Xcore Xcess Ultra Concentrate Fat Burner Review

Xcore Xcess Ultra Concentrate Fat Burner Review

Xcore Nutrition make an all natural fat burning supplement that claims to be the most advanced thermogenic fat burning supplement available today…

If you are struggling to lose weight, even though you are working out hard and

on a strict diet, this supplement (according to the makers) is just what you need, claiming to take Thermogenics to the next level, it promises some amazing results with a 3 stage system that helps by reducing appetite, lowering water retention and increasing the natural fat burning process.

Very popular throughout Europe, we decided to check it out and take good look at what makes this product tick, and find out if indeed it does live up to the makers claims

The Formula In Xcore Xcess Ultra Concentrate

The makers do fully disclose the full details of their formula, each and every serving contains:

  • Caffeine 480mg
  • L-Tyrosine 300mg
  • Green Tea Extract 200mg
  • Selenium 100mcg
  • Ginger Extract 300mg
  • Garcinia Cambogia 120mg
  • Pepper 20mg
  • Bioperine 10mg

Recommended Servings

The makers suggest that you start with 1 capsule in the morning and a second in the afternoon, for best results (and after assessing your tolerance for 2-3 days) you can increase this to 2 capsules twice a day

Do Not Take Within 6 Hours Of Going To Sleep As This Product Could Causes Sleeplessness

Users Feedback

There is a bit of a mixed bag here with independent feedback, we have uncovered an almost identical of good and bad reports, with some users claiming great results, while an almost equal number of users did not experience any real effects whatsoever

Reported Side Effects

There are some reports of headaches and stomach upsets, being experienced by some users.

Where To Buy Xcore Xcess Ultra Concentrate

Amazon is a popular source, throughout the EU, buyers can also buy from Prozis and eBay

Prices start at around $24.25 ( 20,50 €) for a bottle containing a 2 weeks supply (at full dose)

Any Cash Back Guarantee

There does not appear to be any mention of a cash back guarantee with this product

Our Thoughts

This product is very high in various stimulants and will without any doubt provide some help with the boosting of metabolism, energy levels and the nature fat burning processes…

Our only concern is that (in our opinion) its dose of stimulants in the mix is just too high. Because of this fact it could possibly cause some problems such as the shakes, jitters, restlessness, along with headaches and possible stomach issues… This means it’s not for everyone, it might suit some of you if you can tolerate such high levels of caffeine etc, but just take care when taking it… If you take it late in the day, you will probably not sleep that night.


Potent thermogenic that is very high (too much in our books) in stimulants, which does mean that many people will not be able to tolerate it…If you are one of the few that can take this without any ill effects, then we have no doubt that it should help you lose some weight..

We do believe however that there are better formulated products out there, that offer similar (or even better) results, without you having to subject yourself to such a stimulant overload.

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