Rockstar Skinny Gal Fat Burner For Women Review

Rockstar Skinny Gal Fat Burner For Women Review

Claiming to Be The #1 Fat Burner For Women, But Does It Live Up To Its Hype And Promises?

rockstar skinny galRockstar Skinny Gal is an all natural fat burning supplement popular on Amazon that specifically aimed at women who want to lose weight.

The makers (Rockstar) tell us that their product is extremely potent, but also safe for the female body, so much so that they claim it is the #1 product of its type

Intrigued, we decided to have good in-depth look at the product, and try to ascertain if it really does live up to it’s marketing hype

The Formula In Rockstar Skinny Gal Fat Burner

The Formulas is partially disclosed on the product label.. The makers are completely open about the first 4 ingredients on the list:

  • Garcinia Cambogia 40mg
  • African Mango 25mg
  • Conjugated Linoeic Acid (CLA) 15mg
  • White Kidney Bean 10mg


Then they go and spoil it all by listing the remaining 12 ingredients in an undisclosed proprietary blend totalling 235mg – we know whats in the mix, but they prefer to keep the crucial information of the actual dosage of each to themselves

It Includes unknown amounts of:

  • Caffeine
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Green Coffee
  • Hoodia
  • 5-HTP
  • Turmeric
  • Guarana
  • Rhodiola
  • Cayenne
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Papaya
  • L-Arginine

rockstar skinny gal ingredientsHow To Take Rockstar Skinny Gal Fat Burner

The suggested daily serving is 1 capsule daily with food

User Feedback On Rockstar Skinny Gal

Reviews on Amazon are the usual mix of the largely positive ‘paid for’ reviews, so commonly found on Amazon and the ones from verified users who tell a different story…. most of these are quite negative with reports of little or no results, along with some unwanted side effects.

Another common comment seems to be that many shipments are received with open seals or no seals on the bottle at all…

All in all, its an equal split, it just depends if you feel you can trust the ‘paid for’ feedback

sample independant verified reviews courtesy of amazon

Reported Side Effects

There are a number of reports of stomach issues, chest discomfort, headaches and nausea

Where To Buy Rockstar Skinny Gal Fat Burner

Amazon is a main re-seller.. here to can buy a bottle containing 60 servings which will cost you $28.45

Cash Back Guarantee?

The marketing hype talks about a 30 day cash back guarantee, but we could not find any more information, or if it applies to opened bottles… Amazon simply refer you back to the manufacturer

Our Final Thoughts And Conclusion

Ok, lets get to the point.. There are a large number of good fat burning and appetite suppressing ingredients in Rockstar Skinny Gal Fat Burner, so on paper it should be a decent product.

That said, the issue is that there is not enough of anything for it to really have any effect… Looking at the proprietary blend for a minute, cramming 12 ingredients into just 235mg is ridiculous..

Just do the math… there is nowhere near enough of anything in the mix… Even the 4 ingredients that are listed with the amounts per serving are used in really small amounts when compared to other products…

There is no doubt in our mind..Rockstar Skinny Gal Fat Burner is quite simply underpowered and Ineffective 

Save Your Money and Take A Look At A Far Superior Fat Burner That Is Made For Women – 

The Product Is Called Leanbean… It uses a cleverly developed formula that contains a scientifically designed, female friendly balance of natural stimulants (but no caffeine), appetite suppressants, essential minerals and vitamins.lean bean fat burner for women

All ingredients are fully disclosed and the manufacturers also give a 90 day cash back guarantee..

Independent user reviews are all positive – another reason to check it out..

Click Here To Read Our Full Leanbean Female Fat Burner Review

2 thoughts on “Rockstar Skinny Gal Fat Burner For Women Review”

  1. I Have Lost Around Five Pounds.It Really Works.
    give it a try.I didn,t need to loose a whole lot of weight.
    I think it works better for somone who does not need to loose a lot of weight.


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