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  1. Hello, I’m 44 yrs, 6ft 1 275, male. At my age and current weight would instant knock out be safe for me? I don’t work out on a regular basis now but I understand it’s time to start.

    • Hi Mike…. Thanks for your question… the answer is a resounding YES… IKO is a fantastic product ( and I am talking from personal experience) its perfectly safe for you to use ( assuming you have no underlying health issues) and it will definitely help you lose weight.. I would certainly recommend that you do try and workout too.. it will certainly help speed the results – and boost your overall health… If you do try it, please come back and let me know how you get on with it… Best Wishes Paul

      • How about adding a testosterone boost with the knockout such as prime male or virectin? My testosterone is not low but wonder if this would work well with knockout to speed up fat loss

        • Hi Mike…. Thats exactly what i did… I actually used Prime Male alongside IKO… their formulas work really well together.. another great one to consider is testofuel which is made by the same people as IKO – I have written a review on it on this site (click the link in the page above)… Cheers Paul

  2. Hi there ..im from india..hope u doing good..I have started working out lately.its been 6 to 8 months.

    I want to use fat burners .which one do u advice me to take as im new to gymig world.

    Should I go for instant knockout.

    Is it safe as it tells 4 pilss one day??

    Do reply

      • Hi Piyush, Apologies for delay, have been at hospital with father in law for the past two weeks…. A good question and the answer really depends on the individual, it really depends on how you react to caffeine… If you can tolerate it, then no problem…. I personally have never stopped drinking tea or coffee while taking Instant Knockout… I actually stopped using pre-workouts as I got all the energy boost I needed from IKO… Hope this helps.. Best wishes Paul

    • Hi Piyush… IKO is totally safe . the suggested dose is 4 capsules spread thru the day. but some users do take just 3 or even 2… It really depends on if you are ok with stimulants….. It is suggested that women start from 2 per day, but most men are 100% fine with 4

      If you do buy, let me know how you get on… Best wishes Paul

  3. Do you have an opinion on pm fat burners? Ex: Sheer Strength’s Sheer Shred PM, or 1 Up Nutrition Recharge Pm Burner? My body gets crazy jitters with stimulated burners. I am currently trying Pro Clinical Hydroxycut 99% caffeine free and I have seen 0 effects. After over a month of taking it and exercising, I have gained two pounds and my body fat % is about the same. Thanks for the help!

    • Hiya Vic…. To be honest I know both of these products and to be blunt they are both worthless in my opinion…sheer shred has no recognisable weight loss ingredients whatsoever…. Recharge PM do not even advertise their ingredients ( that I could find anyway) so heaven knows whats in it…if you want a non stimulant fat burner i would possibly suggest Garcinia Cambogia Extra…. its reliable, tried and tested and seems to work ( its also sold with a cash back guarantee)… it is a combination of a fat burner and appetite suppressant – its on my recommended list.. have a look at my review and maybe give it a go….Let me know how you get on..Thanks Paul

  4. Hi Paul,

    I’m also in the process of choosing a fat burner. I have never tried one before and have been working out for the past 3 years and have only taken ISO sensation whey protein.

    So as a beginner to fat burners I am on the look out for an effective fat burner which doesn’t give me any side effects.

    I notice that you only recommend IKO and nothing else. There surely must be some other brand as good if not better right? The fact that you shoot every other brand down and only stick by IKO seems to make me doubt if this is an unbiased review you are giving.

    Don’t think I’m trying to attack you. Just that I’ve read a lot about how IKO is paying websites and reviewers to recommend them extensively.

    Would love to hear your reply to this. Would help me in deciding if which is truly the best fat burner.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Anuj

      Thanks for your question..
      I actually recommend all the products on this page… Any of those listed would deliver some good results… As for IKO I do recommend it wholeheartedly.. It really helped me lose 19 lbs…and yes it is my favourite product… It’s very well formulated and definitely effective…As for them paying reviewers I have never heard of that.. I certainly don’t agree with ‘paid for’ reviews which is common practice on Amazon..

      Have a look through all the products listed on this page.. There is a non-stimulant product on the list too which is great for anybody with an intolerance to stimulants…

      Hope it helps.. Please let me know how it goes..



  5. Hi there, I am 23 years old and i literally only have fat in y stomach area and cant seem to get rid of it. I eat semi healthy I dont eat like crap and have a semi fast metabolism. i was looking at the cutler fat burner. any recommendations?! Thanks

    • Hi Victor… to be totally honest, any of my recommended fat burners will provide some decent results.. the Cutler Product is a good product thats for sure…I do however have some slight concerns over some of its ingredients ( if you haven’t – check out my review) For me, I do prefer Instant Knockout.. its formula is really well put together, its results speak for itself and from my own personal experience using it, it definitely works…. whatever one you choose, please comeback and let me know how you get on with it.. Thanks Paul

    • Hi There… yes without any doubt IKO is perfectly suitable for women – I know of many women who use it to great effect… It is quite strong however (which sounds exactly what you are looking for), so the makers do suggest that women start at half dose and build up to the full dose over a few days just to assess tolerance…. If you do buy, please come back and let me know how you get on with it..Thanks Paul

  6. Hi,I’m VARUN..
    I’m 5’8″, 70kgs,and I want to reduce my fat content. I do hardcore workout, with diet..but I’m not ripped as expected. I want to reduce fat content. I’m planning for Hydroxycut, or Ultimate nutrition ULTRA RIPPED.So which one should I go for?

    • Hi Varun….. I wouldn’t go anywhere near hydroxycut as it contains a risky ingredient in yohimbe.. this is on the FDA’s dangerous ingredient list and has been linked to some quite nasty side effects that involve the liver and kidneys….Ultra Ripped would be the best choice of the two, but to be honest even that has an ingredient that some would say is a bit risky.. citrus aurantium – aka bitter orange is used as a direct replacement for the now banned ingredient called ephedrine, but the facts are that it has not been tested in great depth – especially on humans and some experts believe that it could potentially cause the same side effects that got ephedrine banned in the first place…. for me.. I would choose Instant Knockout instead of either those two.. its got great reviews from all over the world, no reported side effects and a 90 day cash back guarantee… I personally lost 19lbs in a few weeks on it….

  7. I am from pakistan my age is 21years old and i am 90kg right now i want to go for either hydroxycut elite or shred gym.. keeping in mind all the side effect one female could have please suggest me one .. really need to lose weight

    • Hi Alia…. I have to be honest… I wouldn’t recommend either hydroxycut or Shred Jym… Hydroxycut contains yohimbe.. an unpleasant ingredient that has been linked to some quite nasty side effects (its also on the FDA’s dangerous ingredient list)… Shred Jym contains citrus Aurantium… another ingredient associated with side effects.. for a female, I would suggest Instant Knockout… and start off at half dose (2 capsules per day) and over 3 or 4 days increase ( if you are ok with it) to the max dose of 4 per day… this will assess your tolerance to the stimulant content…I know of many women who use IKO with great effect… and whats more none of its ingredients have been linked to any nasty side effects.. if you do try it, please come back and let me know how you get on… Thanks Paul

    • Hi MIke… you would be ok stacking IKO with with the CLA and Garcinia, but I personally wouldn’t even consider taking Black Onyx.. I am in the process of completing my in depth review on it at the moment and I have some major concerns about the inclusion of Yohimbe in the formula….This has been linked to some seriously nasty side effects ( heart problems etc)… its on the FDA’s dangerous ingredient list and quite honestly I would stay well away from it…. that aside, when you look at the formula in depth, Black Onyx is actually quite underpowered as a fat burner/energy booster… IKO contains a more rounded and actually more powerful ingredient profile with no dodgy or risky ingredients…. Hope this helps… Thanks Paul

    • Hi Jimmy…I have to be honest I am not 100% sure…. in my opinion Fat Burn X is unlikely to cause you any problems in a drug test… the only active ingredient that we have to take any notice of is citrus aurantium ( bitter orange) its a direct replacement for the now banned Ephedra, its thought to be safer etc but in truth its only been subjected to 1, maybe 2 clinical trials so its full effects (both good and bad) are not really established yet.. personally i wouldn’t take it… – Check out my full Fat Burn X review (you can find it in the side bar index)

    • Hi.. I have spoken to the guys at Instant Knockout this afternoon.. Yes they will ship to Pakistan… to place your order click the order link above and that will take you to the official website where you can make your purchase…..If you do buy, please come back and let us know how you get on with it…

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