test subjects.

Also Known As

  • Norsynephedrine
  • p-hydroxyphenlethanolamine
  • Norphen
  • Norsympatol
  • Norfenerine

Relevant Uses

There has been just one uncontrolled and unproven study that demonstrated a very slight ability to help reduce stress incontinence in female test subjects who took doses of between 15 and 30mg daily. – Read Study Here

Octopamine As Fat Burning Supplement

There have been no studies whatsoever that have looked into the potential for fat burning.. in fact there are no details of ANY controlled clinical studies looking into any health issues that involve the use of Octopamine supplementation on humans.

Untested and Unproven…. we suggest that until such times that its effectiveness and more importantly, its safety is proven in tests involving humans, that any product containing Octopamine is avoided..

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