One XS Weight Loss Pill Review

One XS Weight Loss Pill Review

Just How Good Is One XS at Helping You To Lose Weight?

One XS Weight Loss Pils are a dual action appetite suppressant and fat burning supplement made by California based Young You International (AKA Young You Corp)

They are an established supplement manufacturer, who despite having had several run-in’s with the FDA over illegal ingredients still manufacture and supply several weight loss products..

Its funny however, for an established manufacturer, they don’t appear to have an official website or an official sales page

The makers make some bold claims, describing the product as an extra strength fat burner and appetite suppressant, with some claims that users can lose between 18-20 lb per month by using it.

Whats In The Formula

The formula appears to be fully disclosed, a good thing in our books, we really do not like those undisclosed blends or complexes that hide the full details from you

One XS Weight Loss Pill contains:

  • Caffeine 200mg
  • Green coffee bean 175mg
  • Yohimbe 150mg
  • Garcina Cambogia 100mg
  • Aloe Ferox 5mg
  • Guarana 5mg
  • L-Carnitine 5mg
  • Citrus Aurantium 5mg

How To Take One XS Weight Loss Pill 

The daily dose is just one capsule within 20 minutes of eating breakfast with at least 8oz of water

Users Feedback

The only place where there are lots of reviews are on Amazon.. here the feedback range from those users who report great weight loss through to those who did not experience any positive effects at all… there are quite a few reports of unpleasant side effects too.

Its common knowledge that amazon uses professional reviewers who are often paid for, or given the products for free in return for good feedback… it makes the validity of these reviews rather questionable, so its worth bearing this in mind when deciding whether to buy or not.

sample reviews courtesy of amazon

Any Side Effects

The high level of stimulants in this product make side effects an almost 100% certainty.. at best users will probably experience the shakes, jitters, anxiety and problems sleeping if they take it later in the day.

Where To Buy One XS Weight Loss Pill 

Amazon does appear to be the main stockist, here it is sold in a two bottle bundle containing 60 days supply for $63.99 (at 1 pill per day)

Any Cash Back Guarantee

Amazon mentions a cash back guarantee, but actually gives no actual in-depth information, we have discovered that this only applies to unopened products that are returned within 15 days.. If you actually open and try the product you will NOT get your money back

Our Thoughts

Packed with so many stimulants that its almost certainly going to cause some side effects, what is more the makers deciding to include Yohimbe astounds us… banned in many countries but still inexplicably legal in the US , Yohimbe is listed on the FDA’;s dangerous ingredient list for its reported side effects.. some of these can be life changing and include (but not limited to):

Insomnia, irritability, headaches, skin flushing, tachycardia, nausea, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, weight gain, sweating, constipation,

More about Yohimbe

Citrus Autrantium is another ingredient that concerns us, commonly used in diet pills as a replacement for the now banned ingredient Ephedra, experts believe that it is likely to cause the same side effects that saw Ephedra banned in the first place – the trouble is with this ingredient is that it lacks human testing, so we really do not know its true effects

More About Citrus Aurantium

To be blunt, there is no way that we can ever recommend this product, its packed with stimulants alongside two potentially dangerous ingredients..(and very little else).. sure it might help you lose some weight – but at what cost???

We would strongly advise giving this one a wide berth and instead, checking out our list of reliable, and safe fat burners that really do work…

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