Testosterone As A Fat Burner

The Link Between Testosterone And Increased Body Fat

Why You Should Boost Your Testosterone Levels

It’s generally known that men, especially as they start to get that little bit older will put on a bit of excess weight, especially around the abdomen..

It is also recognised that from the age of around 30, our natural testosterone stock-footage-man-measuring-his-belly-pproduction that was at its peak during puberty and throughout our 20’s will start to slow down.

Science has proved that the two changes in our bodies are linked, in that declining testosterone levels has a powerful affect on the amount of body fat that builds up in our body.

Although generally thought to be the older man that suffers this problem, the facts are that many men, even those in their 20’s could be suffering a shortfall and therefore this is why they struggle to lose unwanted fat despite exercising hard and eating sensibly.

Why does Testosterone Play Such a Crucial Role

Testosterone is highly crucial to the way our body deals with glucose, insulin and fat metabolisation.

As our levels fall for any reason ( age or for other reasons) so does its powerful ability to control insulin sensitivity – this has a far reaching effect which can generate the onset of type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and for many – increased body fat.

This causes a never ending spiral…. as our testosterone levels drop, a process known as aromatization increases… caused by a compound found in our adipose tissues called aromatase, this converts testosterone into estrogen, allowing body fat to develop… the more body fat, the greater level of aromatase and the problem just grows and grows.( along with your belly)


IncreaseFitness-300x258Scientific evidence has clearly demonstrated the link between testosterone levels and body fat…

Although many bodybuilders already recognise the positive effects that a testosterone booster can have on workouts and muscle growth…..

Many do not realise that using a good natural testosterone booster will also help control and reduce body fat levels – Wether you work out or not…

A definite Win Win situation all round…

Testosterone Boosters will help any man reduce body fat – as an added bonus they can also help boost muscle tone, energy and strength too….

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