Sheer Thermo Fat Burner Review

Sheer Thermo Fat Burner Review 

Sheer Thermo: We Cut Through The Hype

81X6PyVzbsL._SX522_If you’ve been having a look around to see what’s out there when it comes to fat burning supplements, chances are you’ll have noticed that lots of manufacturers are keen on making pretty big claims about ‘groundbreaking’, ‘revolutionary’ and ‘life-changing’ products.

Well here’s another. Sheer Thermo by Sheer Strength labs claims to be (wait for it) ‘the most potent and effective thermogenic fat burner available anywhere.’

With ingredients chosen specifically for ‘maximum potency’, this supplement claims to target fat cells to assist weight loss, all while boosting general cognitive ability and focus, fighting cravings and supporting a healthy metabolism

Oh, and it also promises pretty much instant results.

We think it’s time to cut through the hype and see what this supplement’s all about – come take a look…

What’s In Sheer Thermo’s Formula?

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find in this supplement – you’ll be pleased to hear that this is all disclosed by the manufacturer online.

  • Green Tea catechins

These actively attack belly fat and stack with 5-HTP to eliminate food cravings.

  • Bacopa Monnieri 

Helps to boost focus and concentration

  • 5-HTP

Thought to help increase production of serotonin which can help control hunger pangs and cravings

  • Yohimbine

This raises the body’s adrenaline levels and supports a high sex drive.

  • Forskolin

This supports rapid fat burning and helps you maintain a healthy metabolism.

  • Hordenine

This helps you to maintain stable adrenaline levels while stacking with 5-HTP to reduce appetite.

  • Caffeine

This boosts alertness and supports strong cognitive functioning.



How to take Sheer Thermo

The makers suggest that you take 1 capsule in the morning and a second with lunch… if you suffer any reactions to the stimulants you can try just 1 a day, and do not take within 6 hours of going to bed as it could cause sleeplessness.

User Feedback

There are some really strong reviews backing this product. Lots of people report sustained bursts of energy that empower them to tackle workouts, as well as appetite suppression and focus. These people have experienced very impressive fat loss results, and are thrilled with the product.

One point to note however – a number of these positive reviews were written in lieu of receiving the product for free, which somewhat undermines their credibility.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though – a number of people say the supplement doesn’t work at all, and certainly doesn’t live up to its claims. There are repeated reports of unpleasant side effects including jitters, dizziness, sleeplessness, restlessness, constipation, stomach pain and nausea, and others claim that the supplement is not a fat burner but more of a colon cleanse. In fact, there seems to be an endless roll call of side effects and complaints

While there are lots of good reports, the sheer number of unhappy uses is likely to cast doubt for most people.

Where To Buy Sheer Thermo

From what we can see, it looks like you can either pick up this supplement from the manufacturer at, or you can buy it from It costs between $49.95 (recommended price and $24.97 for a bottle of 60 capsules.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

The manufacturer claims that if you’re not happy with your first bottle, they’ll 100% refund it. No further details surrounding the terms and conditions surrounding this offer are supplied.

Our Thoughts

One word strikes dread into us when reviewing this product... Yohimbine.. not to be confused with its sibling Yohimbe... this is a potentially dangerous’s banned in many countries outside the US and is actually on the FDA’s dangerous ingredient list.. Like Yohimbe, Yohimbine has  been linked to many very unpleasant side effects, some that could potentially be life threatening, and we strongly suggest that any product containing it be avoided at all costs.. Read More About Yohimbe Here

Aside from this, Sheer thermo is packed with stimulants which could potentially cause some users to suffer the jitters, shakes or restlessness and problem sleeping.

As far as we are concerned, there are too many negatives surrounding this product for us to even think about recommending it.. sure here are some users that will take it anyway and see some decent results along the way, but we would much prefer to see our readers stay fit, well and safe than suggest that they take a product like this..

There are many better products out there…

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  1. This product does not contain yohimbe, but has yohimbine. There is a difference and the one used in this product IS NOT on the FDA list. I would expect better research before denouncing a product.


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