Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner Review

Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner Review [Updated 2024]

This article is dedicated to my Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner review, its a specially developed fat burner aimed at helping you lose hard to shift body fat while safeguarding that hard earned muscle mass and tone.

I will set out details of the formula, and how it works. The review also gives you information on how to take it, users feedback, any side effects and also should you wish to try it, where to buy at the best price.

performance lab SPORT Fat Burner

Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner Review

Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner is one of the flagship products made by UK based Performance Lab. 

Made in an FDA approved facility in the US, They offer a full range of natural supplements that include products to support your sleep, sight, mind, digestion as well as whole multi vitamins and a range of sports supplements including post and pre workout, testosterone booster and this, their specially developed fat burner.

Performance Lab are well known for their attention to detail, their simple but effective formulas and an excellent customer service record. 

They do not rely on eye catching, over hyped marketing or extreme packaging, what you get from them are good, honest, simple, effective and most importantly safe all natural supplements that all stack well with each other.

They are well known for their willingness to invest in top quality ingredients, with many being standardised to the highest purity for consistency and potency.

Looking For The Official Performance Lab Website? Click Here

What Can Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner Do For Me?

  • Promotes effective fat burning and weight loss
  • Increases thermogenesis, raising metabolism
  • Provides extra performance 
  • Help you to lose weight with no need for stimulants
  • Protects existing muscle mass

It is also gluten and soy free, its capsules are ‘plantcaps’ which means they are made entirely from plant based materials, making them 100% suitable for vegans.

performance lab sport fat burner capsules


Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner is a thermogenic fat burning supplement, by this we mean that it works to boost the bodies core temperature slightly, this increase metabolism and naturally speeds the natural fat burning process.

Where it differs to many products is that it does not contain any stimulants like caffeine, bitter orange, guarana or yohimbe. 

These are known to cause some users side effects such as headaches, the shakes or jitters and problems sleeping.

With no stimulants at all in the formula, you can take Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner without worrying about any ill effects.

Cuts Fat Without Losing Muscle Mass

Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner has been designed to work alongside fasted training – the act of training on an empty stomach, experts believe its the fastest way to cut fat, especially from problem areas such as the hips, thighs and belly.

Traditionally its a hard practice to follow as without food, many find that they simply do not have sufficient energy reserves to complete a hard workout. Also exercising while low on nutrients can mean that the body turns to muscle cells as a source of energy. This obviously means that you could lose muscle tone and size alongside  body fat – something you want to avoid at all costs.

The formula in Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner has been selected because it delivers select nutrients to help provide energy while working out without the body having to turn to muscle to power their exercise routines. 

This means that hard earned muscle mass is untouched.

The Formula In Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner

performance ab sport fat burner ingredients

The formula is a mix of four key ingredients that provide support to those exercising while in a fasted state;

Forslean 250mg – A top quality brand of coleus forskohlii extract, this boosts cAMP, which means that it triggers a biological chain of events that ends up in the production of the known fat splitting enzyme ‘lipase’. It i also a quality testosterone booster that has proven in studies to be effective at boosting fast fat loss without compromising on muscle mass

Capsimax 50mg – A patented form of capsicum extract. It has been proven in intensive studies that the capsaicin found in red peppers helps to boost thermogenesis and as a result increase the natural metabolism of the body. This triggers the fat burning processes, leading to good levels of weight loss. 

Capsimax is recognised as the best form of red paper extract available today.

HMB (B-Hydroxy B-Methylbutyrate) 1000mg – A metabolite of the well known amino acid leucine. This works by neutralising the enzyme that destroys muscle mass that is released when the body trains while lacking in calories. (fasted training).

The makers used HMB because it has shown in studies that it has great ability to boost muscle and strength, especially when taken alongside both strength and resistance training

Bioperine 2.5mg – a standardised extract of black pepper that works to increase the bioavailability and absorption of the other key ingredients. It too has fat burning properties in its own right

How To Take Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner

It has been designed to be taken alongside low calorie dieting and exercise. 

The makers recommend taking 2 capsules per day – preferably 15 minutes before hitting the gym. This can be increased up to a maximum of 4 (per day) if required.

Any Known Side Effects?

There have been no reports of any adverse side effects. 

What we do recommend however is that if you are on any long term medication, or are a women who is pregnant or breast feeding that you double check with your doctor before taking – 

Just to make sure that no interactions take place that could affect your health.

What Do Users Say about Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner

There are some great testimonials out there from men and women who have used Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner. 

They love the way that it helps boost their results when working out in a fasted condition, or while on a low calorie diet. Energy levels are elevated and fat loss has been shown to be considerable.

There are reports of good fat loss from hard to shift areas like the hips and thighs.

To sum up, users have found that Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner delivers on its claims and promises – something you wont find too much of in this industry.

Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner FAQ

Q Who Makes Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner

A Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner is made by UK based Opti Nutra, an established supplement manufacturer, recognised globally for their innovative and effective supplements – they are already known for their innovative nootropic Mind Lab Pro

Q Who Can Take Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner

A This product is suitable for any adult, both male and female who wants to to control their body weight and get rid of unwanted body fat

Q Does Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner Contain Any Caffeine?

A No the formula is free from caffeine and other unwanted stimulants

Q How Does Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner Work?

A It works by gently boosting the bodies, natural fat burning processes. It increases the natural metabolism, slightly boosting the body temperature, as a direct result this naturally increases the speed and amount of stored fat that is burnt for energy

Q Is Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner Safe To Take?

A Absolutely, there is nothing in the formula that will cause any harm or side effects to the majority of users.
All I would say is that if you are taking any long term medication, its always wise to double check with your doctor before taking this or ANY supplement in case there are any drug interactions.

Q I live in Australia – Can I Buy Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner Here?

A Yes the makers ship worldwide daily. With a few exceptions they regularly supply buyers in Australia, Canada, UK, US, EU, Ireland and parts of Asia

Q I Am A Vegetarian – Can I Take Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner

A Yes there is no animal based products in the mix, the capsules themselves are plant caps – made from 100% plant based compounds

Where Can I Buy Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner

performance lab official website

If you fancy experiencing the effects of Performance Lab ® SPORT Fat Burner, you can buy direct from the official website (Click Here).

A bottle containing a months supply will cost you $50.00 ( in the UK £40)

You can save 5% by ordering 2 bottles and 10% when buying 3 bottles.

Shipping is worldwide and the makers offer a 30 day cash back guarantee on all orders – basically if you take any performance lab product a directed for 30 days and are unhappy with the results, you can return the empty bottle plus any unopened bottles for a full refund.


Theres very little to dislike about SPORT fat burner, its simple yet effective formula certainly seems to deliver results, especially when working out alongside low calorie diets.

The saying “Less is More” certainly applies to this product..

Performance Lab® SPORT Fat Burner will certainly trigger fat loss regardless of wether you are doing fasted training or not, but this is where it really comes into its own.

Its well worth checking out!.

You Can Find Out More About This And in fact The Whole Performance Lab® Range of Supplements At

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