The Unthinkable Food and Fitness Program Review

The Unthinkable Food and Fitness Program Review

Going On Holiday Later This Year? 

Now Is The Time To Do The Unthinkable And Transform Your Body – Look Great In Those Swim Shorts, Rock That Bikini!!

Ladies, Gentlemen, are you ready to hear about the new combined food and fitness program that is now available in the UK? Want to transform your body, and improve your fitness in just 90 days? 

Then You Need To Do The Unthinkable

The Unthinkable is a unique, combined nutrition and fitness program developed by UK based Musclefood. 

All ready the UK’s main online suppliers of high protein ready meals (including curries and pizzas believe it or not!), lean meats and fish, grains, nuts and pulses, alongside a range of sports supplements, Musclefood have now raised the bar to a completely different level and have now added an interactive, 24/7 exercise program that will help you get complete body transformation in just 3 months.

How Does The Unthinkable Work?

The Unthinkable covers all aspects of your body transformation, its well known that losing weight and getting fit, is 70% diet and 30% exercise, and Musclefood are here to help you all the way.

To start, they take complete control of your diet, using your predetermined dietary preferences and choices (there is something for everybody regardless of your dietary requirements). They will supply you with each and every meal that you will need on a weekly basis. This even includes high protein snacks.

Choose from their extensive range of quality, fresh (never frozen) high protein ready meals and simply heat and enjoy with NO PREPARATION, Or if you prefer to prepare and cook your meals from scratch, they will supply you with the recipes and all ingredients required.

You have complete control over your meal choices – all meals are delivered fresh to your door on your chosen day each week.

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The unthinkable meal choices

OK, Thats Your Diet Taken Care Of, Now Lets Plan Your Workouts.

Your Own Personal Trainer 7 days A Week

The Unthinkable personal trainer

Musclefood have put together a fully interactive workout plan that will help you transform your body in just 90 days, working alongside your new, healthy diet, you can use and follow the workouts 24/7 wherever you are by streaming it to your phone, tablet or laptop. If you are at home, you  also follow the exercises on the DVD.

There is no commitment to join an expensive gym, all you need to do is find 3 hours a week to exercise and have place to move. 

Simply follow the Musclefood resident trainer Steve and experienced his team as they work their way through the various exercises, slowly and clearly.

Healthy Eating And A Dedicated Exercise Plan Is A Sure Fire Way To Reach Your Goals, And Look Good On The Beach This Summer.

Why Do The Unthinkable?

  • Unique and revolutionary nutrition and exercise program that is approved by doctors and professional sportspeople including some of Team GB’s most successful athletes
  • Lengthy list of tasty, fresh foods and ready meals that are delivered to your home – Fresh, Never Frozen.
  • 24/7 support, advice and encouragement from Steve and his team at Musclefood.
  • Lively interactive social network with live Q&A
  • Free wallcharts, exercise and recipe plans, and plenty of support when you need it.


Approved By Popular Team GB Athletes

Team GB gymnasts Giarnii Regini-Moran and Daniel Keating both use and recommend The Unthinkable, Olympic swimmer Chris Walker-Hebborn and Paralympian Jessica Jane Applegate are also keen fans.

What Will Doing The Unthinkable Cost Me?

You have several choices, you can follow the program 5 days a week and take the weekends off, this will cost you in the region of £60 per week.

Following the Unthinkable for 6 days a week with just one ‘cheat day’ will cost you about £70. 

For those fully committed to the program and how want to follow it for the full 7 days a week, the cost will be in the region of £80.

THE PRICE INCLUDES – all your meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and snacks, (so no more shopping trips to the supermarket) plus 24/7 access to the full exercise program valued at £300. PLUS the unwavering back up and support of the Musclefood team.

An average meal works out at about £1.90 each – much cheaper than your local Tescos or Sainsburies.

After You Have Completed The Unthinkable

As a reward for your commitment and your body transformation, the guys at Musclefood will send you £50 worth of vouchers, so you can continue with your healthy lifestyle plus a coveted “I did the unthinkable ‘ tee shirt.

How To Sign Up For The Unthinkable

The Unthinkable is only available to UK based customers, to sign up you go to the official website (link below) answer a few healthy and lifestyle questions, choose your first weeks supply of nutritional, high protein, low fat meals and within a few days you will be starting you journey to a new transformed, fitter you.

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