Skinny Coffee Club Review

Skinny Coffee Club Review

Skinny Coffee Club: A Complete Weight Loss Solution?

Many of us can’t live without a coffee to get us through the morning, but what if your daily energy boost could also help supercharge your weight loss efforts?

UK made Skinny Coffee Club claims to do exactly that, with an all-natural blend specifically formulated to support the metabolism, release sustained energy throughout the day, leave you fuller for longer and burn fat.

It’s certainly backed up by some impressive stats, too. The makers claim that after trying, Skinny Coffee Club:

  • 92% of customers looked noticeably thinner
  • 94% lost weight at a faster rate than normal
  • 97% experienced higher energy levels
  • 92% has an improved complexion

But does it really deliver?

Skinny Coffee Club’s Formula

It’s not the easiest information to find, but we’ve managed to track down Skinny Coffee Club’s formula hidden away in the FAQ of the manufacturer’s website – although there’s not a quantity in sight for any of these ingredients.

Here’s what Skinny Coffee Club contains:

  • Ground coffee
  • Ground green coffee bean extract
  • Green tea extract powder
  • Garcinia cambogia
  • Siberian ginseng powder
  • Spirulina powder

Directions For Use

The manufacturer recommends taking your coffee first thing in the morning so you feel higher energy throughout the day – it looks like it should be made and drank as you would a normal cup of coffee.

User Reviews

While the manufacturer’s website is full of compelling positive testimonials detailing complete body transformation, there’s a bit more to it once you broaden the search.

There is some positive stuff to be found – users say this supplement helps with progress on existing diet plans, but there’s not much out there saying that Skinny Coffee Club is an effective weight loss solution in its own right.

The most common feedback is that this product tastes disgusting. Others claim that Skinny Coffee Club does nothing at all and has even said some people actually put weight on. People also say it’s very expensive for what you get as isn’t as effective as an all-encompassing weight loss supplement.

Reported Side Effects

We’ve found one report of tiredness and lethargy, but nothing more sinister.

Where To Buy Skinny Coffee Club

You have a few different options here.

You can head directly to the manufacturer at Skinnycoffeeclub[dot]com – here you benefit from free global delivery and a range of promotions, including 20% off first orders. Coffee is available in the following quantities:

  • 28 day supply: £24.95 ($35.25)
  • 8 week supply: £39.95 ($56.45)
  • 12 week supply: £59.95 ($84.70)
  • 6 month supply: £99.95 ($141.50)

You can also buy night time formula and day and night packages.

Skinny Coffee Club is also stocked at Holland and Barratt (UK) and Amazon (worldwide)

Cashback Guarantee?

Returns are only accepted if product is unopened – not very helpful if you’re looking to try Skinny Coffee Club and see how it works for you.

Our Thoughts

A lightweight, weakly formulated product, that tastes disgusting and overall isn’t that effective at all… The makers decision to keep the details of the ingredients to them selves doesn’t help either… quite frankly you have no idea if there is even more than trace amounts of the key ingredients in the formula… we doubt if there is much more…

To be honest, you would probably get more of a metabolism boost out of a really good cup of coffee… we wouldn’t waste our money with this one, and recommend that you guys don’t either..

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