Using Fat Burners To Get Great Abs

Using Fat Burners To Get Great Abs

Everyone wants to look their best for summer, and there’s no better way to look and feel great than with a set of toned abs. Defined abs not only make you look rsz_six-pack-abs-diet-thermogenicsattractive, they’re the ultimate symbol of fitness, health and strength. What’s more, abs are central to everyday activities – your abdominal muscles act as your core, and are essential to good posture and balance. In other words, look after your abs and they’ll look after you!

The key to building a set of abs is twofold: losing fat and building muscle. This means a combination of exercise and weightlifting, and you should ideally be looking at a balance between the two for optimum results. There are a number of exercise routines to help you define your abs, but they all have something in common: they require hard work and commitment

Shred The Fat

For visible abs, the first step is shedding the fat – this requires healthy eating and high intensity cardio exercise as the core of your fitness plan. Measuring your body fat percentage is a great way to monitor your progress on the journey towards developing abs, and reducing your levels of body fat – or cutting cycles – is central to an ab building plan.

Body Fat %

rsz_women_with_six_pack_abs_02For a lean body shape (an essential starting point for building abs), women should be seeking a body fat percentage of 16-20%, whilst less than 15% signals a very lean body shape. Men, conversely, are looking at 10-14% body fat for a lean shape, and less than 9% for a ‘very lean’ profile. This means that typically, women can develop abs with a higher body fat percentage than men. While there is no hard and fast body fat rule that determines when abs will develop, around 10-11% for men and 14-16% for women is a good benchmark to work with.

Use A Good Fat Burner

A good natural fat burning supplement will ( without a doubt) help to speed and maximise your fat reduction.. look for one that uses a sensible balance of natural stimulants ( to raise your metabolism) with maybe some appetite suppressing ingredients that will make losing that excess much easier.

Top Rated Fat Burners

Once you’ve reached an optimum body fat level, it’s the time to tone.  It’s important, however, not to over train the abs, as this hinders the growth process and results in over-fatigued stomach muscles. Luckily, there is a wealth of resources online and in magazines about optimal toning exercises for abs – just make sure the advice you follow is professional.

Men and women may also find that their journeys to perfect abs differ slightly. Women should generally consume more protein than men when striving for abs, and can also benefit from yoga and pilates – rather than solely lifting weights – to give the body a balanced shape.

Men, conversely, may choose to focus on an intense muscle toning program as they have much quicker muscle tissue recovery than women. When it comes to diet, whilst men are more likely to achieve success on a diet combining low GI carbs with high protein levels like turkey, women should eat meat with cleaner protein fuel such as fish.

Whether male or female, however, the secret to abs is the same: commit and work hard! Only this will enable you to feel your ABSolute best !!!

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