Olympian Labs Max Cuts – Fat Burner Review

Olympian Labs Max Cuts – Fat Burner Review

Ready To Get Ripped (Off) ?

Created by Olympian Labs, Max Cuts claims to help you gain serious muscle mass, help you hit maximum muscle pump and take your energy levels to the next level to help you train like never before.

With a thermogenic blend to fuel workouts, Max Cuts also promises toimage_27717_original_X_450_white accelerate fat loss, boost your focus while working out and support quick recovery between workouts.

Is there anything this supplement can’t do? Let’s take a look.

Olympian Labs Max Cuts – Extreme Fat Burner’s Formula

Here’s what you’ll find in this fat burner:

  • Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (3g)
  • Caffeine (125mg)

Plus a Thermogenic blend totalling 590mg, made up of unknown amounts of each of the following:

  • Kola nut extract
  • Cinnulin PF
  • Forskolin
  • White willow bark extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Guarana seed extract
  • Gotu kola extract
  • Mustard seed powder
  • Astragalus extract

Directions for Use

Olympian_Labs_MaxCuts_at_Bodybuilding_com__Best_Prices_for_MaxCutsTake three capsules in the morning and two at lunchtime, both with a glass of water.

User Feedback

There isn’t a lot of user feedback here actually, but what we’ve come across is largely positive.

There are reports of good increases in energy levels, the ability to lift much heavier weights in the gym, greater capacity for cardio and impressive muscle pump. Some users have also experienced impressive fat loss.

Most people also enjoy that this supplement delivers a ‘clean’ energy hit without any light-headedness or jitters.

We can’t find much by way of negative feedback..

Reported Side Effects

There’s no major concerns, but the high amount of stimulants could potentially cause some users issues – the shakes, jitters and sleeplessness are all possible

Where to buy Olympian Labs Max Cuts – Extreme Fat Burner

You can find this supplement at Drugstore.com, Amazon.com, Bodybuilding.com, Astronutrition.com, Allstarthealth.com and iHerb.com for starters. In fact, you’re spoilt for choice. A tub of 150 capsules (30 days supply) costs anything between $23 – $68

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

We can’t find any evidence of a money back guarantee here unfortunately.

Our Thoughts

Taking everything into account, and especially after reading user reviews, it certainly looks like this product can deliver some decent results…. It is however very high in various stimulants that could cause some unpleasant issues like the shakes, jitters and problems sleeping in some users….

We do also have strong doubts about manufacturers who hide quite extensive ingredient lists behind undisclosed proprietary blends.. quite simply you do not know how much of any of the key ingredients are in the mix, or in fact if there is actually enough of them in each serving to actually work…. with Max Cuts, squeezing 10 ingredients into tiny 590mg blend tells us that there is not a lot of anything in the mix.

Might work for some users, but for us, we don’t think its good enough….

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