Does Rauwolscine Have Any Fat Burning Properties

Rauwolscine is a molecule taken from the tree family Rauwolfia.. native to rauwolscinetropical areas, including South Africa, one close relative is the Quinine Tree.

It is very similar in structure to Yohimbine with reported similar effects..and is easily confused with the same. Some would say that it’s potentially more powerful, but there is limited clinical evidence to support these claims.

It can also be seen on supplement labels as Alpha-Yohimbine or isoyohimbine

Safe Doses

There is a distinct lack of any clinical testing or recommendations as to safe or effective doses.. it is suggested to use similar doses as Yohimbine ( max 15mg)

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Uses For Rauwolscine

Rauwolscine is included in a number of health products – largely fat burners… it certainly has apparent fat burning potential, but unlike its nearest alternative Yohimbine, it has been subjected to virtually no clinical testing whatsoever..

This means that its effects of humans is unknown and unverified – along with it – it’s safety or toxicity.

Its actions are similar to Yohimbe, it acts as an Alpha(2)Adrenergic antagonist and aids in fat burning.. not so much by inducing the actual fat loss, but by reducing the pressure that the body naturally exerts to prevent fat loss.. in other words, it stops the body stopping the fat loss..

It is said to work well with other stimulants such as caffeine, but like Yohimbine its affects are negated by food intake, so is best taken when fasting.


With virtually no testing or any information on recommended doses etc, and until any such testing has been undertaken, completed and the results published, that its not recommended to take any supplement that contains Rauwolscine

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