Performix SST Review

Claiming To Be A Super Thermogenic… But Just How Good Is Performix SST?

We Find Out…..


Supplement manufacturer Performix sell a thermogenic fat burning supplement through GNC simply called SST (Suspension Super Thermogenic)

Designed to boost energy and also trigger the natural fat burning processes to help with weight loss, at first glance Performix SST promises so much… But Does It Deliver??

The Formula in Performix SST

Regretfully it appears that Performix are rather coy about letting us know exactly what is in the mix.. they do disclose the actual ingredients, just not how much of anything is in each serving….

With the exception of Niacin (10mg) and Vitamin B12 (1000mcg) the amounts of everything else is undisclosed and squeezed into a proprietary blend totalling 322mg

  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Ashwangandha
  • Bitter Orange ( Synephedrine)
  • Huperzine
  • Yohimbine
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Bioperine



Take 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach

Do Not Take Within 6 Hours Of Bedtime and avoid anything else containing caffeine while taking this supplement

Users Feedback

GNC do show a mixed bag of reviews, on the plus side, some users did experience greater energy, but on the down side some reported disturbed sleep, the shakes and anxiety – this is no doubt to the mix of stimulants..

The facts are that very few people actually speak about losing unwanted fat with this product…

Where To Buy Performix SST

GNC are a main supplier – expect to pay anything between $59.99 and $99.99 for a months supply

sample reviews courtesy of GNC



Any Cash Back Guarantees

There are none provided – which for a product this expensive is actually disappointing.

Our Thoughts

With a real mixed bag of both positive results and sheer disappointment from users of Performix SST – we decided to have a real in depth look at the formula to se if this supplement has any chance of living up to its hype…

Caffeine is one of the main ingredients and to be fair it’s found in many thermogenic fat burners… it helps to raise the body’s natural temperature, increasing the metabolism and as a result can help to boost energy and increase your fat burning ability..

More About Caffeine

Looking at some of the other ingredients in the mix:

Ashwagandha – natural herbal extract popular in indian traditional medicine… it has been shown to have a positive effect on stress, and can help reduce cholesterol…. it has also shown to be able to reduce fatigue…. It has (however) also been linked to causing burning and inflammation in some male users genitals – something that should always be considered before taking anything containing Ashwagandha.. No Proven Thermogenic properties whatsoever..

Bitter Orange (Synephedrine) a popular replacement for the now banned Ephedrine…It has similar properties to Ephedrine. but overall is largely untested and unproven in humans test subjects.. it has been linked to similar side effects that include, Heart Problems, Increased Blood Pressure and fainting.. it also has the tendency to make fair skinned users more sensitive to sunlight.

More About Bitter Orange

Yohimbine – In the correct dose, Yohimbine has been shown to be an effective fat burning compound… however , its effects are only any good if used while fasting.. if you eat while taking this, its effects are virtually 100% reduced.. Yohimbine is actually on the FDA list of dangerous ingredients and has been banned in some countries, it has been shown to cause panic attacks, dizziness, hallucinations and both renal and heart failure

More About Yohimbine

Mucuna Pruriens – also known as velvet bean, it is popular in male enhancement supplements and this is due to its recognised ability to improve sexual function, fertility and performance.. has no recognised fat burning properties whatsoever…

Overall – Ineffective at Best – Potentially Dangerous At Worst

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30 thoughts on “Performix SST Review”

  1. I really wish I read these reviews before I made my purchase! They do NOTHING they are marketed to do. I’ve taken the two pills and fallen right to sleep on more than one occasion. I really feel like I was duped by GNC. They feature this product as a best seller and really pushed it in the store. They make me irritable and my nose runs(which I attributed to allergies before I read others experienced the same thing, despite the fact I’ve never suffered from allergies)
    Congrats GNC, you’ll be dealing with a super agitated woman with a runny nose who wants her money back! WORST PRODUCT EVER!! I would have been better off eating a coffee bea every morning.

  2. A patient at my hospital was recently treated for a massive heart attack after taking this supplement. He was a healthy 22-year old with no previous medical conditions and not taking any other supplements or medications. As a pharmacist, I strongly warn against using this product.

  3. I just started taking it and it’s the first supplement I’ve tried ever, and it works fine. Boosted energy and helps me at the gym. I am a coffee drinker so it really doesn’t affect me with jitters or anxiety like it does to others. Honestly if you don’t drink coffee, don’t try this, look for a non thermogenic. For those who do drink coffee, give t a try! It honestly isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. If you’re wanting to lose weight, this does work. I’ve been working out and drinking a ton of water with this and I’m down 6 pounds! Drinking a ton of water is key with this supplement.

    • Hi Marah, Its nice to finally hear from someone who actually found that SST helped them… too many people found that it doesn’t work, so to hear from someone who saw some results is a refreshing change.. Thanks for your message..

      • I love my Performix SST, it gives me that extra boost of energy I need throughout the day. The first few day of taking it I did notice I had a hard time sleeping but now I sleep fine throughout the night. It is also helping me clean out….it keeps things moving. I have only been taking it for a week and have noticed a change in my waist area, the fat is burning off me finally. I am in my 40’s and needed the extra help burning off the fat. I do eat healthy and exercise daily but still found it difficult to loose that extra off my waist, but thanks to this product I am noticing a difference already. I’m sorry to hear this isn’t working for everyone but for me it WORKS. Love it!!!

        • Hi Stephanie…. I am glad that you find Performix SST working for you… its a shame that so many people don’t enjoy the same results..

      • I drink coffee mainly bc it’s a habitual thing in my morning routine. Not that I need it! And with a change of caloric intake and a good workout regimen it was within 3 weeks. Our bodies fluctuate so often so don’t be hard on yourself in the beginning! You will see results. Just be patient and consistent.

  4. I think this stuff effects some people differently. Upon taking it I begin to have cold like symptoms, runny nose, congestion,etc. I haven’t noticed a boost in energy I become extremely irritable but the “chill phase” for me at least is depression. I first noticed it with the first bottle but thought it was all in my head. I’m 2/3 through the second bottle and the depression has significantly increased. I through it out just now and was wondering if anyone was experiencing something similar.
    It’s not working well for me but for some it might be worth the shot. Not for me

    • Seriously as weird as this sounds I am SO HAPPY I found this review . I feel the same way . I take it I get a runny nose I work out feel fucking invincible then once I get home I am in such a funk I can’t even function. Today it came to tears . I just dumped the rest of the bottle away because this is not ok .

      • I have been taking this product for about a week. usually with fat burners i will take 1 pill to start and then taper, because some of these products can be dangerous if you are not careful. I finally took the reccomended 2 doses today, and I felt sooooooo anxious and jittery. I also had runny nose. I did workout like i was invincible, but after my workout when i went to work, the weird symptoms started hitting me. I was really nervous and could barely function until it wore off. It made me scared. i will go back to my pill a day.

  5. What products would you recommend for weight loss I have tryed so many alli hydroxi cut all kinds with little to no results the sst by preformix worked but the anxiety and heat racing combine with jitters was to much for me I’m thinking of giving it a nother shot though it’s the only thing I found that works

    • I’m not technical over weight I weight 155 I’m 5 foot 7 so I’m pretty close medically but for my sanders I am I normal weigh 120 to 130 max even aft my first child unfortunately after my decontamination I can’t liar the baby weight

  6. The preformix sst really does work I lost 4 lbs in one day crazy I know I looked slimmer the very next day and I’m a skeptical person so it wasn’t a plusebo effect that being said I felt to jittery and anxious top it off with my hear beating a mile a min and my normal low blood breast sky rocketing to high levels I stopped taking it i after two days the gnc rep said I should have given it a week to a just but no thanks I only took one pill and felt really bad at the end of the day so no thanks taking two they do give u a thirty day money back garnett at gnc and had no problems when I returned it

    • hi Amanda, apologies for being slow to reply, have just returned from vacation… Your experience with SST is pretty common.. it can provide some results, thats for sure, but as we mentioned in our review, some of the ingredients are not good… one in fact (yohimbe) is banned in many countries due to its harsh side effects..we have heard from many people who have experienced racing heart beat, and anxiety to name just a few… Bitter Orange (synephedrine) is another one, its very similar to Ephedrine – another banned compound and so far, studies have shown that its just as likely to provide some quite nasty side effects….

      If I was pushed to recommend a product that would without doubt work for you, it would have to be Instant Knockout ( you can read our full review on this site) its a very cleverly thought out and scientifically formulated product that contains just the right balance of stimulants and essential vitamins to really trigger weight loss without causing a whole host of side effects.. Hope this helps…. and please let me know how you get on.. Thanks Paul

    • Not At All.. we have carried out a lot of in depth research into many of the popular fat burners and if you look at our recommended page we actually recommend 5 products that all deliver fantastic results….

  7. ok, so you are recommending Knockout for Men but what about for women?
    I just bought SST 2 days ago and have yet to experience anything?

    • Hi Kim… to be really honest, we don’t rate SST at all…. added to that we are concerned about the inclusion of yohimbe.. its banned in some countries and is currently on the FDA’s dangerous ingredient list… when taken in excess (the makers of SST do not disclose how much is in the formula) it has been linked to some really nasty side effects as detailed in our review…. As for Instant Knockout.. it was originally marketed towards male users, but many women use it to great effect..All the manufacturers recommend is that women should ideally start at half dose and build up over a few days to assess their tolerance..

  8. I’ve been taking the pills for about 2 months now this is my second bottle. The first bottle I saw a boost of energy may be the first couple days then I found nothing Midway. Then again towards the end of the bottle I noticed another boost in energy. So I went ahead and purchased the second bottle but see nothing at all this time. they were actually on sale at GNC I paid over $70 the first time only 60 this time I think they’re putting placebos in the bottles now there’s nothing happening! Don’t waste your money!

  9. Hi Matthew… You have taken over double the recommended dose… You will probably feel some effects because of that, especially as this product is quite highly packed with stimulants…its possible that you might feel your heart beating faster than normal and you may feel shaky or jittery and you could have trouble sleeping tonight – It should pass without any problems, but I would not take any pills tomorrow just to make sure that you get it all out of your system….

    Obviously it goes without saying that if you start to feel rather unwell, you should see a doctor as soon as possible – and take the box of pills with you so they know exactly what you have taken..

    • I do not feel any effects of this. Is this normal? GNC told me that it is still working, but I don’t feel any different. I am eating the same, working out the same, but after the first few days, no boost in energy, I don’t feel the chill stages.. I just want to know if I am wasting my money

      • Hi Rachael… From our research, we found that quite a few users experienced the same with SST.. personally we don’t rate this product at all, and as you can see from our review on this page, there are some potential risks from some of the ingredients..

        To be brutally honest we think that Instant Knockout is a far better product – a good mix of stimulants, vitamins and minerals that will ( we can tell you from our own personal experience) work really will feel and see that one working for sure….


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