Top Mistakes Women Make With Diets

Top Mistakes Women Make With Diets

Dieting can feel like a bit of a minefield – while we all know that the simple rule to shedding the pounds is to spend more calories than we consume, that still doesn’t mean it’s easy to get right. Unrealistic expectations, conflicting information and bad habits can all contribute to underwhelming results when we step on the scales – and it’s easy to become disheartened when hard work sees little results.

But don’t give up just yet – avoid these key mistakes many women make when dieting and you might just find yourself surprised…

Stop Expecting Miracles

Most diets play some kind of ‘trick’ on the body by cutting out a certain food group or slashing calorie intake, but this tends not to work as inevitably the body will fight back at some point, leaving you disappointed.

A better way to do things is to put wellbeing first and work towards improving overall health, rather than straight weight loss. Tweaks to your lifestyle with this as the end goal will likely come as a secondary effect – as long as feeling happier, healthier and more confident!

Not Compensating Extra Exercise With More Calories

If you’re going about getting fit and toning up the right way, you’ll be exercising much more than usual. If you don’t have enough calories coming into your body to support these heightened levels of activity, your body will use energy by:

  • Lowering the body’s temperature
  • Turning down digestive juices
  • Decreasing the heartbeat
  • Reducing thyroid capacity

While these are all perfectly valued survival reactions, they’re not exactly helpful when it comes to getting the most out of your workout, feeling refreshed and energised and looking great. More food in the tank, however, will support your workouts in exactly the right way – just make sure it’s the right sort!

Not Eating Enough Protein

If your diet is low on protein, you might experience poor results in terms of weight loss. This is because both the liver and its detoxification procedures rely on protein – and because the liver plays a key role in administering glucose and transforming thyroid hormones. So if you’ve been cutting down on the protein, you might want to have a rethink.

Avoiding Sugar

The link between sugar and weight levels is a no brainer, but completely banishing sugar from your diet in the name of fat loss can be a dodgy move, too. Why? Because it disrupts the digestive system and stops the body from being able to store glycogen – this plays an integral role in changing inert thyroid hormone (T4) to the dynamic structure (T3) that keeps the digestion process going properly. 

Skipping Meals

Let’s get this one straight: cutting calories doesn’t mean skipping meals. Not only is this a dodgy tactic in terms of fuelling and nourishing your body, it also makes the likelihood of snacking skyrocket. What’s more, it’s commonly acknowledged that the body simply does its think better when fed with small, regular meals.

Not Exercising Enough

This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s amazing how many women think that they can shed the pounds through diet alone. There’s simply no denying it: in order to lose weight, you need to break a sweat.

But it’s not only about losing weight – exercise gets the blood pumping, the endorphins going and are part and parcel of looking and feeling good about yourself. So think less about weight loss and more about being fit and healthy, and you’re onto a winner!

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