USP Labs Oxyelite Pro Review

USP Labs Oxyelite Pro

 Is Oxyelite Pro Safe To Take?

Popular sports supplement manufacturers USP market a fat burner primarily aimed at men who work out.. called Oxyelite Pro it claims that it can:

  • Target And Burn Subcutaneous Fat – The Hardest Fat To Loseimages
  • Boost Energy and Metabolic Rate
  • Increase Thyroid Hormone Production

The Formula In Oxyelite Pro

There has been several versions of the formula released over recent years, the latest ingredient mix is supplied in an undisclosed proprietary blend totalling 140mg

we know whats in the mix, but the amounts of each component are not available

  • Bauhinia Purpurea
  • Aegeline
  • Norco claurine
  • Hemerocallis Fulva
  • Yohimbe

Plus :

  • Caffeine 135mg

NEWS FLASH – Oxyelite Pro Has Been Withdrawn From Sale – Life Threatening Side Effects

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Taking Oxyelite Pro

new-oxyelite-pro-ingredients-257x300The suggested dose is 2 capsules a day, one first thing in the morning (30 minutes before breakfast), the second 6 hours later… if after a few days tolerance is acceptable, then the two can be taken together in the morning.

Users Feedback

Reviews are decidedly mixed.. on authorised re-sellers the reviews are ( as you would expect) mostly positive, with reports of increased energy and reductions in hard to shift fat..

Looking elsewhere at more independent review sites the story is different with many users seeing no results as well as suffering from some quite unpleasant side effects.. One reviewer on Amazon told us that a friend actually died of liver failure after taking this supplement..

Sample reviews from amazon


Reported Side Effects

After seeing the amazon review, we have looked deeply into this supplement and can advise all would be purchasers of USP Labs Oxyelite Pro has been linked to life threatening side effects after a number of users (over 50 we understand) suffered severe liver damage and failure.. other side effects were reported that included:

  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Restlessness
  • Increased Heart Rate

Some of these are no doubt due to the presence of Yohimbe in the mix, its ill effects are well documented, it’s currently on the FDA dangerous ingredient list and has been completely banned in certain countries

Read FDA Press Release Concerning Oxyelite Pro

Where To Buy

It used to be available from most popular supplement suppliers –, amazon, GNC, the price was in the region of $85 for 90 capsules

Any Guarantees

There are no guarantees issued with this supplement, after discovering the truth, the only thing that we can guarantee is that you are risking your health taking this

Our Thoughts

We understand that Oxyelite Pro has been withdrawn from sale by its makers after the facts surrounding its very real risk to the liver were made public.. If you do find it on sale anywhere, you should AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE

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