Trimtone Fat Burner Review

TrimtoneThe Latest Female Specific Fat Burner : But Does it Really Work?

bottle fo trimtone fat burner for woman
Trimtone – a purpose made female fat burner and appetite suppressant

If you are an active woman who is struggling to lose that last little bit of unwanted body fat, then you might be interested to learn more about Trimtone, a specially developed fat burner made with the female body in mind.

What Is Trimtone?

Trimtone is the latest product to be developed and released by global superstar supplement manufacturers Swiss Research Labs Ltd.

They have studied the way the female body works in great depth. 

After taking into account the delicate hormonal balances and bodily changes experienced by women.

The makers have developed a specially formulated dual action fat burning and appetite suppressing supplement that is uniquely female focused.

It works alongside the female body to help regulate appetite, reducing emotional eating and the urge to overeat. 

It raises the natural metabolism slightly to trigger the natural fat burning processes.

At the same time provides a feeling of fullness which means that you do not feel hungry.

The formula provides other benefits too, it can help stabilise blood sugar levels and help provide increased energy levels.

The Formula In Trimtone

trimtone ingredient label

The manufactures have put together a cleverly balanced mix of natural fat burning compounds as well as a highly studied and clinically approved appetite suppressant.

Four of the key ingredients are as follows:

Glucommanan – One of the most studied and clinically tested weight loss ingredients of all.

Glucommanan is a natural dietary fibre that when taken in supplement form gently swells in the stomach to provide a feeling of fullness.. 

It’s great at controlling calorie intake, but has other benefits too in that it can control blood sugar levels and help to reduce bad cholesterol.

Green Coffee Bean – A powerful source of caffeine, this works to boost the bodies metabolism by a process known as thermogenesis. 

This helps to increase the bodies core temperature which automatically triggers the natural fat burning processes. 

More calories are burned for fuel, including stored fat reserves which is a great way to lose weight.

A study detailed in the national medicine journal highlighted the positive effect that caffeine has on weight loss.

Green Tea – Another great natural source of caffeine, it helps boost energy, focus and attention. It is also a powerful antioxidant that reduces the cellular damage caused by everyday toxins in the environment.

Grains Of Paradise – A natural herbal extract that is part of he ginger family.

It helps to raise the natural metabolism, warming adipose fat and encouraging its burning for additional energy.

It’s also shown that the process helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and increase energy reserves.

trimtone ingredients

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Trimtone And How It Works

Trimtone is a dual action supplement, it triggers the natural fat burning processes to enable the burning of unwanted body fat. 

It also acts as a powerful appetite suppressant that basically tricks your brain into thinking it’s full, reducing cravings and the need for snacking between meals.

Another benefit is that it can help reduce cholesterol and help to control blood sugar levels.

trimtone bottle and capsules

Trimtone Pro’s and Cons


  • Promotes fast fat loss
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Increases energy reserves
  • Decreases appetite
  • Controls emotional eating


  • Not suitable for anybody with an intolerance to stimulants
  • Premium priced product
  • Only available online

Trimtone Side Effects

There is nothing in the formula that should cause any adverse reactions or side effects. 

The only people who might have any issues are those with a sensitivity to caffeine and other stimulants. 

In these cases, it might cause those people to experience sleeplessness, anxiety and restlessness.

Trimtone Packages, Prices And Where To Buy

You can only buy Trimtone through the official manufacturers website.

They ship orders worldwide for FREE

Prices are currently:

I box ( months supply) $ 49.95

2 boxes ( Inc 1 box FREE) $ 99.90

3 boxes ( Plus 2 boxes FREE) $ 149.85

You can select from a number of local currencies, including AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, USD and MXN

Lengthy Cash Back Guarantee

The makers offer one of the industries longest cash back warranties.

They offer a full 100 days in which to try and experience the effects of trimtone. They offer a full refund (less shipping costs)

Trimtone FAQ

How quickly will I see results?

Results will vary from person to person, it depends on lifestyle and diet etc. 

However most users should experience some effects in a couple of weeks.

I am Vegan, Can I take trimtone?

Regretfully not… The makers use animal based gelatin in their capsules

Does Trimtone work as a pre workout supplement?

Absolutely, its formula contains caffeine which is a known energy booster.

Just do not take late in the day, as it could disrupt your sleep patterns.

How long do orders take to arrive?

Depending on your global location, orders take between 2 and 15 days to arrive

Trimtone – Our Final Thoughts

In market place packed with male orientated fat burning products its great to have a purpose built female friendly option. 

It works alongside the delicate hormonal balance to deliver powerful fat burning results and effective appetite suppression.

if you workout regularly, you will love the additional energy levels that it provides. 

Added to this, the lengthy manufacturers cash back guarantee offers buyers some confidence when buying the product. 

It also showcases, not only the makers belief in their product, but also their desire for complete user satisfaction

“Hard To Beat In Our Opinion”        

You Can Find Out More By Going To The Official Trimtone Website

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